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Title: So What's Involved in a Shemsu Name?
Post by: KhaiPtah on April 24, 2019, 08:18:06 pm
Hotep all. (Henu)

Once a Divined Remetj becomes a Shemsu, they are given a Shemsu Name from their Parent(s). What is involved in getting this name?

When a Divined Remetj lets Hemet know they wish to become Shemsu, a name is needed.

Hemet sets up an altar for the individual with offerings and asks the Netjeru of the Shemsu to tell her the name. (If Hemet has liquor available for the altars, she spends about $10-20 on offerings, more if she is out of liquor. Depending on the deities the exact items change, but everyone gets multiple things. She tries for fruit, baked goods, sweets and savories, and more than one thing to drink.)

Hemet writes down what she hears.

Hemet researches the result from the ritual, using Kemetic dictionaries, to learn how the name would be spelled in hieroglyphs and rendered into English, what it means, and how it would be pronounced, and prepares this information for the next naming ceremony. Such research can take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on how intricate the given name is.

So, for one Shemsu name, at least 2 hours is needed, if it is a simple name.

Thank all

The Fundraising Team