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Title: The Benefit of Gatherings for the Entire Temple
Post by: Djehutyendy on May 11, 2019, 11:52:35 am
Em hotep, everyone!

The April Gathering in Ohio has been a major topic of conversation among many members of the temple. It was truly a special event for many reasons that Tawa'u mentions here. ( However, there are other benefits to these in-person gatherings that impact the entire temple as a whole and not just the individual people attending the event.

One thing that happened at the April Gathering that impacts the temple is that we have a whole new group of Fedw diviners. We now have additional diviners for several Names of Netjer (Djehuty, Aset, Sekhmet, Set, Yinepu, Ra, and Bast). In addition, we now have new people to divine for gods Who didn't previously have a diviner: Taweret and Khepera. Fedw can only be learned in person, therefore without these gatherings we would not be able to have this form of divination available to ask direct questions to such a wide variety of Netjeru. Supplies for the classes are purchased using the funds that are donated by members. Nekhtet for all the new Fedw diviners!

Another thing that can only be done in person is priest training. Currently, the only event that offers priest training is the annual Wep Ronpet Retreat. Priests not only serve their divined Parent(s), but they also serve the entire House of Netjer. Some of the tasks that they do are very noticeable, such as helping run temple rituals and chats (during our weekly Duas). Other tasks are not as visible but are not any less valuable to the function of the temple and organization of the community. If you have ever reached out to a priest for guidance, questions, or just to chat, remember that their position wouldn't be possible without in-person gatherings. The training of new priests involves quite a bit of Hemet’s time. Before a person can become a priest, there are divinations that Hemet must do to get the approval of the person’s Parent Name(s). There is putting together the materials the priests need to understand their responsibilities. There is also a lot of communication between Hemet and new and older priests so that she knows what and how every priest is doing. All of this takes time provided by the funds you donate.

The final benefit of gatherings is slightly less obvious but just as important. These events provide an opportunity for those present to communicate in a more fruitful way than how communication is normally held via the internet. Sometimes these conversations lead to collaborations or the sharing of ideas for activities that can be done for the House of Netjer. Or perhaps conversations can bring up various members of the House who are not present at the event, which ultimately leads to an individual reaching out to that person to introduce themselves or to re-establish communication. When I think about it, the benefit of these conversations is similar to the benefit of conversations at an academic or professional conference. The main goal of our gatherings is for fellowship and spiritual growth, but these meet-ups also allow for the expression of ideas and networking which helps the temple flourish. If Hemet is involved in any part of the event either by being there physically or preparing rites or ideas, all of that comes from the time we pay her for. While it might not feel like these events directly impact you, the seeds that are planted during these gatherings will grow and the branches will spread over us all.