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Title: Let’s Talk Netjer: Gush Time!
Post by: Theillusrationist on February 12, 2020, 04:46:43 pm
Em Hotep!
I have been debating whether or not to make this post thinking that it wouldn’t be received well but I had some Kemet friends tell me it wouldn’t be so bad an idea since who doesn’t love talking about Netjer and their many names?

So! without further ado I would like present the topic on Netjer and His Many Names:Gush Time!
Here’s a thread where everyone even the Nisut can gush about their experiences or feelings they have regarding Netjer and his many names. For example what do you love about Him or one of his names? What has you bursting with joy when that particular name comes up? Is there something you want to gush about concerning them as to how awesome [that] Netjer(u) can be? It can be anything! What do you enjoy doing most with this Netjeru or Netjer?

For me I Adore Hanging out with Set. Set was the first Name I truly felt connected to. The first one that really made me burst with joy and feel honored to hang around Him. From cooking with him and getting his opinion on Offerings, to watching movies, to reading books, to listening to music he enjoys while I write up my project story on Netjer and His many names. Getting his opinion on said story, drawing Netjer and his many names and so much more, this list goes on with Set. XD

For Netjer, his energy is so powerful and filling. It really stands out and his smile is the absolute best! I can’t imagine him without one. He’s quite the God and I absolutely want to do more with him in the future.

Aset was the Second sweetheart to be in my life and she was always so comforting when I had bad days and didn’t feel like I was enough. She was kinda like a mom to me and I nicknamed her “Magic Momma” for that reason besides her excellence in Magic. She was very helpful getting through many divination sessions and helping me see what I couldn’t. I will always consider her one of my closest friends.

Anpu is such a cookie loving friend I can’t not call on him to come down and eat cookies with me. He absolutely adores them. It’s nice to even just chat and watch scary videos with him and laugh about how fake some of the “real ghost on tape” vids are! XD

Djehuty is my book reading Nerd Bird I love to chat with and hang out with when I’m writing anything. He is a such a good help when I feel lost or stuck. And if I feel like playing a game with him in some way like a card game he’s down for it!

So if you feel like gushing about them like I’ve been dying to do here is the place to do it!
If you want to that is. :3

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Title: Re: Let’s Talk Netjer: Gush Time!
Post by: Temimensenu on February 13, 2020, 01:45:56 am
Em hotep!

I, for one, think this’d be a great thread! Like you say, who doesn’t love talking about the Netjeru - whether they’re our Parent(s) or not.

My Father, Sobek, is so so vast and BIG - I often get Him as more of a Creator god, protecting the start of this world in the Nun. I often see Him swimming through galaxies, stars all around Him - it really is beautiful. I know He lurks just under the water, watching and waiting, letting me go my own way but still keeping an eye on me. He’s always there, and I love Him.

Bast, my dear sweet Mom, is so full of happiness and joy, really one for self-love. She’s helping me to get better at that, and often remarks that I’m hard on myself - which I am. She loves it when I do things that I enjoy - working on my writing, listening to music, in example - and even though I’m not much of a singer, I’m pretty sure She loves it when I do. I get the most feeling of physical affection from Her, all warm and cozy.
Title: Re: Let’s Talk Netjer: Gush Time!
Post by: Teiwaz on February 13, 2020, 06:22:13 am
I love this!
We just had kittens so it feels like Bast is hanging out with our abundance of furry babies 😁 My dog, Teiwaz, is overly attentive to them... He's always herding them back and guiding them to be closer to their mother. Haha sometimes I like to think he's acting like Yinepu or Wepwawet might act.
Title: Re: Let’s Talk Netjer: Gush Time!
Post by: Tjehu on February 13, 2020, 10:34:18 am
Would love to chime in here!

