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Title: Moomas Auction!
Post by: Tatuayinepu on November 18, 2020, 11:29:49 pm
The Fundraising Committee is pleased to announce a special project for Moomas season: A Moomas themed auction, with all proceeds (except the costs incurred with shipping) to benefit the House of Netjer.

Bidding will start at 1200PM Tawy time(CST) on November 30 and all bids must be made by 1200PM Tawy time(CST) on December 7.

We are currently accepting donations of items or services until November 28. Please send these via email to, one item or service per email, and include the name of that item on the subject line.

Rev. Tjesi needs the following information with each submission:
1) A picture or graphic of some sort that represents the item or service you wish to donate.
2)The number of items or service(s) you wish to donate. For example, if you are donating tarot divination, you would specify "two readings for one person", or "One tarot reading for the top two bidders".
3)Starting bid in US dollars.
4)Description of the item or service. For example, geneaology work would describe the number of hours of genealogical research involving x sites, or two readings on questions provided by the winner using a type of tarot spread, plus something about the experience of the tarot reader/provider. In other words, at least a few sentences on what is offered to enable the potential bidder to get some idea of what they will receive.
5) How long it will take the provider of the item or service to send the item or do the work.
6) Whether shipping the item is applicable. If it will need to be shipped, is that included with the bid, or will that be an additional amount the winner will need to forward to the provider of the item.
7) Whether or not the provider (or donor of the item/service) wishes to be anonymous. In that case, Rev. Tjesi will need their email and name to be able to forward them the results, but they do not need to have that displayed.

While the theme of this is Moomas holiday season, not everything needs to strictly fall into that category to be an appropriate item or service to donate. If there is something you would like to donate and aren't sure please ask.

If you have any questions about the information required to make your item/service submission, please email Rev. Tjesi at Any other questions, please email Tatuayinepu at


Tatuayinepu and the Fundraising Team
Title: Re: Moomas Auction!
Post by: Tatuayinepu on November 30, 2020, 12:51:12 pm
We are live!

Title: Re: Moomas Auction!
Post by: Tatuayinepu on December 04, 2020, 03:33:08 am
Bumping this as a reminder to give it a look if you haven't yet, there are some interesting items! If there is interest, extending the end date is a possibility too.
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