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[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: I can’t communicate with the gods?
« on: September 23, 2019, 08:36:08 am »
Em hotep, Omen!

I am so sorry to hear of your frustration, and I certainly empathize with it. It can be immensely disheartening to not perceive the same signs of the gods' presence as other people do, especially when other people make it seem so easy. But believe me when I say: you have not pissed off the gods. (You would likely have very clear signs if you did!) You are not unworthy and you are not without the ability to communicate with gods. You are very much worthy and very much loved by your deities.

As others have said, it may be a fallow period -- everyone has them, and these periods have been recorded throughout history as well. Everyone has times where it feels like the gods aren't listening or are very far away. It is cyclical, like the seasons and the moon are. Others have already said a great deal more thoughtful information on this than what I can provide. All I can say about it is to be patient and endure it, and know that the gods still care even if it is not immediately obvious that they are.

It could also be a matter of having to sharpen your spiritual senses, as well. I am very much a beginner in this and am enduring my own periods of frustration with myself and my own perceived lack of progress, but it is something that takes tons and tons of practice. Something like meditation, sitting and clearing your mind and taking time to listen for the gods -- that can take months to get remotely good at. But it is very necessary, in my opinion, as often our minds are busy and full of chaotic thoughts and that can drown out our ability to hear the gods. They may also not give signs like we think of signs, and may not "speak" like we think of speaking - I usually feel their presence by a change in how I feel, like a positive answer makes me feel positive, happy feelings, and so on.

Take time to take care of yourself and reassure yourself that you are loved and you are worthy. You are not broken. You are not less than. You are wanted. Even if you feel like there is no answer, keep trying. The gods are listening, always.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Reality Check?
« on: September 16, 2019, 10:58:58 pm »
" that extent, they are not meant to be taken literally. The Nisut has said that gods do not have sex, because sex is a very mortal-specific act"

I'd have to find the thread, and forgive me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was that gods don't have sex with humans, but with each other.

Hi Teritui, thanks for pointing this out -- I checked into the threads I was thinking of and you are correct, she was speaking of god-human relations, not between gods. I must have taken what was said about that and applied it to sex overall, or maybe I am thinking of someone else's interpretation of the Contendings and mixed up who said what. My apologies for my mistake -- and thank you very much for the correction!

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Reality Check?
« on: September 16, 2019, 02:48:50 pm »
Hi Seta, thanks for such a thought-provoking question  :)

I think one important distinction between ma'at and more Western ideas of good/evil is that ma'at is not always about good or evil. All of the gods do follow ma'at in that ma'at is following the order of life. Even when gods do things that we perceive to be evil, it is done in balance with good. It does not lead to uncreation as isfet does. For example, Set's sexual misadventures were to oppress Horus - but Horus prevailed, and Set was humiliated. The balance was not upset by his actions. (This is my understanding of how ma'at works, but I am but a novice.)

In the broader sense - the amount of stories about the gods that have developed over many thousands of years can definitely contradict one another. Every city-state had its own patron deity and sought to elevate that deity; as different cities gained or lost power, certain gods gained or lost relevance, and the mythology reflects this (i.e. in the Contendings of Horus and Set). There is as much a political aspect to the myths as there is a religious one. This should be acknowledged -- there is, to my knowledge, little emphasis on our myths as being perfectly correct and truthful without err. They are human stories being told about gods.

To that extent, they are not meant to be taken literally. The Nisut has said that gods do not have sex, because sex is a very mortal-specific act. How then do we interpret Set's seduction of Horus? It is meant to be taken figuratively. There are morals to be found in the myths and they are great teaching tools. But they are not to be evaluated with the sense that they are the perfect words of the gods or anything similar to Western religious thought.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: hello - brand new to all this
« on: June 25, 2015, 02:50:57 pm »
Em hotep! I was also led to this path by Anubis/Yinepu, Who helped me with some lifelong struggles I've been having. He is a most wonderful deity to get to know! I wish you luck on your journey :)

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