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Title: Netjeri studies
Post by: Asethepetwi on April 07, 2020, 01:08:36 am
Em hotep everyone!

As many of you probably know, I am very found of studying the historically attested Netjeri of Kemet.
I'm opening this thread for me and you all share Names of Netjeri and their functions.
QUICK WARNING: Sometimes is hard to tell or get to a conclusion if a deity is a Netjeri or Netjeru. It depends a lot on the sources you are looking for (or even on your own experiences), so this is NOT a rule!

I have a few I'd like to share and I will update with more throught time:

Ammit or Ammut ("The Devourer of the Dead") is a big Netjeri that serves Ma'at. He devoures those whose ib (heart) is heavier than the feather of Truth, in the Halls of the Ma'ati.

Arrows (Sheser, Sehmayw and Khatiu. Also Bast-Mut's arrows)
The Arrows are groups of Netjeri that serves multiple Names, such as Sekhmet, Bast and Mut.
Most of them are usually known to spread diceases or protect Ma'at from those who causes Isfet.
Sometimes they are called only Arrows (Sheser), or They can receive names, such as the Shemayw (The Wanderers) and the Khatiu (executioners).
Mut's arrows (as Netjeri, since Bast's can be big Netjeru) have names for each of Them: A'a Pehety, Khenepib, Neb Khenenu, Herefemsedjet, Imy Wety Hapy, Shed Kheru em Khenu Tjemsuef and Ka Desher.

He personifies the creative powers of Ra, since He is born before or in the moment Ra appears in the Nun. He is also called the Ba of Ra.

Children of the Ma'ati, i.e. Aset and Nebt-het (Netetef em Neket and Sheta-Kheperu)
These two are found on the Nesperhecan Papyrus. They are said to have come from the Ma'ati.
Netetef em Neket (He which damages?) is pleaded to have any powers over the limbs of the deceased. He have the appearence of a lion in rage and he appears above the title "Ruler of the Living" (Heqa Ankhu).
Sheta-Kheperu (Of Mysterious Forms) suffers the bai of the deceased so he can ascend to the sky and "fraternize with the stars of heaven". He have the shape of a mummified divinity with ass's head holding a gecko with both hands.

The Smiter or The Surfire One is a (possibly) similar to a sheet-ghost look like Netjeri. All we can see are His feet and eyes. He is mentioned on spell 17 of the Book of the Dead as the one "who shines with his eye without being seen, who circles the sky with the flame of his mouth and predicts the inundation when it is not yet seen".

The Coiled One is a serpent who encircles Ra/Wesir on the journey to the Duat and protects Him. He is said to be a Netjeri of Geb or even a form of the earth Netjer.

"To Cause to Breath" is a Netjeri with a Mouse-Form. He is the "the hidden powers of Ra in the Duat", He appears on the Book of the Caverns.
He follows Ra with other Netjeri and carry the image of the Sun Netjer. He (Ra) brings the body of those who are in the Duat so Sereq can make them breath.

Seven Hetherts
Like many cases here, They can be either Netjeru or Netjeri. They are said to determinate the fate of a recently birth child or even predict the nature of one's death. They can have multiple names variations depndend of the sources.

Seven Scorpions
The citation of Them that I know is from the Metternich Stela. It's a group of Seven Scorpions related to Serqet that Protects Aset in Her journey with Heru-sa-Aset. They also poisons those who offends Aset. Their names are Tefen, Befen, Mestet, Mestetef, Petet, Tjetet and Matet.

Snakes and Weavers/Crocodiles of Nit
The Hefauut and the Khendwt of Nit are the Snakes and Crocodiles (also called Weavers) that are created by Nit right on the Primordial Moments. They are called on the Coffin Texts, sailing with Nit in the Abyss. They are said to be the possessors of the Souls from the waters.

Those of the Thrones who are in the body of [Name of Netjer] (Nestyw-imyw-khet-[Name of Netjer])
Spirits that are over months of each Kemetic season, they protect the months.
They come in group of four Spirits and the name of each (they are different for each month) can be found on the Daybook.
II Akhet - Those of the Thrones in the body of Atum
III Akhet - Those of the Thrones in the body of Shu
IV Akhet - Those of the Thrones in the body of Set
II Peret - Those of the Thrones in the body of Djehuty
III Peret - Those of the Thrones in the body of Ptah
IV Peret - Those of the Thrones in the body of Heru (?)
III Shomu - Those of the Thrones in the body of Geb
IV Shomu - Those of the Thrones in the body of Wesir

Three groups of fishes
The Abdju, Desheru and Inet fishes protects and guides the bark of Ra/Amun

I've managed to find three that seem to work for Wesir:
Hapwy (Two Fronds), protector of Heru-sa-Aset, also called Friend of Wesir. He helps Khnum revivify Wesir and defeats evil Netjeri.
Djeser-Tep (Holy/Elevated of Head) follows Wesir, punishes the deceased and rises the heads of those who are justified. Appears on the 42 confessions, on the one that speaks about taking off the offerings of the Akhu.
Medes-tep (The one with sharp face) slaughter the enemies of Wesir and of the deaceased. Appears in the Book of Hours.

