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[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Heru-sa-Aset's Greatness
« on: June 29, 2019, 03:43:16 pm »
"He's the one, along with His sister Bast, that led me to the House."

HSA and Bast are siblings?

News to me lol!!

Though if it is true, that would be cool.

Heru-Sa-Aset and I have a very loving, though teasing, relationship. A bromance, perhaps? I never had a serious encounter with him, and far more of a princely one; a young adolescent coming of age and still headstrong, and perhaps a little confused, with his becoming. I can sympathize. His relationship in my lineup is the one I need to work on the most, though I am kind and gentle on myself. I only just have come to know Hethert better after years of striving to know her, and she has shown herself to me more often in dreams and life. Perhaps it will soon be Heru's time, too. As beloveds, I feel they all have a specific place and time they are pre-destined to know us better.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Epithets of the Names
« on: April 30, 2019, 10:06:24 am »
Em Hotep Daisy,

I saw your post in Discord regarding Ra Epithets, but I want to post some here in case others who wish to use these epithets can read them for all.

These are hymnal, and not a list, which I find to helpful when meditating on them for contextual purposes. They helped me when I first got to "know" Ra, so I hope they help you too.

"O Lord of Gods, Ra, King of the Two Lands, Ruler of the shores, whose rising illumines the Earth."

"Sole one, unique one, who traverses eternity. Remote one with millions under his care; your splendor is like heavens splendor, your color is brighter than its hues. Daily you give yourself at dawn, safe is your sailing under your majesty."

"The sky blazes with the illumination of Ra, for he is the Lord of light!"

"Homage to you Ra, great Circler, glorious being, maker of all that exists, Creator of all that shall be, foremost of all beings, Father of Fathers. O God of life, Lord of Love, all people live when you shine."

Em Hotep Everyone,

I love everyone's responses.

Ra as the sailor, wow I love that! Ra as a pagan farmer, that is so fun!!

Bast as a caregiver, incredible!

I work with children and I loved to sail. As a child of both, it relates to me, and that's super cool.

That got me thinking, mostly about how some people are feeling invalidated with their feelings.

Remember, when we bring the Gods down to our world and put them to work, it's a direct reflection on how *we* view *them* and how they *impact* our lives *individually*

For those who do not agree with other people's point of view, that's okay! But this is a safe space and it's important to remember the fundamental principles of respect, patience and empathy.

For example,
I love the idea of Yinepu as a family pet so much! I also love horror movies, and the idea of Wesir as a horror movie direction is fun. My perception of Wesir in my life is far closer to him being a judge, but being able to imagine him in that role might bring a new perspective of Wesir to light. While I might not "agree" that Wesir would make a good horror movie director, who am I to "judge?" LoL!! Instead I can picture him sitting in the back of a chair shouting at an actor to put a little more slant in his walk. I might even ask why this person picked that career for Wesir. It's a far more healthy discussion to have. :) I can learn more about the person and why they chose this. It's not a *wrong* answer, at all! It's a new answer I hadn't thought of before and I'd love to know more about what drives a person to say something than feel like they aren't right simply because I do not understand their point of view. That happens too much in this world!

Why is Set a truck driver? Is it the open road? The solitude? The freedom to take breaks, get to a new destination every night? A road warrior? Does  your own learning history with truck drivers make the profession something you can't see your own parent in? I think Set as a truck driver is liberating, cool and freeing.

We can learn something about ourselves and learn something about Netjer along the way. We may have the same parents, but we don't always have the *same* parents. Let's be mindful of everyone's personal experiences and understand we are all here together to share the same safe place and have the same fun discussion. <3

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: What time do you do Senut?
« on: July 05, 2018, 07:53:47 pm »
Em Hotep,

I find that I get different "feelings" or "responses" in shrine / senut depending on the time of day that I do them -- and strangely the time of year. I often find it most fulfilling if I do it at night-time, when the sun has completely set. If I'm going to work or know I will have a late night, I try and do it in the morning around 10am or so. Usually, though, I prefer to do it at night. The candles and quiet atmosphere of night-time brings something peaceful and ethereal to the room. :)

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: Beloved Divinations
« on: May 17, 2018, 10:06:02 am »
Em Hotep everyone,

It's very refreshing to see an honest conversation about beloved divination. I cannot express how greatly I agree with Taji in this thread, especially in regards to curiosity being not "good enough", and how we do not need a divination to validate our relationship with the Names. In this word of constant validation, I am seeing a removal in trusting in ourselves. We need people beyond our own inner voice to tell us we are okay, we need someone else to tell us that we are "allowed" to do certain things and, when we do, we need others to recognize it. This is not always necessary.

That is not to say I belittle other people's wish to undergo divination for additional beloveds, and I will make that very, very clear. This is a personal journey for all of us, and I am not the maker or shaper of that path. Only you are. For those that have additional beloveds, I rejoice with you as I have rejoiced with you when you obtained your original RPD. It is a step forward in contacting more of who you are and who the Names are helping you to be, and it is never, ever, a mistake to ask and explore your journey with meditation and consulting with your Ka, the Nisut, and the Names in your life. There was a reason the Nisut put this additional divination in place, and for that I will never discourage someone to pursue it if they have taken it under careful consideration towards the responsibility it entails. 

