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Title: Calling all the children of Netjer
Post by: Asethepetwi on January 03, 2019, 09:23:55 pm
Em hotep everyone,

Our brother SeqebebHethertheri (Seqeb) are planing on doing a wikipedia about the Names e since he doesn't speak english, I asked him if he wanted me to do a text asking internacional help hahaha <3
The idea is that everyone can participate, and then we will gatter all the information you bring to us and make it both in portuguese and english.
For those who wishes to help, you can comment here the following questionnaire about the Name you choose (Please do it a Name at time):

1. Name: variations and meanings
2. Aspects and Syncretysms
3. Iconographies
4. Family
5. Association with other Netjeru
6. Epithets
7. Atributes
8. Centers of adoration and cult (cities, temples and nomes)
9. Food and liquid offerings
10. Taboos
11. Sacred objects (staffs, instruments, symbols, crowns...)
12. Symbols
13. Minerals (stones and metals)
14. scents
15. Colors
16. Flowers and plants
17. Animals
18. Numbers
19. Festivals
20. Priests
21. Sacred Texts (Hymns, Hekau and invocation)

Thank you so much!
-Hepetwi and Seqeb
Title: Re: Calling all the children of Netjer
Post by: Shukheperas_ankhi on January 08, 2019, 11:39:00 pm
 I would love to help with this. I am currently translating a German book about Khepera.  It will probably take me awhile to be able to fill in all that information, but I will work on it!