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Title: Farmer (and other forms of) Heru-Wer?
Post by: Yinepumehuti on July 03, 2020, 12:52:48 am
Em hotep!

I am getting to know my Heru-Wer, and would like other experiences with Him as well!

I mostly get Him as a farmer; green skinned, calloused hands, willing and happy to go out and till the fields by hand, always holding a shovel or a hoe or another solid farming tool. He is a farmer, a creator, a hard worker. But he is also a mediator and a teacher. He stepped forward in a dream saying He would help me in my class work for a degree in Business Administration. He has helped me mediate arguments between me and my husband, He helps me at work some when I am paying enough attention to listen.

Does anyone else get Heru-Wer in these ways? As a farmer, as a mediator, as a teacher/tutor? If so, how do you go about working with Him? Do offerings change as different forms of Heru-Wer emerge?
Title: Re: Farmer (and other forms of) Heru-Wer?
Post by: Ishnenheru on July 04, 2020, 07:53:35 pm

    Em hotep Yinepumehuti

    No, Heru-wer makes me see this world that we are like being at constant war against obscurantism and falsehood seeking truth, balance, a fair life with you towards each other, he senses me as a strategist always ready to to prepare for combat, he keeps me on the alert.
Title: Re: Farmer (and other forms of) Heru-Wer?
Post by: Khenenwy on July 04, 2020, 08:37:19 pm
(Note this is mostly UPG) I get Heru-wer in a few different ways, but the mediator/teacher/tutor feeling is more integral to His personality as I have seen. That's how our relationship has been since the beginning, guiding and mentor-y. Him and Set work together sometimes when I'm not taking to a particular lesson too well, I "take a break" with one and the other picks it up and keeps it going lol.

The most prominent I get is the one I see talked about more. Brown/white/gold/sky blue, sharp-eyed and circling His quarry be it prey or a ward of His. He goes back and forth between the retired ex-military Uncle Who tells you stories of the glory days, and the Commander still living it depending on the situation. This is how He usually is in shrine, or as a protector while driving.

The second I get is close to what you are describing - deep greens/dark browns/greys/muted blues, more down to earth, the Heru-wer of Rekeh Wer. Still sharp, but now the sharp eye watches the crops/livestock/people. Not green-skinned, but green-haired. He's a bit less tightly laced, but no less wise or powerful. I agree on the hands on creator aspect for sure. I find this HW in gardening, tending my chickens, cutting wood, and the (admittedly slim experiences of) smithing. I feel like I've seen this form whittling at least once.

Then there's Heru-Behedet Who is a whole 'nother can of worms (falcons?) that I won't open unless you want me to haha. As far as offerings go He seems to like the same core things most of the time. Sometimes there are things more specific to the form I am offering to, but His favorites are safe no matter "which" Heru-wer is getting it I have found. YMMV, but this is my experience with Him as my first Beloved <3
Title: Re: Farmer (and other forms of) Heru-Wer?
Post by: Yinepumehuti on July 05, 2020, 12:08:40 am
Yes, the Heru-Wer of Rekeh-Wer is the one I get most strongly. That is when I first met him and felt the need to get to know Him better. During Rekeh-Wer I made a promise to get to know Him more, and since I first met Him then, maybe that's why I don't get Him as a fighter or military person. As this form, He is a good balance to the weathery, stormy Set that I get. They work together to make the plants grow. "Destruction" and creation. Life and death. Heru-Wer and Set. Just a very natural Heru-Wer instead of the warrior that most get.
Title: Re: Farmer (and other forms of) Heru-Wer?
Post by: Rev. Ma'atnofret on July 05, 2020, 07:42:23 am
Heru-wer as farmer is an interesting one! I don’t get so much the guy with the hoe, covered in the dirt of the fields. My Heru-wer is ‘green’ in essence. He is the god who makes the remedies, spending countless hours in his workshop grinding herbs. Going out into the wilds to find herbs and medicines. He looks out into the expanse if the sky and knows he owns that, and looks out into the expanse if the earth and knows he holds power within it.
Title: Re: Farmer (and other forms of) Heru-Wer?
Post by: falconfeathers on July 11, 2020, 06:17:26 pm
i saw this post and couldn't resist

"My" Heru-Wer leans more towards celestial aspects. Mostly, though, He's a protector and denizen of the skies. He's very much a mentor figure to me.

