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Title: hi.
Post by: iris.m on April 29, 2021, 05:03:38 am
hi all,

my name is Iris. I have been reading a bit about kemetic orthodoxy and i have a few questions before deciding to applyin to the beginners course.

i have followed Bast for many years now, and am also interested in Nefertem (both for perfumery and home). I can see people are divined as 'children' or 'beloveds' of them. Someone on tumblr has kindly told me that you as members do not look down on people who are interested in some gods but are not divined, is this true of all of you? i have read things that suggest that only children of Bast can speak for her and it worried me that i might  be intimidated by her children and never be able to speak about her seriously. what makes the opinion of a child better than someone who is just a beloved or neither?

thank you for any answers,
Title: Re: hi.
Post by: Rev. Tawa'u on April 29, 2021, 08:28:16 am
Em hotep!

We definitely do not own the ability to love and "work with" the Gods.  Your experiences with Bast are very valid and you are free to speak about Her as much as you like!  Just because we got divination done doesn't mean we are the only ones who have a say.  :)  No opinions or thoughts are more important than that of another. 

I always love to hear experiences with Bast (and Nefertem!)

Be well!
Title: Re: hi.
Post by: Rev. Ma'atnofret on April 29, 2021, 09:59:04 am
I do know the temple has been around quite some time (20+ years), so I can not account for all the shifts that have happened during that time. However I do know that within the time I have been with the temple no one has told me that only children or beloveds can have valid experiences with said god.
Your experiences are your own and they are valid, just as Rev.Tawa’u said.
Title: Re: hi.
Post by: Khesretitui on April 29, 2021, 10:55:59 am
I'm not a priest and so cannot speak with a priest's authority.

For what a member's perspective is worth, however, to my knowledge, I have never seen any official position or been told, since I first showed up here in 2003, that only divined folks can have valid relationships or experiences with gods. I tend to focus on the gods of my RPD as a Shemsu, but that doesn't mean I don't honor other gods and have experiences with them as well, and I imagine that this is true of most folks.

Likewise, your experiences are yours, and they are valid. :)

Also: Em hotep, and welcome!
Title: Re: hi.
Post by: Nesiwepwawet on April 30, 2021, 12:41:55 pm
We would never, as an organization and hopefully as individuals as well, tell someone they cannot speak about one's relationship with any God, be that a Kemetic God/Netjeru or otherwise. That's just not our place.

We do ask people to remain open-minded when they decide to look into the Kemetic Orthodox faith in that, should you decide to get an RPD done later, the relationships you had previously with the Gods may, in fact, change. Some people are very close to a particular Netjeru when they come here, but in some cases that relationship was strictly a 'lead you to where you need to go' situation, and later that Netjeru may take a step back if other, different Netjeru come forward to claim you at the time of RPD.

However, RPD is not the be-all and end-all of Netjer relationships. It's kind of like... your base package of God(s) :) It's the foundation, but not the whole building. And no one is going to tell you that you can't work with other Netjeru, in fact it is certainly encouraged to do so.

If Bast is an important part of your life both before and after RPD, whether Bast is in your lineup or not, that may never change. But change could happen in ways you may not expect at the same time, which is why we simply ask people to put aside any preconceptions/assumptions they may have, to be completely open to the will of the Gods Themselves.

Remember as well, for the Beginner's course, there is no obligation to accept anything we're going to teach you. It's informational and at the end (or even part way through), you are more than welcome to say "This particular path is just not for me".

~ Nesi
Title: Re: hi.
Post by: Rekeh-Wer on May 01, 2021, 03:32:14 pm
Hi Iris! I'm not a member of KO, so I cannot call myself an authority on it's beliefs, but it's my understanding that titles such as priest, child, or beloved are moreso types of relationships you can have with the Netjer, rather than a hierarchy of levels. Just like how your relationships with your fellow humans are; your dad isn't inherently more important or closer to you than your friend, and vice versa. Undivined, or even outside of KO, you can be just as close to a deity as anyone else, and have a rightful place in the conversation. Heck, I'm not even primarily kemetic anymore, but I still hold relationships with a few gods that're just as valid as a long time priest's. I'm very happy to see everyone else here feels similarly! Just remember that regardless of what others may tell you, we are all equals, and your feelings and experiences matter just as much as anyone else's.

Good luck on your journey!!