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Great idea, still looking for my ideal cabinet. I like the ones that lock as no one can get into it. I know that there are people out there that have sticky fingered kids that love to get into everything. My brother was like that when he was younger so my mother had to lock things away. I'll add your suggestion to the list.

Thanks, for the correction.

Makes perfect sense to me. Being Kemetic means following the Ancient Kemetic gods and goddess based on Primary and Secondary information and Kemetic Orthodox is being part of HON or any other group that's connected to KO.

Yeah, I read the fee goes towards her work and the offerings, which is fine with me.

Thanks. It did answer my question.

I don't know if I asked this question but if your turned down for the beginners course can you still call yourself Kemetic? Would love an answer.

Oh I forgot to add that I'm going to be using my own money to pay for my RPG. My mother doesn't object when I use my own money for anything. Personally this is just a phase that she's going through. Her main attack is on Obama, that fat guy from North Korea, and Gay Advocates that throw bricks through church windows to force Christians to remain silent on their religious beliefs. Oh yeah, and that guy that shot that guard in Washington DC FRC because the Southern Poverty Law Center put them on the list of hate groups and he wanted to kill everyone in the building because they don't support Gay Marriage.

Loony, anyone.

Sounds great to me.

I'm sorry, I should of been more clear in my first post. The reason that I couldn't bring my statues with me when I moved was because of bedbugs. We had a slum land lady who is an lawyer and thinks that because she's one that she can do whatever she wants. I had to throw them out because they were covered with these nasty creatures. That brought a lot of stress to the family big time. The statues that my mother wants gone, though I don't really believe that she does, are the ones that I bought three days ago.

My mother doesn't know that I'm Kemetic, but she doesn't tell me to stop reading about the Ancients. She fully supports my decision to be an archaeologist and really likes Dr. Hawass. The statues aren't the conflict, a lot of things are the conflict. Heck even Obama causes conflict, though I really don't know why. Anyway, things are really confusing with her jumping from one thing that displeases her to another.

She has nothing against Egyptian Paganism and supported me when I first started this path because it wasn't Wicca. She really likes the founder of KO and has said that she thinks that the woman is really smart. Grin. Once again, sorry if I wasn't clear on what I said when I wrote the first post.

My mother didn't have a problem with all the other times that I had statues. Also, she has no idea that I'm joining HON as I've not told her. Since I'm over the age of 18 I do not feel the need to tell her what I'm doing as I don't tell her everything that I'm doing. I do believe that religion shouldn't tear anyone apart but for some unknown reason, it always does.

My mother has not mentioned them since that time, two days ago. I'm not dependent on her, my name is just on the lease. It's been on every lease since I've been born. My mother is actually dependent on me, as I take care of her. Also I can sign up and be put on the waiting list and leave once a place opens up.

I'm so happy to meet a fellow Kemetic in the same situation. Makes me feel like I'm not alone. The whole thing shocked me that my mother, who thinks that I'm 13, is telling me to get rid of them. Having them in the box, and away from her eyes, keeps her away from me. On another note: I live on the second floor and my mother has bad knees. So I pretty much don't have to worry about her suddenly coming up.

I also pray as a major part of my practice.

Oh I agree. Have been on this board for three years and everyone is wonderful. Even when I was going through my Christian ranting, though the people that believe that whites are taking Kemet from them get me annoyed. I just block and ignore. Saves Sekhmet from having to pull me to the side. Giggles.

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: I Have Sent Application
« on: April 13, 2013, 05:54:15 pm »
Thanks so much.

It has taken me three years of on and off practice before Aset took me by the hand and said 'It's time to be serious about your practice.' Taking the Beginners Course will be the next step, after finally being serious about this, in my spiritual path. I've been back for nearly a month and still working things out. Moving to Ky can do that to you.

$53.00, I thought it was over a hundred. Blame my mind for that three digit figure. $53.00 is what I can do, no doubt about that. Does she take money orders because I'm not comfortable with debit cards. Also, do you have to pay first before she'll do it or after?

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