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With the human body, it strikes me more as Mer-wer, since most depictions I've seen of Apis are in full bull form, but really it could be either, methinks. :)

Em hotep,

Personally, I am comfortable and looking forward to the RPD  because I see it as adding something to my religious practice, not subtracting from it. I won't be "leaving" anyone behind by undergoing it. Not Ptah or Hethert and their families who are very much patrons of the day-to-day living of my household, nor Bast who brought me to the faith to begin with. A polytheist, to my mind, is never required to abandon anyone they love.

It could be that I am also coming to the RPD as someone who is also a heathen wife and mother. Frigga and Frey will not be discarded from my hearth and heart, so why would any of the Netjeru who are in sacred relationship to my Parents and Beloved/s be?


[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Hethert's "Great Nine"?
« on: September 30, 2014, 01:20:52 pm »
Em hotep Ibu!

You are my hero! Thank you for all this wonderful information, I am incredibly grateful to you. I'm starting to teach myself German and I have a brother-in-law (who lives in Germany oddly enough) who studied French. I'm hoping someday he may be willing to help me with some of the French language stuff. Again, my sincere thanks. I had a feeling someone here would know a thing or two about this. :)


[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Hethert's "Great Nine"?
« on: September 30, 2014, 02:08:46 am »
Thank you Ra'awy for pointing me toward the names of the Seven Hathors! :D I did not know there names were known, that is so awesome to find out.

One of the festivals going on when my son was born April 12th, according to the House of Netjer Twitter feed, was "The Procession of Hethert and Her Great Nine". That's all it said. I've looked in my personal Kemetic religious library, which includes The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook, and have been unable to find any additional information. I would also assume that this was a pesedjet specific to Dendera, but this would only be an assumption on my part. Does this this year's dates according to the a Twitter feed of April 10-12 help at all?

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Hethert's "Great Nine"?
« on: September 29, 2014, 03:59:53 pm »
Exactly. I'd like to know who the members of Hethert's ennead/pesedjet are, if they are known.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Hethert's "Great Nine"?
« on: September 29, 2014, 02:56:39 pm »
Em hotep!

Does anyone know who these "great nine" are? If so, can they tell me?


This is a great topic! Thank you for starting the conversation Khenne. I am really looking forward to what people have to say, as I contemplate undergoing the RPD for myself. At this point, I am leaning toward undergoing it mainly because I've fallen in love with all the Netjeru, and it can be a little overwhelming a times. Narrowing my focus a little bit in some ways is starting to sound kinda nice.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Singing as a part of prayer
« on: September 18, 2014, 11:37:10 am »
Em hotep to you both!

That is awesome! I am definitely looking forward to learning them. The only thing I miss from the nominal Christianity of my childhood are the Christmas carols. I am really looking forward to sharing the feeling singing those songs with my dad gave me with my son as he grows and we celebrate our own family festivals. :)


[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Singing as a part of prayer
« on: September 17, 2014, 03:34:29 pm »
I would really, really like to learn Kemetic songs to sing during Senut and with my family at festivals. I am not a composer. Where can I find songs of the faith, are there any albums available for purchase? I've got all the atmospheric CDs people have mentioned but they don't exactly come with the Kemetic lyrics the vocalists are singing in the liner notes. Songs in English would be great too.

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: Family Festivals
« on: June 12, 2014, 04:49:57 pm »
Thank you for your thorough response! Basically, if I am understanding you correctly, there is no inherent conflict between continuing my family's household Kemetic celebrations (even while menstruating) and being Kemetic Orthodox, as long as I maintain ritual purity during Senut, and any formal KO rituals I may attend either online or in-person (and abstain while unavoidably impure)?

And as far as icons go, the space I have set aside for my Senut shrine currently has none, per the Prayerbook and being a Kemetic Orthodox beginner, but if I later install a few (post RPD), I can still use separate secondary household icons for any informal family celebrations in honor of these deities (or others) at any time and still be an observant Kemetic Orthodox?

Thank you so much for clearing this matter up for me so I can feel good celebrating with my family tonight. :)

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: Family Festivals
« on: June 12, 2014, 03:15:30 pm »
Em hotep, :)

I have accepted the Nisut's invitation to enroll in the next beginner's class starting later this month and am very much looking forward to it!

