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Title: Remeberence Day
Post by: Arefsenu on November 10, 2013, 03:31:35 am
Since it's Remeberence Sunday AND the Akhu Dua tonight, it's certainly a day for remembering our loved ones who have gone West, as well as those who have been taken away by war. As you know, Remeberence Day has been an annual event since the Great War and is dedicated to those who gave their lives for their country and also their families left behind.

I'm offering prayers for W. Binning and my relatives who were killed in both the first and second world wars. I'm also offering prayers to everyone affected by the loss of loved ones today.
Title: Re: Remeberence Day
Post by: Maretemheqat on November 10, 2013, 07:08:08 pm
Em Hotep,

I will be attending ceremonies tomorrow at the Armoury where I used to parade, and have a "Hotep di Nisut" date with the military akhu in the Army Cemetery. I leave a few offerings every year at the local cenotaph. I am sure it makes the cemetery caretakers angry, but they get a free bottle of beer for their trouble.
I have a running joke with the military akhu actually, though this year I wasn't able to get them the ale I normally buy because they don't make it anymore.
This year I got them "Hoperation Tripel Cross Belgian India Pale Ale" by the Philips Brewing Company. It has a photo of classic style war plane for the label.

Beer and smokes (I get cigarellos, though I don't smoke them) is the typical offering I give as a small token of thanks.