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Title: Borders & 42 purifications of Ma'at
Post by: Gleb on August 27, 2014, 04:40:19 am
It is in the way of Ma'at to help people, to act with justice.
But how far does helping people go?
On one of the threads, someone said that it's not Her way to endure.
So my conclusion was - "Ma'at wants us to help people, but not if it costs our health". Was I right in making this conclusion?

One more thing. I live in Israel, and on the age of 16, a teenager will have to pass special army exams and talk with the army's psychologist.
I will have to do it soon (I am 16 already). And the psychologist may ask me about my religious views. What should I say?
On one hand, I strongly believe that I must not lie about anything. On the other hand - it can strongly affect on my family's status. What should I do about it?

Title: Re: Borders & 42 purifications of Ma'at
Post by: Ha'autmuti on August 27, 2014, 06:50:10 am
Em hotep,

I believe very, very strongly that lying is justified when one is living in an oppressive environment. That is: if you could be punished for sharing your religious views, you don't have to share them. Ma'at doesn't want you to bring hardship on yourself and your family merely because of your religious views. Your religion isn't hurting anyone; why should you have to be hurt because of it?

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