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Title: Fundraising Update for the period of October 2020
Post by: Tatuayinepu on September 12, 2020, 11:50:39 pm
Em hotep to the children of Netjer,

As of 9-5-2020, total donations are $1,892.20.

For a graphic representation of our goal of $2,500.00 and what we have received thus far, please see (

We are on track to be able to meet our expenses this month and hopefully have a bit to add to our rainy day fund (The Rollover Fund, which will be discussed at greater length later in this post). Our goal, each month, is to raise at the very least, $2,500.00.

The following is a brief summary of how we distribute funds that we receive through donations:

The first $500.00 goes for general House of Netjer and minor Tawy House expenses (see the financial page at  ( for more details.

The next $2,000.00 goes towards Hemet's salary. This satisfies the obligation to the Ministerial Services Contract, which supports her to work four 8-hour days per week and compensates her for her services. These include answering emails/forum posts, ritual work, pastoral counseling, divinations/RPD's, teaching, research, translations and many other things.

Anything over and above the total of the first $2,500.00 will go to the Rollover Fund, which helps us to cover shortfalls on months when donations fall below $2,500.00. The current Rollover Fund balance is $1,456.96, which we want to keep building as much as possible.
See ( for details about the Rollover Fund.

If you plan on donating this month, please try to donate via the Paypal Giving Fund ( or through Zelle (
Regular PayPal donations will remove up to 10% of your donation through fees, but the PayPal Giving Fund and Zelle do not charge fees. Additionally, making donations through Amazon's shopping app just got easier. You can specify "House of Netjer" via Amazon Smile, in the app now. If you primarily work from a desktop, you can also do this from there.

Lastly, we have two current Fundraising drives, one of which is for preorders of the book "Seth, God of Confusion" (expiring soon!), the other is for the renewal of the King's stipend (will remain ongoing). For more information about these campaigns, see ( (Seth Book) and ( (King's Stipend).

Thank you all for your ongoing support which makes all that we do here in the House of Netjer possible!

Tatuayinepu and the Fundraising Team