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For me, Yinepu and Seth.  Two traditionally "dark" Nejeter, but the two I've always had the closest connection to (moreso now then ever before).  

But I tend to see them in different ways.  Seth feels more like a father or grandfather figure, older and more stern, while Yinepu seems more like a traditional lord, or superior (I don't know how else to put it).  

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: Do you have an Egyptian Tatoo?
« on: May 11, 2010, 03:20:44 am »
There are some amazing pieces being shown off here, and what makes them even more special is the meaning that goes behind each one.  
To many people go into a shop and just get something thrown on because they "want to be inked" and end up regretting the result later.  
But having a piece that has a genuine, deep meaning makes it so much more special.  

I've been planning a piece of my own for a while now which I would like to have across my shoulders, but am still in the process of planning.  


My original idea was to have the wings stretching across my shoulders, with the two reclining jackals and the cartouche being somewhat smaller then shown here so as to fit more snugly between my shoulder blades.  

The name in the cartouche was initially intended to be my own, although I've considered having it be for Yinepu instead since it struck me as being something self-glorifying to have my own name depicted in a royal fashion, and it may work better to have this as a dedication to Him (and would mean a future tattoo for Seth in his honour).  

I would prefer for it to be full colour, but I tend to be pretty picky when it comes to colour and I may have it outlined first and colour added at a later date (as I've done with my Utahraptor tat).  

My biggest concern is the space it would take up.  The back is a very large canvas, one of the more prominent on the human body and considering the space this would take up, it would more or less set the theme for the rest of my back; so if I decided to have another image placed under it that had nothing to do with Egypt, they tend to clash.  

Nevertheless, I really enjoy this image, and if in the end I decide not to have this as a tattoo, I would nevertheless love to see it as perhaps a tapestry or large print.  It would make an awesome backdrop to my alter.  

Thank you Djehutyendy for the comfort.  

It's an often overlooked truism, but at times it really is supportive to know that I'm not alone in my fears.  

While fear may now be too strong a word, the uncertainty of not knowing the outcome, and even more biting, not knowing myself, leaves plenty of room for second-guessing and hesitation.  

I try and look at these kind of things as the rumblings of instability as the foundation sits; and after the shift, the structure is more secure because of it.
I've only just started looking into this faith seriously and it's bound to happen that there will be some cataracts between the smooth water.  

So far the solidarity of this community, and the openness with which you share with one another is already doing a lot to help me overcome my trepidations, and I hope that as I have more of these "introspective moments" and begin to understand myself better, I can grow into a better person because of them, and be a better member of the community (if that's my future here).  


[PUBLIC] Kemet Today - Rev. Tamara's Blog & Podcast / A Word on RPD
« on: May 02, 2009, 11:34:36 pm »
I read the latest entry regarding the "Rite of Parent Divination" and felt that it was highly applicable to me, and I'm not sure how happy I should be about that.  

It came to me in this way: I agreed with the Nisut's point that having the individual choose the Name they associate with themselves, puts the power in the hands of the individual.  As if I (for example) were browsing through a lineup in a store for just the right god to go with my wallpaper.  

I doubt it's so callous for anyone who takes this seriously, but I think we all have some idea of how fickle or muddled we, as flawed human beings, can be.  Our earthly preferences can be affected by so much, and by so little.  Our favorite animal, a cool picture we saw, a facet of the god's personality that we want to identify with, etc.  More then half the time we aren't even aware of the factors that influence us, or we rationalize them away without really understanding.  
It's not malicious, it's just the nature of people, of humans, trying to understand ourselves, and how our thoughts work (I'm reminded of one of my favorite quote from Mon Oncle D'amerique An individual's personality " built upon a grab-bag of value-judgments, personal prejudices and platitudes...remove a single stone from this edifice and it all crumbles, resulting in anguish")  

Even as I was reading, I nodded my head in agreement.  
But thinking of this brought another thought into my head: what if I ever take part in the RPD myself and find that neither Yinepu or Seth were related to me?  

I was honestly somewhat frightened.  They are the two who I feel the most strongly attracted to.  And I suddenly had to question how loyal I would still be if I were told that Hethert, or Bast, or a more traditionally "obscure" Name was revealed to me.  

It was a moment of very pointed self-invasion.  I felt somewhat ashamed, as if I had revealed a betrayal within myself (that may be part of the "anguish" that Professor Laborit meant in his quote).  

Overall, I feel that such introspection is what keeps us honest with ourselves, and while it's sometimes a kick-in-the-butt to our egos and our feelings of stability, it might help us better understand Ma'at and how it's not always a self-guided journey.


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