That being said, I personally feel as if I never had to undergo a divination for additional beloveds simply because I have not fully explored my relationship with my current beloveds. There have been times when other names have made themselves permanently known in my life, and I treat them with the same space and recognition I do my current beloveds. Yinepu is one of the foremost among them, as is Set. Due to my partner's RPD Set now has his own happy space, but I have no doubt that the both of them would present themselves within a divination for beloveds. That is enough for me to honor and speak with them whenever I need too.

Honor all the great many names, know the place they may have in your life at the given time, and know that to know One is to know them All.


[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: Aka Dua?
« on: April 09, 2018, 01:36:42 pm »
Em Hotep,

The amount of books I once had purchased off of Amazon thinking they were KO, or at least somewhat KO, in nature due to the title or description is hilarious. I think the best one I had was about Sekhmet and healing, and just went into this really strange Themelic tones I didn't understand at all. Once I opened it and saw the symbols of lotus over the chakras I went, I did it again!

Dua is an Egyptian term (who else has seen it on Assassins Creed, show of hands ;p) so it's one of those things we might be drawn too since we use it so often; but other people can/are aware of it as an Egyptian term. However, always be aware of the context of the, er, content; and do some light reading. It's fun to read about these things (I got a hoot out of my Sekhmet book) and sure, fun to explore the meditation even, but it is someone else' teachings and opinions, and therefore as Zat put it, can be 'New Age nonsense'.

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Re: For Victory Against Depression
« on: April 06, 2018, 05:15:47 pm »
Em Hotep Tjemsy,

So many people battle with depression and anxiety that I considered it one of the worst "epidemics" among so many people. I am not one of those people to tell someone to just continue to slog through their day when they are battling depression. The day, the routine, it doesn't work. It won't break through the sadness. Telling someone they need to shower and get out of bed is like telling me to smile in the middle of the day or in the middle of a thought. Or like telling an insomniac just to "close their eyes and sleep". I'm reminded of the Home Movies episode where Coach McGurk is like, "wow, close my eyes and go to sleep. I never thought of that. Just go to sleep. You're a genius, you should publish a book!"

However, what I can tell you to try try try to do is feed your Ka. Take self-care. Be kind on yourself. Be gentle on yourself. Take your mental health day and do one thing for yourself, no matter how great or how small; be it time with a book, a computer game, our Discord to vent, call someone, reach out to someone on social media, do senut, go for a walk, anything anything anything. I cannot stress the importance of contacting something *good* simply for the sake of something positive in times where you feel this bad. Have someone else give you something good (as I have seen there are offers) if you can't do it yourself. (which is okay). My prayers are with you, and my heart is with you too. But always remember: be gentle. <3

Em Hotep,

I often contemplate about Death during my shrine time. It could be because of my connection to my Akhu, or the moments I have witnessed it for myself both with my pets and with my family; having been there both within their final moments. It could be because my shrine is dedicated to the night-time journey of Ra through the Duat, where he vanquishes the serpent to bring renewal to a new day. Whatever the reason, I often have talks with Them about death, and I find it proper to share a message from Ra I received in 2010 during one of my meditations with Them about it.

"All of us deserve a little of the Gods in us (immortality), to see [Netjer] in the everday. None of us should concern ourselves with death. You will have your light-land, at the proper time."

Bast-Ra is not a soft speaker. They are blunt, candid, but kind. We have Netjer within us through the promise of the Field of Rushes, and they want us to focus on the life they have created for us; and be comforted by the knowledge that there is a place for us in the next life, just as they have created a place for us in this life. There are more passages I can share that have given me comfort, though they are not personal messages. Many of them I have written including my Akhu's names as prayer under a piece of paper that has their full name.

"May [Your Akhu] see [God] when they go forth, when the waterways are made for the bark of Ra. To their fields that lie in the Reeds, as they surge through them in peace."

"I am a star which illumines the sky, I mount up to [God] that I may be protected, For the sky will not be devoid of me, and this earth will not be devoid of me forever."

"May you rise up like the Bennu bird, may you go out in any form you wish; living forever among the stars."

"You have contented your [Gods] with their wishes, May they rescue you, may they protect you, may they grant you peace everlasting."

"Your Ba and your Ka are united, you rest in peace, you are in peace, Your form knows no bounds, living eternally as [my Akhu]"

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: Hello from Wisconsin
« on: November 12, 2017, 05:48:16 pm »
Em Hotep!

Hello from Green Bay!! Hope to see you at one of our local gatherings!! :)

Em Hotep,

Ra'awy had a beautiful post that I echo 200%. I personally believe that my Parents either formed my Ba or helped form my Ba, as I imagine even We need guidance on the 'other side' as fledgling souls in these worlds. I also personally believe that our Beloveds change during the course of our lifetime and through the courses of our lifetimes, and that my Ka will join my Ba before a new Ka is shaped from my Ba to live on in another life; while my current Ka will join my ancestors to shape an infinite existence of countless lifetimes in time. Part of that saddens me, part of it doesn't. Its strange to think that in one way we remain an Akhu and in another we go on to live again; therefore we are perpetually connected to both worlds.