I would love to know what Netjeri you all know or would like to add on the Ones I talked about. My plan is to post here the basics of other Netjeri that I meet in my lifetime.

Hepetwi <3
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Khala on June 08, 2020, 02:54:35 pm
Em Hotep!

What about Abd(j)u and In(e)t? They are fishes who help Ra with His journey on the solar boat. There are not a lot of informations out there, but they are very interesting. They're mentioned in a handful of books regarding Ancient Kemet. If anyone has any informations who could confirm or debunk their existence, feel free to correct me! Unfortunately there are a lot of fake informations so I would not be surprised if there is not enough proof to say that they are real Netjeri.

Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Sesaiaset on June 08, 2020, 04:22:03 pm
Em hotep, Khala!

I have a lot of information on the abdju fish (species unknown) and the inet fish (the bulti or Nile tilapia). They are indeed real, however whether they are a Netjeri or (particularly in the case of the abdju fish) a title of a Netjer can be debated. I don't want to bog down this thread with too much extraneous info, so if you want me to give a basic run-down of the information feel free to PM me or we can make a thread devoted to the topic specifically!

Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Asethepetwi on June 08, 2020, 05:54:33 pm
Em hotep Khala and Sesai,

I added both of the fish-groups and added another one that I encountered, the Desheru-Fish. From their LAGG entries they sound more like Netjeri than Netjer, but I do understand your points Sesai.

Hepetwi <3
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Sesaiaset on June 08, 2020, 06:54:02 pm
Em hotep, Hepetwi!

I think that is justified! It's another one of those situations where the line between Netjer and Netjeri gets blurry, haha.

Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Asethepetwi on September 21, 2020, 04:10:25 pm
Updated with a few more
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Asethepetwi on September 28, 2020, 07:54:17 pm
(edited by accident)
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Asethepetwi on September 28, 2020, 07:55:08 pm
Bumping this because I added a few more and in case someone wants to contribute to it <3
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: DLogician on October 26, 2020, 11:54:24 am
Em hotep everyone, i'm very new to this forum, and would very much appreciate anyone who would intimate me about the GODDESS ISIS, i want to know her. I want her to know me. Thanks in anticipation.
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Asethepetwi on October 26, 2020, 04:31:38 pm
Em hotep, DLogician,

This is not the thread for it. Here we call Isis by the Kemetic Name Aset. On the top right of the site there is a place that you can search for Her name and see what you can find. If you are on the phone it's on top underneath your profile name.
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Rabon on October 30, 2020, 01:42:54 pm
Loki once became a Salmon, and the Silver Carp conceals sunken treasure.

Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Kes on November 01, 2020, 05:35:51 pm
Em hotep, Rabon. A bit of context for this thread: netjeri are spirits, not gods. If you want to compare it to other cultures, they would be things like fae and pixies and nature spirits. Which is a separate category from gods. I hope that clarifies the topic!
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Asethepetwi on November 04, 2020, 07:49:41 am
Thank you for the explanation Kes and thank you for the reference Rabon!

Also, I added a few more on the list and I'll start a new list after this so the first message don't overflow with editions.

Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Beck88 on November 04, 2020, 07:56:51 am
Would the Four Sons of Heru (the ones that are on the Canopic jars) count as Netjeri?
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Asethepetwi on November 04, 2020, 08:02:15 am
Yes Beck, They are Netjeri. I thought I'd added them already, but aparently I didn't lol
Will add them in a minute
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Asethepetwi on November 04, 2020, 08:17:07 am
Continuing the list from the first post here

Baw of the directions
Each direction have a group of souls that is related to them.
On the East and West are related to guiding the Barque of Ra from dusk to dawn and vice-verse.
The Baw Imentyw (Bau of the West) appear in jackal form pulling the Barque and honoring the Baw Iabtyw (Bau of the East) when they bring, in Uraeus or Baboon form, the Barque to Them. While the Souls of the East mourn for Wesir, the Souls of the West raise Him. They keep the time, the sun and life in motion, and, personally, They are very related to Yinepu-Wepwawep, speacilly the Western Ones.
The Baw Mehtyw (Bau of the North) and Ba Resy (Ba of the South, yes only one Ba) have very less informations. The Northean Souls are said to hold the storms in the sky and make the Barque of Ra to keep itself in place, this two points makes me associate Them with winds. The Southern Ba is the one with less information, the only thing I could find is that they appear in Ba-bird form.

This is a specific case that happens on the Book of the Dead of Henuttawy. A snake-like creature with wings and the head of a human and of a jackal and 2 pair of legs.
In front of the scarab-sundisk and a nightime starry sky, it reads "Death (mt/mwt), the Great God(ddess), creator of the Gods and the people.".
You can see Their picture here: (

Hedj-Wer and Baba
Another one that has a lot of debates on where He is a Name or a Netjeri is Hedj-wer, The Great and White.
I found very few things about Him. He is associated with Djehuty and Iah, therefore, the Moon and Heru-wer. He is the protector of Heru's Udjat eye and was probably a helper-spirit of Djehuty, usually appearing in the form of a Babboon holding a knife or the Udjat-Eye.
Sometimes he is shown - as baboons are usually illustrated in Kemet - honoring the rising sun.
Baba (Babi) is another Baboon Netjeri, He is said to be the son of Wesir and is related to Djehuty (in the lunar-baboon aspect) and on Set. He usually appears with an erect phallus and have powers over the waters, He also receives the title of "Baba of the Horizon", probably as the chief of the baboons of the Dawn.
He can protect the deceased on their trip to the realms of Wesir, but can also "devour corpses and uproot hearts, inflict wounds without being seen", even Djehuty is said to be saved from Baba.

