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Em Hotep
I've heard there isn't a lot known on him, But I'm looking for any information.

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Prayer's for stability
« on: July 19, 2019, 02:25:40 am »
Growing up in an extremist christian household, having people pray for me usually had threatening undertones. I have a good feeling about this though so, here goes. I was kicked out of my abusive parents home and am staying with friends while I try to find a place to rent with other friends. I don't really have a place to stay if I run out of hospitably here, which I expect to happen if I'm here more then a couple months. When I left, my dad cut me off the insurance and I already had to inspect and register my car. I gathered my savings to take care of the car. After dumping several hundred dollars into it, I find out the rot is so bad its considered junk. The car that's been getting me everywhere and has been my only taste of freedom when going home was a nightmare, is considered to have no value. So now I have to spend every last dime and then some, of money I gathered so I could be an equal party in moving in with some of the only people who feel like family, to buy a car so I can keep my job and all that. I've gotten through worse, I know going through a worst case scenario usually leaves me better equipped after the whole ordeal, but I'm terrified. I'm trying to hit every resource I can to survive so I can crawl out and finally build a solid life and identity. I'm not asking for money, just prayer. I already find strength in Yinepu when things look this grim. I'm new here, and I'm trying to learn to welcome and understand the Netjer. I think my circle of people,trust,resources,etc. will be broadened when I great the peace at the end of all this, but its hard to see, when I'm at the bottom. Regardless, keep me in your prayers, cause this isn't going to be graceful, thank you.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Greetings
« on: July 11, 2019, 12:29:36 am »
Em hotep. I am Remus and I'm part of the beginners class. I've had an altar to Yinepu for a few years now. I'm finally out of an abusive family and although my whole life is different, I have a true, however small family now. I am ready to face my new life with everything I have. Yinepu has taught me my strengths, how to wield them with confidence and has been the comfort in my extremely chaotic "childhood" and life. I look forward to what I learn here, its already so nice to see others with similar experiences.  I will also say that I am autistic, and even though I'm high functioning, social interactions may still be a little awkward. So you'll have to forgive me for that.

 I was raised in the christian faith. My coming out as a gay and my family learning about my following Yinepu went about as well as one would think. My dad said he didn't care about my attraction or my "imaginary friends". My mother says she can feel evil around me and my grandmother claims I'm an abomination that needs to be saved.  I was angry for...a really long time, Until recently, actually. Its taken a lot to get to where I am. I'm finally free of my abusive family. and I've found I'ts easier to just leave them be. "everyone has they're own path" is a mantra that comes up in situations such as these. If we truly wish to pursue our path and all our energy and the energy of our gods/spirits/guides,etc. walks with us, then I truly think we'll make it out of any adversity. Something like this can't be taken. Temples and altars can be destroyed, sure. The gods found us even in modern day though so, I know that people can try and fail to destroy what they fear, but it is futile. I give respect where it is due, and walk away when it is not. Being open about the gods still something I struggle with but, I'm learning, especially now that I'm here.

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