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Title: Weekly Purification Rituals?
Post by: Sobekemiti on April 09, 2020, 10:19:25 am
Em hotep everyone,

Okay, so idk if this is the best place to ask this, but I'm looking for input from my fellow Kemetics, so here goes. So this is coming at the behest of Sobek, who wants me to start doing weekly purification rituals above and beyond pre-ritual/pre-Senut purifications. Only problem is, none of the rites I currently have/wrote are what He wants. What He seems to want is something involving water (I have a shower, but not a bath), and some kind of prayer/recitations/idek that gives the purifications more specific purpose/focus than the simple ones do. Only I have no idea what on earth that is meant to be and don't know where to begin writing/sourcing something like that. If anyone has any resources or ideas I can work from, I'd love to have them. It's entirely possible I'm being dense and not seeing what's staring me in the face bc *gestures at the world*

Anyway. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, it's very much appreciated. <3

Title: Re: Weekly Purification Rituals?
Post by: Rev. Ma'atnofret on April 09, 2020, 01:54:33 pm
I feel like I have talked with another Sobek person about this in the last month or two. Major deja vu.
If I can remember anything I will let you know. Otherwise maybe talk to other Sobek ppl?
Title: Re: Weekly Purification Rituals?
Post by: Khenenwy on April 09, 2020, 02:04:45 pm
I know Hemet's prayer book has a purification prayer that might be a good starting point. I say it for extra oomph with my senut purifications sometimes. I also used to have a long winding prayer I would say while kneeling in the shower, likening it to the waters of the Nile and in the second part the Nun to wash away certain things I felt needed 'cleaning' from me. Like, certain bad habits, negative emotions, etc. I never wrote it down, as it was usually very spur of the moment, but I could write up the main part and dm it to you if you would like for ideas?
Title: Re: Weekly Purification Rituals?
Post by: Gemahi-Itui on April 10, 2020, 10:39:39 am
Sobek-Ra has nudged me to do something similar..
At the moment Ive been doing a big general 'self-care day' to purify but I personally have also been looking for prayers and things to say in those moments.

If you ever want to chat about it Id love to share ideas!
Title: Re: Weekly Purification Rituals?
Post by: TahekerutAset on April 10, 2020, 01:22:22 pm
I hope this is okay.  This poem came to me when I read your (Sobekemiti's) post. 

In Every Sunbeam
by TahekerutAset

Sobek of the Nile is the purification god
Sobek of the Waters of the Nun
Light of the sun dispels darkness
The Light of Sobek and Ra dispels darkness
Ask for this light
Ask for this water to purify you
of grief, of rage, of fear
of helplessness, of powerlessness
Bring to yourselves strength, devotion, kindness
Bring to yourselves health, love and self-care
Be kind to yourselves in this darkness
Be kind to others
Know that We are with you in your grief and rage
Know that We are with you in your sorrow and fear
Know that We are with you
We walk with you through this
Now and forever
So says Aset, Mistress of Light
Lady of Life
I am in every sunbeam
in every starlight
in every candleflame
I am in every droplet of water
in every river, every stream
in every rainstorm
in all water in your homes
So listen now
Use this power
of light, of water
and purify yourselves
cleanse yourselves
in baths
in showers with buckets to pour over yourselves
Or use sacred soap
Or Florida Water
Or other cologne water
Or cense with incense
Burn candles in front of Our shrines
Ask Us to help you
and We will
We are with you
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