I have been interested in Kemetic Orthodoxy since I read the Prayerbook last year, and submitted my application to the House sometime in late January/early February (I just missed the deadline for the last class by a couple of days). While am aware that non-KO Kemetics are not held to Kemetic Othodoxy standards, I have been trying to adapt my practices in a sincere attempt to perhaps eventually become a member of the House because of my sincere interest in Kemetic Orthodoxy. Perhaps I am hasty in attempting to adjust my practices previous to the beginner's course but I have been wanting to continue my practice over the last six months.

I guess what I am seeking clarification on is the difference between celebrating a festival with one's family as a Kemetic Orthodox, and conducting a ritual. Is venerating household icons when those gods are in festival okay and can one still be Kemetic Orthodox and do this? I suppose these questions can wait until the class begins, we just happen to be celebrating a festival now and the previous festivals we have observed since I became interested in KO I was pregnant and ritual purity wasn't an issue, so....

As for "bathing in natron" by this I only mean that I pray over water and natron as instructed in the Prayerbook before adding it to the bath or pouring it over myself in the shower. I then rinse out my mouth after getting out. If this is incorrect, I am again, very much looking forward to the class and learning more.

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: Family Festivals
« on: June 12, 2014, 02:17:01 pm »
As far as the mechanics of our observance, I was going to set up a temporary festival shrine as this is part of the fun for us of a holy day. Then while offering flame, incense, food, and flowers, I was going to say some prayers to the gods and maybe recite some AE love poetry - then we would sit down to eat the offerings, hoping that would be considered long enough for the gods to least this is how we have observed Kemetic festivals in the past. We've been taking "family baths" with the wee one once a week since his umbilical cord fell off, so I was thinking we could do that with just a smidge of natron in the water, or just the husband and I could take a bath and maybe anoint baby separately since we're having issues with the shower and if baby decides to go in the tub, it'd be a pain repurifying... Lol.

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: Family Festivals
« on: June 12, 2014, 01:54:32 pm »
So as far as feminine bleeding and ritual purity in festival goes, it's not really an issue? I mean, I get taking a break from Senut for a few days and taking care of oneself first before attempting to serve Netjer, and I definitely was not up for Senut for the first month, postpartum, but I don't like the idea of not observing family festivals because of my "monthlies" .... that would be a -lot- of potentially missed festivals. And I've been wondering, for example, what women attending the Wep Ronpet retreat due if it happens to coincide with that time of the month. But on the other hand...dealing with icons while technically impure doesn't sound too good either. I think this is one of those times when purity being inspired by priestly requirements and trying to practice household religion becomes problematic. My husband has offered to set up the icons and present the offerings under my direction if I don't feel ritually pure enough...but if bathing in natron is considered enough, than it is enough for me, because the bleeding is very slight now, and I'd even feel good enough to wear my whites, but I am so unsure and new to this, so....

Heck, I'd be wearing my belly dance stuff and dancing for Hethert I wasn't concerned about this prolonged bleeding, which would make the "what to wear" less of an issue.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: Applicant In Alaska
« on: June 12, 2014, 12:07:20 am »
The husband, baby, and I will be in Portland, Oregon this August visiting the grandparents and hitting the pavement as far as the job search goes, so...fingers crossed! I hope we end up settling close enough to another Kemetic or two so I can invite people over for feasts! :)

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Family Festivals
« on: June 11, 2014, 11:36:47 pm »
Em hotep,

Does anyone else observe Kemetic festivals with their family? If so, how do you do this as Kemetic Orthodox? What about ritual purity? I live in a polytheist household, so although my husband is of a different religion (Asatru) we celebrate holidays together and feel comfortable honoring each other's gods. We plan on observing the Feast of the Beautiful Reunion during tomorrow's Full Moon Festival, and we will be making offerings to the Divine Couple and then reverting the offerings as a family meal - so it would seem weird -not- to purify as this is a special event, even if technically purification is only required for personal Senut. I am also still having postpartum bleeding issues from the birth of my son, so I have not been observing Senut (as described in the Prayerbook), and I would assume the festivity of ritual whites is out of the question...

And I'm just going to have to assume that Netjer doesn't take issue with the presence of a baby in a potentially dirty diaper....

So I guess what I'm pretty much asking is...ritual purity and is it done?


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