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Title: April Fundraising Status
Post by: Tjesi on April 23, 2019, 11:22:56 am
Our total for the month of April so far is:


That leaves us with only


to go to reach our goal of $2,000!

We can do this people. Remember if we do not, we cannot pay Hemet $1,000. The special donations made the last three months will not be done again.

Per Hemet's agreement with us in October, if we cannot pay her $1,000 for three days, we pay her $500 for two.

If you have been following the posts on this board, you know that things that are currently happening will no longer happen.

Per the agreement, here is what we "get" for $500: working 16 hours per week, specifically a full day each on Wednesdays and Fridays. No guarantee of being able to attend Retreat or other events if I have conflicts with paid work.

All we need is another $430 people. Please think about whether you can give a little more.

Thank you.

The House of Netjer Fundraising Team