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Title: Share your story!
Post by: Tesla98 on April 04, 2019, 10:42:03 am
Which name of God do you use
? How did you find your faith? What helped you in the beginning?
Title: Re: Share your story!
Post by: Capra on April 04, 2019, 11:36:21 am
Hmmmmm....without going into too much detail, basically They showed up. :D I'd had an on again off again fascination w. Ancient Egypt, but never really considered worshiping Them until recently. One day I was idly googling info on Bast, found info on the House, was intrigued, had a number of 'visions' starring Shu & Tefnut as Lions, Sekhmet running around w. strawberry jam(!) on her mouth, and a ball of light w. wings (twice). :D   
Currently I use 'Netjer' when I'm not speaking to anyone in particular (to address general 'Godness'), and specific Names I pray to are Khonsu and Renenutet (but not limited to Them).
Title: Re: Share your story!
Post by: Tesla98 on April 04, 2019, 02:22:30 pm
Title: Re: Share your story!
Post by: Yinepuseshmui on April 05, 2019, 09:43:18 am
I was always fascinated with ancient Egypt, checking out books from the library as a kid, etc. I wanted to learn everything I could about how the ancients lived, worshipped; I wanted to BE there. I still do. Living Kemetic Orthodox is my best way to be with the Gods and how I want to live.

As far as getting to know the Netjer, Yinepu came to me first. He was just there, watching me, from the time I was about 10 on. Always a guardian, and guide. I honestly would feel lost without Him, and the other Netjer.
Title: Re: Share your story!
Post by: sundancer on April 06, 2019, 09:15:29 am
I actually studied Egyptian deities in my paganism studies and followed Hathor and Ra for a while. I'm recently back into things, and literally the day I found out about Kemetic Orthodoxy, Ra started reaching out to me again. I'm studying things and we're deciding how far I need to go for now.
Title: Re: Share your story!
Post by: Taswauyinepu on April 06, 2019, 10:19:16 am
I've been fascinated by Netjer and ancient Kemetic practices since I was just a child - say 10 or so? But I never thought people still actively worshiped Netjer; I thought They were gods of the past, maybe not even real, though despite those thoughts I recall talking to a few of Them, especially my Father Yinepu, just for the heck of it. At the time I think I saw Them more as imaginary friends - entities that weren't truly real, but that kept me company.

Fast wayyy forward to about two years ago, and I stumbled upon a Kemetic blog on tumblr. Not even sure how it came up, really. I think they were posting some taxidermy stuff too, which I dig, so that may've been the open doorway. I blame my Father for that ;3

My interest was piqued, and I immediately set out getting some statuary and setting up a little altar to Yinepu and, eventually, Wepwawet, as They were the Names that called to me the most. I'm always drawn to canines, so that made sense. I also offered to Sekhmet and Set in the beginning, with the occasional shout out to Bast, Sobek, Wenut, and Mafdet. And it was great! I was making offerings and enjoying being solo! But then I started seeing some other blogs, where folks listed themselves as "child of (Name)" and I was fascinated and curious. This is what lead me to Kemetic Orthodoxy.

With some encouragement from some other members, I decided to take the beginner's class, mostly to see if I would do better solo or in a group. That's what really helped me in the beginning - the love and support I got from folks who were already members. They were so patient in answering my questions about this place!

I fell in love with the faith, and the organization and fellowship opportunities it brought me, so I've stuck around and taken on vows to my Father and Beloveds! Admittedly a part of me was originally in this to find out the answer - Who would claim me? But after a while, I realized it didn't really matter Who did (though I am very VERY happy with my beautiful Family♥).

Now? I'm looking forward to a rest-of-my-life-long run of honoring my Family and being a part of this community! That's my journey thus far ;3
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Post by: jfmjr1968 on April 06, 2019, 12:33:19 pm
 My beginning on this path started simply with a jazz musician. I am a musician myself and music to me is very spiritual. I am drawn to artists that touch me in a spiritual way. One night I was surfing on YouTube and came across a video from a jazz artist named Sun Ra. I had heard of him, but I never really listened to his music. I did one night and the music just grabbed me. I had never heard anything like that. It was touching me in a way that I could not explain.