How they are formed are a mystery to me, and one I do not often contemplate. It's almost the same way I do not often contemplate the far reaches of the Universe or what lies beyond a black hole--it's just too 'big' for me. I'm worked on trying to push the limits of my mortal mind to comprehend the sheer vastness of me; but I find myself feeling the same sensation I do when I stand on a ledge over heights I am afraid of.

Either way, the above is not canon; just as what Ra'awy said about the sentiment of the words said in Saq. I think this is a conversation for you and your Parents & Beloveds. I believe they had a hand in our creation, but Netjer is the One in the Many. Perhaps all of Netjer had a hand in our becoming and, like Bagheera to Mowgli, some simply adopt us for a time to see us through the course of our hardships as we work out our place in this world in the forms of certain names that we need. It just may be that I got the impression that my Parents--specifically more Ra than Bast, even though She came first in the lineup--have been there since the beginning, others may not feel the same--and that's okay. All of our spiritual lifetimes are as unique as our 'mundane' ones.

Em Hotep!

If you're looking to commission someone within the Temple, Iseqi is starting to do some beautiful sculptural work towards full sized figures complete with textural hair. She has already started a Set and is working on a commission of Het-hert in cow form. Each commission comes with the permission to do a cast of the sculpt, while you keep the original. It might be larger than 3 inches, however, and for that size would probably only be the head. Think of it as a really cool bust of the figures with whatever image-reference you like.

Just a thought! :)

Alternatively, I agree with Sedjfai that I have seen some nice smaller gold statues (or all in black) on Ebay, though not yet of the two Netjer specified. For Wepwawet, it would probably be one more of Yinepu.

Em Hotep,

I would just like to sentiment that what Endy quoted was a beautiful metaphor. I hadn't thought of it that way myself, and I'm glad I clicked the thread. Whomever said it has my thanks, and to you for echoing it.

As for your Akhu, hearing that you do not have a close relationship with them is something that is expressed often. I have lost immediate family (parent, grandparents) and therefore have known them in life, but for many people their Akhu can be people they never met or knew in life, or they did not have a good relationship with them while they were alive. I often pass on the advice to write them a letter asking for them to show themselves to you in certain ways, and then to be mindful for messages or dreams. While I do not know all of my Akhu intimately, I have a few that have come to me in dreams or in symbols; in finding family pictures quiet by accident while cleaning out my grandmother's house; or in connecting with lost cousins on facebook and other social media.

If it more on the terms that you did not get along with them in life, things are different in the Field of Rushes. They have passed judgement and sit among your blessed dead. I have my own history of ill-family feelings, but that has come and gone as a chapter in their history; and it needn't be yours to bear any longer. If you wish to reconcile, include it in the letter. You might be surprised at what you hear.


Em Hotep! I think both you and many of the others here are right in saying it could be any Netjer associated with Kingship, or it could be Wesir as well extending a message. Since most crooks are blue and gold, red could be an important color here as well. It could also be metaphorical, as the crook itself stood for Kingship (as either gender, I do agree)

I would watch for further signs today and keep an eye on your dreams. You never know, it could even mean you should also get to know the House and Hemet, our own King (AUS) better! :)

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: What's the Difference? (if any)
« on: August 15, 2017, 02:05:54 pm »
Em Hotep,

Everyone was very on point with the formality of shrines. Formal shrines are Senut shrines and state shrines, but to me they include sacred areas reserved to one function alone: serving Netjer. I have a separate shelf where offerings are made, so that too would be formal. I have one for my Akhu and one for my beloveds, which is also dedicated entirely to them.

If the offering table wasn't an extension of the shrine, it could be considered informal I suppose. It's my personal opinion that anything that serves a duel function while also housing portions of worship could be informal; but it's hard to pinpoint that down to a space. If we view these spaces and worship in a different way than we do our mundane informal lives, then I feel they earn a sense of honor and formality by themselves.

Instead, informal worship to me means moments taken in our day to observe Netjer's creations; or doing things like a walk or working out or creating. We aren't in a sacred space physically, even if we are mentally; and in that way it could be informal (without the words, purity requirements or space).

Em Hotep Everyone!

Great answers so far. I, too, enjoy reading about how people dedicate their time in the name of Netjer. Hearing about Heru-Sa-Aset's less than serious angle, as well as how cleaning can be done for Netjer was pretty awesome. I myself clean regularly and feel as if Netjer highly approves!

I would agree that feeding our Ka (in all of these forms of creating, exercise, leisure activities, volunteering, etc) impacts both how we feel and our connection with the divine. Although Senut and spending time with them in a personal space is amazing, taking them "with you" to give back into the world can be just as powerful. I myself often write in the form of journalism as a way of self-care and mentalism, and I try to be as friendly to people and strangers as possible. Bast wants me to create. Ra wants me to be kind to others. Hethert-Sekhmet wants me to take care of myself and remember to love, and Heru-Sa-Aset does seem to enjoy a balance of work-outs and leisure time. All are very thematic symbols of what all of Netjer seems to want for us--to give and to humbly take in equal shares!

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