gushing over Meretseger, Bast, Yinepu and Set.
Momma Meretseger first- Quick back story- my entire life i knew i was adopted. My biological mother used to "keep me in line" by threatening to send me back to the adoption agency where i would be sent to an orphanage if i didn't behave exactly how she wanted me to. Needless to say, i was a terrified child every second of the day.
To be divined and have a Name choose me, Meretseger of all Names, was earth-shattering. it changed my life and turned those feelings of fear and worthlessness into semi-confidence (still working on that) and feelings of worth.
Momma Meretseger loves our chats, informal and formal. She has changed my life.
Bast is very caring. we have 4 house cats and 4 outside cats so i always feel her presence.
Set reminds me that I'm stronger than I think i am and can handle whatever life throws at me.
Yinepu Wapawet is always there....most of the time lurking and watching and removing unseen obstacles that i don't realize are there until i look back on the incident.
End of gush :)
Title: Re: Let’s Talk Netjer: Gush Time!
Post by: Tawa'ubast on February 13, 2020, 11:56:09 am
Alright, you asked for it.

Mother Bast-Mut is BIG and beautiful and royal and full of love and compassion.  When she is near to me in shrine, I start to cry.  She instills me with confidence and empowerment.  She will not coddle, but if I fall she is there to soften the blow.  She is regal and full of queenly energy, but also revels in things that bring joy, and is an advocate for living in the moment and feeling with all the senses. 

I feel her in the dawn and in the dusk, when the sky and clouds are pink and purple, still retaining a little bit of the warmth of the sun, but in a more delicate fashion.

When she is in senut, she has more small-cat energy. When she needs to be formal, she is lioness, stern, but not cold.  She gives direction, and I act on her behalf.

She is Lady of Joy, but also she is Great of Magic.  She can be The Greatly Feared if needed.  She takes Bast and smushes her with Mut.  She is the Royal Cat, and I love her so much that I happily take to my knees in awe and respect.  My heart purrs for her.
Title: Re: Let’s Talk Netjer: Gush Time!
Post by: Asetmehheri on February 13, 2020, 12:16:03 pm
@Theillusrationist - Don't worry - we can gush at the drop of a Nemes. :D
Title: Re: Let’s Talk Netjer: Gush Time!
Post by: Shenuty on February 14, 2020, 12:45:20 pm
I love this!

It took me a while to find my footing in my relationship with Wepwawet. There's much less information floating around about Him than the other Jackals, and a lot of it isn't particularly accurate. To me, the things I read never felt right, until I started doing some deeper digging and more expansive research. But when I found that footing? Oh boy.

Wepwawet is amazing. He's a leader, a teacher, and a friend. He's all the guidance and support I could ask for, while still always challenging me to do better, do more, try something new. Every time I make progress in any aspect of my life, I feel Him there with me,  encouraging and celebrating with me.

He's warm and so, so bright. I feel Him with me on long walks and drives, on my little family's yearly road trip, but I also feel Him in the quiet mornings just after sunrise, when the light is new and still a little fragile, like He's making way for a new day to come forward safely, with all it carries.

I've said before that I really believe Wepwawet understands us humans better than most Netjeru can. He has this innate ability to meet us where we are, on our own levels, while still being this amazing and otherworldly Power that pushes us to strive for something greater. Plus, His grin is contagious. (:

I consider myself so lucky every day that He chose me to be his daughter. <3
Title: Re: Let’s Talk Netjer: Gush Time!
Post by: Theillusrationist on February 15, 2020, 12:30:35 pm
@Theillusrationist - Don't worry - we can gush at the drop of a Nemes. :D
That is super funny omg. XD I may have to use that one sometime.

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Title: Re: Let’s Talk Netjer: Gush Time!
Post by: Asetmehheri on February 16, 2020, 11:46:58 pm
It was sooo hard to pick only one hat! :D
Title: Re: Let’s Talk Netjer: Gush Time!
Post by: Theillusrationist on February 18, 2020, 02:43:29 pm
It was sooo hard to pick only one hat! :D

XD so true!

