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Title: Disagreements?
Post by: SobekRahotepi on March 11, 2016, 10:26:29 am
I was just tentatively wondering while I wait for the beginners' class... how does the community at large (and I suppose, moreover, its leaders) handle disagreements? By that I mean... what if I go through the beginners' course and come out disagreeing with or having a different understanding of one or two ideas? The way I must understand the world, the way I experience it... is very different. And that has been a fear of mine since before I put my application in: that there would be no room for me or my questioning things, when all was said and done.

So I thought, instead of reading blog posts about people's problems with the orthodoxy, I would just ask you all. You all seem very laid-back, so I hope to get a straight answer.... If I, personally, wind up with a different understanding of something than the Nisut has, what will that mean for me, ultimately? How welcome are different perspectives or debates?

I want to learn so badly, but I suppose I am just afraid of becoming very excited and attached to this community, only to be told I do not belong because my view of the world is bound to be different on a couple of points. So I wanted to ask now and stop being afraid of asking, rather than just avoid the subject until it was a problem.

If the question is too general, I may elaborate, but it is complicated, and I am not sure how to go about asking this in the most efficient way possible.
Title: Re: Disagreements?
Post by: Tuwer on March 11, 2016, 10:39:31 am
Hotep Alex!

No one who takes the Beginner's Course is required to believe every single thing taught in it.  It's an informative course, to teach you what we, as Kemetic Orthodox, believe over all.  Even then, after you graduate from the course, you don't have to believe every single point, to become Remetj.  There are plenty of people here with differing views, and we all still belong to this wonderful community.  That's the lovely thing about having a polyvalent logic: everything that everyone believes is real, because it's our own personal beliefs that matter to each of us.

Now, if you wanted to be Shemsu, you have to agree on a few more points, but Shemsuhood is certainly not required to be a member here.  Nor is Shemsu-ankh-hood, nor is priesthood, nor is anything else.  Each person is here because they love Netjer, and that is pretty much all that is "required" to be a member here (besides common sense, respect, and netiquette).  :)
Title: Re: Disagreements?
Post by: Rev. Sema'a on March 11, 2016, 10:48:51 am
Em hotep, Alex!

In Kemetic Orthodoxy, we don't have very much "dogma". There's a lot of room for variation in beliefs. It makes sense to me -- we are drawing on an ancient system that contradicted itself multiple times over the millennia that it was active. Questioning can lead to good conversations and debates, which can lead to growth. It's a good thing!

You will ultimately be the judge of whether you are comfortable being here, if you disagree with the Nisut (AUS). She will never require anyone to believe as she does. I think you'll find that most people here share similar basic beliefs, with some variation. If you find you believe differently, you can decide whether you are comfortable enough being an outlier to stay. Does that help?

Title: Re: Disagreements?
Post by: SobekRahotepi on March 11, 2016, 10:59:09 am
Thank you very much. That is good to know, then. There is only one point I am conflicted on, and I would love to become Shemsu, but I do not know if it is going to be a point of too much contention...

I just have a lot of questions about the Ka specifically. I have had people tell me that this may not be the place for me, if I am going to question that. Of course, they were people who either left KO or were never in it in the first place, hence my asking directly.

I believe it makes sense that we have only one Ba, and that we only get one RPD... but for my existence to make sense, I cannot see how having only one, whole Ka makes sense. I am an alter in a dissociative identity disordered system, and though I do not believe we are separate people... we are still individual people. I am the same person as my sisters and brothers, but at the same time I am not. I suppose the question I should be asking is: is there a compromise or an explanation that could satisfy my experiences? In what rudimentary  work I have done with the Netjeru so far, they seem to identify me as different from when one of my sisters does work also... What could that mean?

This is one of the reasons I wanted to learn, but also one of the reasons I have been too nervous to put in my application before. I wish to understand this, but... the one thing I cannot accept is that I am merely some kind of delusion. I am not. So is there another way of looking at the Ka, or perhaps something I do not yet understand?

I apologize for the slew of questions. I appreciate everyone who reads this.
Title: Re: Disagreements?
Post by: Tanebet on March 11, 2016, 11:06:37 am
Em Hotep

During the Beginner Class you will learn what we do and what we don't do, what we believe and what we won't believe and what we expect of our members. Ultimatively it will be up to you to decide if what we believe is compatible enough with your own belief to continue as Remetj or Shemsu or if you are content to stay on this board as guest (which is always a possibility). Kemetic Orthodoxy is not for everyone and that's fine, and we always welcome followers of different Kemetic paths who come here to have meaningful discussions.

Title: Re: Disagreements?
Post by: SobekRahotepi on March 11, 2016, 11:07:44 am
I suppose, then, perhaps I am getting ahead of myself.
Title: Re: Disagreements?
Post by: Zemity on March 11, 2016, 12:37:18 pm
Hi :) just popping in to say that this is hands down the friendliest place Ive ever found on the internet. Definitely a place where calm and intelligent discussion come before judgement. So if there's anything you cant quite get your head around, dont be afraid to ask :)
My housemate has diagnosed DID, and because they take an interest in my beliefs, we've often discussed how it would work. The current theory is that the ka has been fractured due to the trauma, much the same as the personality would have been (metaphorically). Of course, we have no idea how that would effect you all in the next world, or anything else. Its something else to look into, I think. Maybe ask some Names about it :) I certainly dont think you have any less value in the eyes of Netjer

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Title: Disagreements?
Post by: Taji on March 11, 2016, 12:47:32 pm
Title: Re: Disagreements?
Post by: SobekRahotepi on March 11, 2016, 04:27:18 pm
Yes! Thank you, Zemity and Taji, that is just what I was thinking, and it is a relief to hear. Though I am still somewhat anxious to ask more questions about it. I had been thinking... what if our Ka is broken? Because I do not personally believe we could exist without each other, but we are definitely independent. It is all so complicated, but I very much appreciate your insight. I will certainly continue to explore this. In the case of what you said, though, maybe I do not disagree as much as I had thought.
Title: Re: Disagreements?
Post by: Mesetibes on March 12, 2016, 12:15:46 pm
Em Hotep AlexR,

If you are experiencing anxiety over this, I would encourage you to ask ask the Nisut about this specific topic. Hemet (AUS!) is always open to answering questions, and has a deep understanding of the mysteries that are presented in Kemetic Orthodoxy.

There usually is a chance during the Beginner's Course to ask a question of the Nisut, and others may also benefit from reading the answer given.

Questions are never a bad thing, and as Tuwer stated, you don't have to be a Shemsu if you don't want to be. Remetj are just as important as Shemsu, Shemsu-Ankh and more. They're a part of the larger community, and have different roles and responsibilities then other groups is all. :D

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