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Title: Where can I Start
Post by: Imhotep on September 23, 2021, 01:37:56 pm
Em Hotep,

I am new here and unfortunately
I have no time for the beginner
classes and I am very interested
in the Kemetic Orthodxy. And now
I wanted to ask if you can help me
where to start when getting in.

Thank you in advance.
Title: Re: Where can I Start
Post by: Ta-idet on September 24, 2021, 09:26:51 am
Em hotep Imhotep!

Unfortunately, there is no other way to join the House other than taking the beginner classes (and choosing to stay on as Remetj)!

The classes aren't very time consuming, honestly. You get one short pdf lesson and an accompanying short quiz a week (that can be completed whenever, as long as it's before graduation), and two classes per week that you don't necessarily have to attend as there are chatlogs for each one anyway. These classes are mostly discussion-based, going more in-depth and allowing questions based on the lesson for the week.

If you can spare even 5-10mins for one day a week, or whatever fits your schedule, it is definitely manageable!

Otherwise, the best advice would be to wait for a time when you will be more available to participate. You could also look into obtaining "The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook" by Tamara L. Siuda (Hemet), which does give some insight into KO practices if you'd like.  :)

Title: Re: Where can I Start
Post by: Ha'autmuti on September 24, 2021, 06:54:00 pm
Em hotep!

Just chiming in to echo Ta-idet here: the beginner's course is not very demanding and does not require a large time commitment at all. It moves very slowly, and I think that's for exactly the reason you articulate: a lot of people want to take it, but can't do a major time commitment.

I would personally say that if you can set aside an half hour a week, that should be just fine. If your schedule is so busy currently that you can't manage that (and believe me, I've been there, you're in good company), it's probably best to wait for a better time. Joining the religion requires learning about the religion first, and reflecting on what you've learned--otherwise how would you know if you wanted to join? And that does take a little bit of time. Not a lot! But a little.

In the meantime, though, there are many public spaces on the forums where you can read threads, ask questions, and chat with others about being Kemetic! I would definitely encourage that if you can't take the beginner's course right now. I felt things out as a guest prior to taking it myself.

But, yes, in order "get into" the religion as more than a guest, you do need to take the beginner's course.
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