I do get a more... "nature-y" Heru-Wer at times, usually when I'm out in the sticks or tending to my plants. In a weird way He's almost like Wesir; quiet, observant, and firmly cemented in the life-death-decay cycle - mostly on the "life" end. There's an epithet of His that sticks with me no matter which side of Him I get: "The plants grow green for His Ka". I can't remember where I saw it, but it stands out to me a lot since it's pretty different from most HW content I see out there.

For me HW always brings the promise of new life, in whatever form that may take. Watching plants grow or watching people grow, it's all growth.
Title: Re: Farmer (and other forms of) Heru-Wer?
Post by: Setjezusenu on July 11, 2020, 07:40:21 pm
I don't know how to quote on mobile, but "The plants grow green for his Ka" is one that stands out to mee, too! It allows me to connect the celestial aspects to the green and nature aspects, because I can make the logical connection between him as sunlight/clear sky/fresh air and him helping plants grow (towards the sky) and nourishing them. I get an impression of him as kind, strong, stable, and wise, as well as a sense of... clarity, maybe? Freedom from outside influence, I guess
Title: Re: Farmer (and other forms of) Heru-Wer?
Post by: Saqdiheru on July 12, 2020, 01:02:05 pm
Huh maybe perhaps im getting him like this too, he seems to focus on helping me keep my ka fed, and other times he helps me come to terms with how my inner self is feeling. he and Set help make sure i feel comfortable and valid when it comes to certain feelings i may have.
Title: Re: Farmer (and other forms of) Heru-Wer?
Post by: Padjaiemweru on July 13, 2020, 04:47:38 pm
I didn't know of this aspect of Dad, and I'm wondering why I never came across it before, especially with how "outdoorsy" I am, lol

Thanks for the new stuff to contemplate about Him!
Title: Re: Farmer (and other forms of) Heru-Wer?
Post by: Yinepumehuti on July 14, 2020, 04:17:31 pm
Yesterday I finally got a war side of Heru-Wer... In the form of organic biological warfare against spider mites and caterpillars on my pepper plants and lime tree. It was slightly comical, Him pointing sternly to little mites so I could find them and properly dispatch them, then instructing me on the proper ratio of water and neem oil like He was instructing me how to mix gunpowder and other stuff to make explosives. We went over all my plants leaf by leaf, methodically, like a nurse in a war zone. It was an interesting crossover between Battle General and Dedicated Farmer, because after we got all the bugs off and started preventative measures, He fawned over all our little baby limes and the small pecan tree sapling a squirrel buried.
Title: Re: Farmer (and other forms of) Heru-Wer?
Post by: Kes on July 21, 2020, 01:34:55 pm
"The plants grow green for His Ka"

I've never heard that about him before. I love that!

The sunlight/clear sky connection makes sense in relation to that, too.
Title: Re: Farmer (and other forms of) Heru-Wer?
Post by: Mesetibes on July 24, 2020, 04:11:58 pm
Em Hotep all,

I very much get "Ye Olde Sergeant Major Marching Up and Down the Parade Square" version of him. This old, grizzled war vet that has seen some stuff.

I keep forgetting that many soldiers in ancient times, when they retired, would return to a chunk of land to become farmers.

Thank you all for the food for thought.

Title: Re: Farmer (and other forms of) Heru-Wer?
Post by: Yinepumehuti on July 25, 2020, 07:12:19 pm
Ohhhh cool! I didn't know that! Makes this Heru-Wer I get a little more interesting and rounded out!