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Title: Heruakhety and Ra-Heruakhety
Post by: Kallirrhoe on January 11, 2022, 09:12:39 am
Em hotep!

I'd love to learn more about Heruakhety and Ra-Heruakhety. How are They similar/different? Which Netjeru are They more closely related with (besides Ra, I mean!)?

Title: Re: Heruakhety and Ra-Heruakhety
Post by: The Tai'awepwawet System on January 12, 2022, 07:03:48 am
I'm sure that one of our very excellent members of vast knowledge will be along to drop wisdom on their more historical/academic differences, but in terms of what I've personally perceived (warning, brain dump):

Ra-Heruakhty: Black and gold, blue and red, sun and moon. Flames across the black sky, he is both the sky and king of all it encompasses. Constant, unwavering, quiet but ever-present.

Ra: Red. Red yellow orange, the flash of a gold khopesh, the glint of it off his armour. Older, yet any weariness is clothed in such vibrancy. Ruler, protector, he is like an unstoppable force. Emotions are hot, this is the God that ordered Sekhmet to destroy humanity, but oh what joy to match it.

Heruakhty: Step into the desert at midday, and cast your gaze around you. Above you, blue. In front of you, blue meets the sand. Behind you, blue meets the sand. To your left, blue meets the sand. To your right, blue meets the sand. Heruakhty is here. Endless he stretches, from horizon to horizon, eternity within his wings. Are you dizzy? Do not be, for Heruakhty is with you, both stern and good-humoured, but ever steadfast.

I find Heruakhty and Ra-Heruakhty's similarities to be primarily in that eternal quality, that endlessness and sense of ever-presence.

But yeah these are just my personal UPG experiences. Ra-Heruakhty is my most quiet Beloved, though he has in the past, on my request, "pulled back the curtain" to show me the Gods within him.

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