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Title: falcon Netjer
Post by: Sonebiyinepu on November 08, 2018, 07:27:50 pm
Em hotep everyone!

So I am looking for falcon headed or bodied Netjer (like Heru, Ra, Sokar, Khonsu and such (including their other names like Heru-wer)). I'm pretty sure a Netjer that has to do with falcons is trying to get my attention and I cannot tell if its Khonsu or someone else or maybe more than one.

senebty and thanks for the help finding more names to research!
Title: Re: falcon Netjer
Post by: Tatuayinepu on November 08, 2018, 09:16:30 pm
Em hotep Sonebi!

There are many falcon headed or bodied Netjer. Most of my experience is with Heru-wer, Heru Sa Aset, and Heru Behdety.

If you don't mind, have you been able to identify features like crowns, colors, or symbols? Those help identify the Netjer that may be attempting to get your attention. Have their been specific situations you've noticed, or animals that have been appearing more often than previously noticed in your life?

Title: Re: falcon Netjer
Post by: Sedjfaiemitui on November 08, 2018, 10:01:18 pm
Em hotep nefer, Sonebi! ;D

It's difficult, because the vast majority of (male) Divinities in Egyptian religions may manifest as falcons -- the falcon is one of the most recognizable embodiments of Heavenly power and authority, and so many deities are shown in that form to demonstrate Their "Kingliness" and Their "all-encompassing" quality, etc.

Herishef is sometimes a falcon, and is directly identified with both Heru-Behdety and Re-Horakhty in a number of different cultic and personal devotional contexts. Amun-Re appears in many different varieties of falcon form. Sobek-Heru out of Shedet (Krokodilopolis) is also "a thing." Set is depicted in monumental relief with a falcon's head donning the Sekhemti (the red-and-white combo crown) at the temple of Hebet in the Khārgeh Oasis. There are countless additional examples that could be given.

As Tatua noted, identifying features of any kind would REALLY help focus your proverbial sights.

Also worthy of note: One's intuition about visions/dreams does tend to be in the right area to start. Many people second-guess themselves for reasons, despite their gut feelings. My guess is, if your mind went straight to Khonsu after you experienced these visions/dreams (provided you had one or more of them), it's probably Khonsu. A soul just "knows."

But, failing all else, do have divination performed by a trusted and impartial third party. That should help to clear matters up for you. :)


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