Qebehut (Qebehet, Qebechet)
Translated as "She of the Celestial Waters", Qebehut is a big Netjeri who is said to be the daughter of Yinepu and companion/friend of Djehuty. She is the one who appears with four jars of water to refresh and purify the heart and the body of the deceased and the Netjeru. She also opens the ways for the deceased to pass.
She probably have the iconography of a snake but can also appear human-like.

The Souls of Aset and Nebt-het
The Great Soul (Ba) of Aset (Ba-wer-Aset) and the The Great Living Soul (Ba) of Nebt-het (Ba-Ankh-A'a-Nebthet) are two interesting beings I recently found. On the LAGG there's is almost anything about each of Them. They are listed as two Swallows sitting on a hill.
Here is one exemple of what may be a manifestation of the Netjeryt, or two Netjeris that are Their Ba, like the Benu-bird.

The Four Sons of Heru
The 4 children of Heru-wer are protectors of the throne of Wesir, the deacesed and their limbs. They can also be referenced as sons of Aset with Heru, besides that, each of them is related to one of the protector Netjerut.
Duamutef (Praising His Mother) protects the stomach and is related to Nit. Usually have the head of a jackal.
Hapy (Runner) held the lungs and is related to Nebt-het. Usually have the head of a baboon.
Imset (The kindly one) protects the liver and is related with Aset. Usually have the head of a human.
Qebshenef (Cooling his brother) held the intestines and is related to Serqet. Usually have the head of a hawk.
Some other interesting things about Them is that They can be the supporters of heaven (specially Duamutef). Also They take form of messenger birds to announce when the king is crowned and stand in front of the Barque of Ra in the form of four golden falcons.

Seven Scorpion Wives of Heru
They are married to Heru-Kamutef, a group of Seven female Netjeri who are 'deflowered' by Heru and accidently poison Him. They are similar to the Seven Scorpions of Aset, They are called on spells agaisnt venenous bites. Their names are Sepertueres, Ta-Bitjet, Ifdet, Wepetsepu, Sefedsepu, Metmetnofretiyes and Batjeh.

The Seven Slayers
They recite a spell against a scorpion bite on the Papyrus Chester Beatty VII, Borghouts says they are the Wives of Heru, but Ritner says it can be a chief scorpion goddess, like Serqet or Aset.

Nebet-Shet, Lady of the Lake
An interesting Netjeri that appears on the coffin of Isisirdis. She have a turtle for a head and seem to protect the body of the deceased. She is associated with the aquatic regions od the Duat and may possibly be the same Netjeri that protects the third gate of the netherworld.
More informations about Her can be seen here: ( (
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Asethepetwi on November 05, 2020, 11:51:15 pm
A few more informations on the Bau of the West can be found here: (
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Rev. Shezatwepwawet on November 06, 2020, 09:57:29 am
Kasia coordinated a conference last year on netjeri/demons in Kemet and has made her paper from the presentation publicly available!
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Asethepetwi on November 08, 2020, 11:00:33 pm
Thank you, Zat for it <3

Here are some of the sources for more Netjeri research:

Books and Articles:
HAMMAD, Manal B. Demonic Beings in Ancient Egypt
LUCARELLI, Rite. Demons (benevolent and malevolent)
SZPAKOWSKA, Kasia. Demon Things Ancient Egyptian manifestations of liminal entities, found in the Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections.
SZPAKOWSKA, Kasia. Demons in Ancient Egypt
VELDE, H. Te. Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible (Te Velde's entries are about Kemetic Names)

Demons in Ancient Egypt - Rita Lucarelli (
Magic and Demonology in Ancient Egypt - Rita Lucarelli (
Seven Brides with Seven Stingers: The Scorpion Wives of Horus - Robert Ritner (

In general, all Kasia Szpakowska's papers are very usefull to search for Netjeri stuff, and she also has the amazing site Demon Things (

Also, the Lexicon der Ägyptischen Götter und Götterbezeichnungen (LAGG) pages for each Name has been my first source for each of Them.
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Asethepetwi on February 01, 2021, 06:42:59 pm
Em Hotep,

Added on the list the Seven Scorpion Wives of Heru + more sources on the Netjeri reaserch, I posted three very interesting videos.
And on the Seven Scorpion Wives, I posted a text about Them on the private Netjer Files area.

Hepetwi <3
Title: Re: Netjeri studies
Post by: Amunraembia on May 27, 2021, 06:02:12 am
Em hotep, Asethepetwi

Do you have more information on the Seven Hetherts? Do they have connections to the other Netjeri grouped in sevens?

Thank you <3
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