I wanted to learn more about Sun Ra. I found a video where he talks about his philosophy on both music and life. I found that his philosophy and music is seeped in Ancient Egyptian spirituality ( as well as outer space) and I wanted to learn so much more, more about ancient Egypt and its spirituality. This is where I discovered the Netjeru, discovered Ra and Aset. I wanted to know more. I started to meditate using the A Ka Dua mantra and well as other Ancient Egyptian mantras. I learned about Kemet and the Kemetic faith and what it was about. The Kemetic faith started speaking to me as no other faith had. The path just felt right to me. It's hard to explain how I knew, I just knew in my heart and soul.

One night Aset came to me in a dream and I knew that this was the path for me.  I found KO through an internet search and I took the beginner's class. I feel like so many spiritual doors were opened for me, so much knowledge and that feeling in my heart that told me spiritually I was home.

I have been a Remetj now for almost 2 years and I am thinking seriously about taking my Shemsu vows. I still know I found my spiritual home. Blessings to all my Brothers and Sisters. Senebty!
Title: Re: Share your story!
Post by: Djedetmiwesir on April 07, 2019, 11:00:06 am
Em hotep!

It's been a long time since I recapped my story of becoming Kemetic, but here goes.

Shortly after my daughter was born I was in this weird place of feeling a spiritual void, because her birth had filled me with the magic of creation and life.  I wasn't actively searching for anything, feeling like everything I knew wasn't for me. I had a check list of sorts, of all the requirements I would need in order to accept a God or faith system.

Then, during research for a Role-playing game that involved Ancient Egyptian Mythology, "Osiris" (Wesir) very quickly became my favorite God.  My Role-playing game interest quickly spread to life in Ancient Egypt, and religion, and I was finding that Ancient Egyptian belief was really crossing those items off of my list.  So I fell into a place where I wished it still existed, but didn't think it did.  One day, while reading a passage from Budge's Book of the dead (LOL) My Father nudged me, and I just thought "This is it. This is what you have been searching for."

Now this was 1999, there wasn't a lot of resources on the internet.  I did find the House's website around this time, but never reached out because at the time I didn't think it was specific enough for me (and I have a hard time jumping into new social situations.)  I continued to look for a Wesir (who I was then calling Ausar) for a couple of years. In the winter of 2001, I got a nudge from my Father that I really needed to move forward on this.  And I ended up at the House's Website again.  This time I submitted a prayer request, asking that I find a worship group that was right for me. And someone wrote to me to tell me that my Prayer request came on the last day for beginner's applications to be received.

So that was my cue. I signed up, and after this my relationship with Wesir began to make much more sense, even before I had decided to commit, there was so much confirmation, and it was so much more than my little list. I got to learn about Netjer as a whole, which I had not focused on much at all.

So, that is how I got here. Looking forward to reading the stories of others.
Title: Share your story!
Post by: Iwaat on April 07, 2019, 10:16:34 pm
Em hotep!
The first time I ever heard of Bast I was about 6 and dealing with a really bad cold.
I had a fever that didn't seem to want to break and was in and out of sleep.
My dad had turned the  tv on to the wonderful world of Disney and they were playing the three lives of Thomasina.
The last time I woke up during the night it was a scene where the cat had died and was going to the land of her ancestors. There she saw a large golden statue of Bast. 
The words I heard before drifting back off to sleep were :"Bast, the goddess with the golden eyes".

I never really forgot about that but didn't really think much of it either.
When I got older, I had a faith crisis in my teens.
Spiritually, i didn't really know where I fit. My home life didn't make that better.

A couple of years after all this, I ended up in another state. At a formers friend's house, I found books on paganism. I was instantly drawn but at the time... I had this draw to fantasy and magic and wanted to follow a goddess that invoked that imagery. I did a lot of searching and learned a lot about other paths.

There was a lot of beauty that I found in other traditions but nothing called me quite like the gods of Egypt.

