The House of Netjer, a Kemetic Orthodox Temple

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Title: Donations for December Fundraising Announcement
Post by: Djehutyendy on November 08, 2019, 09:18:20 am
Em hotep, everyone!

We are a little over halfway through our current fundraising period for December. The financial status as of November 7th, 2019 is:


Thank you all so much for continuing to support the House of Netjer! We are close to our Fundraising goal or $1,500 which will satisfy the Ministerial Services Contract to support Hemet to work for four 8-hour days per week.

If you plan on donating this month, please remember to donate through the PayPal Giving Fund ( or through Zelle (! Regular PayPal donations removes up to 10% of your donation through fees, whereas the Giving Fund and Zelle do not have any fees.

Lastly, here is a reminder of the general breakdown of the funds that we raise:

Endy and the Fundraising Team