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Title: Netjer Question
Post by: Inzoreno on April 12, 2018, 07:51:04 pm
So one thing I was always curious about since I first came across the house, is there any official stance on the "imported" deities from Ancient Egypt. I'm referring to deities like Resheph, who originated in the Canaanite religion, but was eventually incorporated into Egyptian religious practices. (I can thank Yu-Gi-Oh for making me aware of him). Do these deities get worshiped? Do they ever appear in the RPD? Or are they treated in the same way as other non-Egyptian deities are treated?
Title: Re: Netjer Question
Post by: Sedjfaiemitui on April 13, 2018, 12:27:05 am
Em hotep nefer, Inzoreno! :)

Yes, Rešep is worshiped. I am one of His devotees, though He is not a primary deity for me. There are a couple others here who have also expressed an interest in Him. Historically speaking, in Egyptian religion(s) He is a son of Ptah and a son of Herishef in Their localized theogonies, and is under various circumstances syncretized with a few different Heru-Gods, not the least of Whom being Heru-pa-Khered, better known as Horus the Child. Those were religious traditions inaugurated during the Middle Kingdom Period and endured well past the Persian Period. Rešep was by no means an unimportant blip on the Ancient Egyptian religious map, any more than were Ba'l-Haddu (as Set), 'Anat, and the Astaret-Goddesses (the latter are a collective, not expressly a sole individual individual).

Thus far, Rešep has not appeared in the RPD, but as a well-entrenched Egyptianized Levantine deity, I don't believe it's out of the realm of possibility for good and all. We've had Wesir-Antinoous, a Graeco-Roman-Egyptian deity and akhu, officially "added" to our Modern religion's "list of acknowledged entities," for lack of better terms, and our Nisut (AUS) incorporated the title "Alexandros" into Their name, so some "Egyptian-but-not-entirely-Egyptian" elements have become more prominent here over the years.

Ours is a fairly young religion, and the RPD is still "new" enough that we haven't seen the full range of its possibilities. Eventually, someone may be named a child or beloved of Rešep. Heck, in all the time the House of Netjer has been around, I've thus far been the only Banebdjedet-child and the only person Herishef stepped forward for. Some people in the House never even heard of Them before. They were immensely popular -- and important to the present topic, strictly "native" -- Egyptian deities throughout all periods of Pharaonic history, but They were hitherto unheard of in RPD results. Those are the operative phrases, though: "thus far" and "hitherto." I know I won't be the only Shemsu beholden to Banebdjedet and Herishef for all time. Eventually, there will be more children and beloveds of Banebdjedet and Herishef, whatever their total numbers. I suspect the same will hold true for Rešep, though only time will bear that out. :)

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