I kept having experiences and dreams of Bast.
She wouldn't let me go so I dedicated to her after about 6 months.
One night while surfing the internet, I came across the House.
I read about it and...couldn't really make up my mind.

I kept being brought back to the site though and decided to sign up for the beginners class.
When I actually decided to have the RPD,  a huge part of me was absolutely scared that she wouldn't be my mother but I was going to accept whatever the results were.

It turned out to be her as Bast-Mut. :)
I was so happy lol.


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Title: Re: Share your story!
Post by: Mr awesome357 on June 10, 2019, 12:27:38 pm
I have been worshiping Horus mainly ever since he answered my first prayer to him almost a year ago. It was a hard time for me then. My boy scout troop was disbanded by the sponsor who used the money for their personal gain. I had nothing else except my friends on xbox. And I was in love with the Egyptian gods but was afraid of praying to them out of fear of being hurt by someone who didn't believe in truth. I was looking for a religion that didn't hide the truth, that didn't use its status to abuse wealth and power, but instead spread healing and kindness. So I prayed one day to Horus for help, and after the prayer I went back to my daily routing of playing xbox with my friends, and it was late at night and my grandmother was asleep in the living room at the time with the tv still on. I was in a heated argument with my friends and could barely hear over the yelling, when out of nowhere they both left the party, and at that exact moment when everything was quiet i could hear on my grandmothers tv that they were talking about Egyptians and the Egyptian afterlife, and a few minutes afterwards my friends got back online. Note that they both live in different states, and when they got back into my party they had told me their power went out.

So what do you think of this? I promise that it is a true story.
Title: Re: Share your story!
Post by: arrowbyrd on June 10, 2019, 01:33:19 pm
I have been back and forth on my faith for the longest. As per always, the answer was somewhere in between.
Multiple things brought me to the house, but what brought me to Netjer? I'd have say my love of animals and nature have guided me through all my religious research. At first, I toyed around (in my head of course) with the idea of paganism, always feeling that there was some Night themed deity at the edge of my mind.  But when I went researching various religions with their various lords and gods I just kept coming back to Egypt and Ancient Egyptian Religion. Even my love of Greko-Roman mythos eventually brought me to Ancient Egypt.
So it is hard for me to say a single thing, feeling, event or deity brought me to the Netjer but I do know Khonsu, Nut and Yinepu were involved.
Title: Re: Share your story!
Post by: Nedjuwy on June 12, 2019, 02:12:04 pm
Em Hotep, I am also new. We have a lot in common. I was drawn to the house do to my love of egyptology, and love of the netjer. Yinepu, Ra, and Horus are closest to me. I hope to elevate my faith, and knowledge with the help of the house.
Title: Re: Share your story!
Post by: Iraka on June 13, 2019, 10:50:16 am
Em Hotep, all.

It is so good to read others stories. I have just recently completed the beginners class, and am enjoying slowly going through the forums and learning what I can from the posts here. I would love to make more friends in the KO and deepen my knowledge/understanding of ...well, everything!

Up until this point, I've been a traditional Wiccan. Been doing that for almost 10 years now, and before that something of an eclectic Pagan. I've always been drawn to Egyptian Gods and history, and feel compelled to keep learning about them. I've recently had some experiences that feel like Yinepu calling me... but that's pretty much my very brief story! I hope to get to know you all. :)

-Iraka / Ali
Title: Re: Share your story!
Post by: coyotl on June 15, 2019, 10:23:07 am
I was always fascinated with ancient Egypt, checking out books from the library as a kid, etc. I wanted to learn everything I could about how the ancients lived, worshipped; I wanted to BE there. I still do. Living Kemetic Orthodox is my best way to be with the Gods and how I want to live.

As far as getting to know the Netjer, Yinepu came to me first. He was just there, watching me, from the time I was about 10 on. Always a guardian, and guide. I honestly would feel lost without Him, and the other Netjer.

This really resonates with me. Yinepu has always been a guide, but as I grew older he made himself more approachable & brought me to the House :)
Title: Re: Share your story!
Post by: Bawysudjawi on June 15, 2019, 01:05:01 pm