Oh and if you all want to share art of your gods you can do that too! I can’t really draw them in my situation(as it’s deemed worshiping Demons in my house) so I’d love to hear you gush about art you are proud of, of your deities! I’m a sucker for some good devotional artworks. I may make a separate post if you guys want that.

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Title: Re: Let’s Talk Netjer: Gush Time!
Post by: Padememheru on February 18, 2020, 10:21:00 pm
Em hotep!

A little background info.  A few years ago I hardly knew anything about the Kemetic pantheon, though I'd always been fascinated by Kemet's gods, its people, and its history.  But it wouldn't be till I started reading Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles series that I felt really called to Them, specifically Horus, Bast, and Set who led me to the House.  About a year later I was divined (and proudly so) a son of Heru-sa-Aset, beloved of Set, Nut, and Aset-Serqet.

Now time for the gushing! :D So if there was one deity I had to choose that was my favorite, even though I love Them all, it would definitely be Heru-sa-Aset, Set being a close second.  (Shh, don't tell Him I said that! lol) I just love everything about Heru-sa-Aset from His contendings with Set along with His conception via necromancy because of His awesome mother Aset who used Heka to bring Wesir back and birth Their son.  And though I may not realize it or at time doubt it, He knows exactly what kind of person I am and lets me know it.  He's kind and loving, understanding.  And when I stumble He's there to help guide me through.  Actually a song that always makes me think of Him is Lean On Me by Bill Withers.  Which makes me love Papa even more!  He may be a distant god, but He is never too far away to come and help me if need be.  Although even if He is (He is a Pharaoh afterall and His land is vast), I'm still not alone ever.

Another of my most favorite Kemetic deities is my beloved Set.  I've always had a certain penchant for those considered "dark" gods and Set would certainly fit in that category.  Not that He is evil of course, which a common misunderstanding.  Either way I freaking love Set.  Like Tjehu said He also reminds that I am stronger than I think, but at the same time He won't give me more than I can handle.  I love Set because to me He's all about excitement, having fun, and letting loose.  He doesn't play by the rules, He bends them to His control and if need be breaks them to get the ball rolling.  He is definitely loves a good party, especially crashing them.
Another thing I love about Him is that He is incredibly accepting of my sexuality as a gay man.  Yes He can be firm, but He only does so because He's thinking of the larger picture.  And actually before I got my RPD I was really hoping He and Heru-sa-Aset would both be my Fathers, but in the end well, Heru-sa-Aset won.  What I love though is that Set still chose to be in my lineup as a Beloved, which Rev. Hemet told me was pure luck on my part. 

But these are just a few of the reasons I love these two particular gods. 
Title: Re: Let’s Talk Netjer: Gush Time!
Post by: Sautyinepu on February 22, 2020, 10:21:26 pm
I love reading about how others see the various Names and I think you all described them so eloquently.

I really wanted to respond to this when I first read it but I feel like I don’t always articulate my thoughts well so I kinda mulled it over and now I want to share my thoughts about Nekhbet. I might add some later and maybe I’ll write about Yinepu at another time but Nekhbet doesn’t get much attention on the boards so here we go.

Nekhbet has a very regal air. She’s diplomatic and thoughtful. I think of her as something of a wise advisor. It’s the kind of energy that I associated with an « old soul ».

Nekhbet likes beautiful things but things that I would call more of a timeless beauty, if that makes sense. She loves beautiful scents, art, etc. She’s warm and sensuality.

Nekhbet is also fierce. Truly a bada$$. She wouldn’t shy from battle but wouldn’t take a side lightly.  The decision to go on the offensive would be made judiciously. She would be a skilled martial artist if she were among us. She’s powerful but wields that power with great care. She appreciates the dedication and discipline it takes to become proficient in something.

Thinking of Nekhbet, I think of good, single malt Scotch, old libraries with beautiful leather bound books, literature, poetry, lotuses, oranges, ylang ylang, a warm summer day.

I feel there’s a lot of balance between Yinepu and Nekhbet. They are similar in some regards and complementary in others.