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Title: Upcoming virtual lectures in Egyptology!
Post by: Rev. Shezatwepwawet on January 09, 2021, 01:38:54 pm
Nothing I am presenting, but as I am on various lists relating to Kemet and Egyptology I thought it might be nice to share the notices I get for virtual lectures. If you come across something not listed here please share the information for people who might be interested. I will do my best to keep the talks listed here ones which are free or do not require some sort of membership so they have the widest accessibility possible.

The American Research Center in Egypt's schedule ( for open lectures (via Zoom) in January 2021. Preregistration is required and closes 24 hours before the event. All talks start at 1pm Eastern US time.

January 16: Anxieties about Race in Egyptology and Egyptomania, 1890-1960

January 23: Africa Interconnected: Ancient Egypt and Nubia

January 30: Does the Past Have a Future? The Work of the Theban Mapping Project

If you miss any they may wind up on the org's Youtube site:

Premiering on Wednesday January 13th at 3pm is a podcast from the Oriental Institute on Demons (netjeri!) in Ancient Egypt:

Note I am not a member of either group, I just like to gather and share information like this.