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Title: Nut & Sopdet; wanting to know more!
Post by: Nekoite on March 20, 2020, 07:21:38 pm
Since learning about them, I've felt a draw towards them and a recent meditation session has heightened that interest! I'm asking anyone and everyone who wants to talk or share info or their experiences of the two!

Either or both is more than fine!! I'm especially interested in any info on Sopdet, as I've found so little, which makes me sad!

Thank you to all who read this!
Title: Re: Nut & Sopdet; wanting to know more!
Post by: Asethepetwi on March 21, 2020, 09:46:30 pm
Em hotep Nekoite, how are you?

I am a beloved of Nut and I have a huge passion for this amazing Name! I met Her in the most touching dream I've ever had. She is very ancient, I feel Her a grandmother of all Creation, I also see Her as the Queen of the Mysteries of Netjer. Her Body is made of the Waters of Nun, where Ra-Atum sails on the day and enters on the night. Inside Her body is the unseen worlds, where the blessed dead rest and watches over us. She is HUGE, much bigger than what meets the eye for the first time.
Sopdet I have very little direct contact, but She is a form of my Mom, Aset. I feel much of Her in the waters of rains. The tears of Aset when She losts Her Husband that creates an inundation. I know Aset-Sopdet is a syncretism attested since the 4th dynasty if I'm not mistaken.
You can also check the links from Henadology about each of Them: ( (

Title: Re: Nut & Sopdet; wanting to know more!
Post by: Nekoite on March 22, 2020, 04:20:41 pm
Oh! My! Gosh!!! Thank you so so so much, Hepetwi!!

I'm sorry I'm a bit late with my response, life keeps me away from being able so cohesively write a response but thank you!! This has really helped me, not only with learning about Nut and Sopdet, but others I actually had questions about as well!! This is an amazing resource, so thank you so much again!

On top of that, thank you for sharing your experience with Nut! She's been very prominent in my life at the moment and I'm so glad to hear She's truly wonderful to others as well!!!
Title: Re: Nut & Sopdet; wanting to know more!
Post by: Wenunisenu on March 22, 2020, 10:59:22 pm
I very much second Hepetwi‘s description of Nut. I don’t have much experience with Spodet, but there’s this site: It’s not a House site so their view of Aset isn’t the same as ours but it might still be helpful in getting a feel for these two Names.