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[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Kemetic {Orthodoxy}?
« on: August 07, 2011, 01:27:17 am »
Can someone explain how 'orthodox' came to be associated with kemeticism?  The two seem wildly out of place together.  From it's Greek origination:
orthos - true, straight, right
dokew - thinking, belief
In English it carries a tone of customary or widely accepted beliefs and is only used in monotheistic terms.  Since kemeticism is a reconstructed system, we are not really discussing one religion, but various interpretations from the fragments that survive from various cults across a broad reach of time. Further, how can people agree that these surviving pieces include orthodox beliefs?  Lastly, what is orthodox about reconstructing a belief system that is all but forgotten by most people!
When Egyptian cults were first formed, they were independent from each other - many faiths existed side-by-side without significant infighting.  As time went on, these nomes combined and so too did the gods with which they were associated. Then a religion formed out of this.... but even then it shifted quite a bit as time marched on.  In what period do we consider kemeticism to be orthodox?

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Howdy
« on: August 06, 2011, 02:54:44 pm »
I'm new to this group, but not so new to Egyptian history or reconstruction based religion. My x and I ran a tarot an astrology shop for several years when I was living in the Midwest that was based on the Greek oracle system. Currently, I'm in school majoring in classics, with an Egyptian history focus. I am lucky to have access to Richard Wilkinson at my school..he's published many great books on the subject. I'd definitely recommend his books, for what it's worth. Im currently learning attic greek language And alread have the coursework to learn hieroglyphs.  Anyways, I've never been a fan of organized religion so I've been happy to be a solitary practitioner for many years. I look forward to learning about you all.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Sobek
« on: July 13, 2011, 06:13:31 pm »
I just wanted to thank everyone who was so kind and supportive to me recently, with the passing away of my Uncle Ray...I'd like to add a little story... I was also dreading the funeral, as it meant seeing my mother who does not speak to me. (she has a long history of being abusive to others and few friends)... I was postively dreading seeing her, and I was also assailed with horrific memories of my abusive childhood with her, and cried and became very fragile.....Anyway, I prayed earnestly about this.....When guess who appeared to me as my protective guardian to accompany to the funeral and stay with me afterwards....The last deity I would have thought of. This big grinning crocodile god, Sobek!!!...And he stayed with me persistently. I saw him repeatedly. And he not only protected me, he showed me how to be strong in myself. The first thing he did was mentally walked me through standing up for myself. So, I felt strong within myself. Had a strong sense of myself...And yeah, on the day, my mother snubbed me and after the funeral, the only time she spoke was to me some nasty dig at me.(which fell flat because positively no one listened, but just kept talking)..And it's weird, but it just didn't touch me. It was like being in this happy protective bubble where nothing touched me.(yes, I felt the saddness of the funeral, but not the behaviour of my mother)..I was scarcely aware of what she said...And Sobek appeared in the right hand corner of my vision, clear as day, grinning hugely, and said "Atta girl!"....So, I just wanted to thank everyone and also share that with you....It was my first experience with Sobek, and I think he is totally cool. And I just adore that big grin. Nothing fazes him....He helped me to be strong, and I never once felt alone.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Wesir and grief
« on: June 30, 2011, 04:42:32 pm »
Em hotep. I'm still new here. Sorry I've not been real active on the site, as I had intended to be. My Uncle Ray died,just days ago, and I've just been reeling from this. Still cry so easily. Like now, writing this. On a positive, Wesir came to me that night in a dream (not for the first time)and told me some stuff, and it's been really helping me so much. He is very compassionate god. And very soothing, very calming. He means so much to me...I think that's all I had to say. I'm pretty fragile right now.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Epagomenal Days
« on: June 18, 2011, 09:57:05 pm »
Em hotep. My name is Janet and I am new here. Also, I'd like to thank everyone who welcomed me...Okay, I'd like to ask a question about something that really has me puzzled. I was reading a book called Bast and Sekhmet, and they were saying that the Epagomenal Days when Nut gave birth to her children, were collectively known as the Days of the Demons, and seen as a dangerous and unlucky period. The chaos god Set's birthday was especially inauspicious, but ALL their birthdays were said to be reguarded as unlucky and a time of dread. Why on earth would this be so???? And why would it be known as the Days of the Demons???? I'm having trouble making sense of this. Could someone please give me some insight. Thanks.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Hi
« on: June 11, 2011, 02:58:25 am »
Hi, my name is Janet, and I've been a bit slow to introduce myself. I've just been reading through the forum and totally enjoying what I have come across. I actually heard of House of Netjer through another group, and was totally captivated when I learned there were other people having experiences with the netjeru, similar to my own. I have been here almost every day and this place has been life to me.....I started out in Wicca, several years ago, but within a year, the gods of Ancient Egypt claimed me. lol. ..If I prayed or was in need, it was always one of the netjeru who turned up, especially in the dead of night, and often when I was wide a awake. Although, looking back, their presence was in my life, way before I ever got into Wicca, back when I basicially knew nothing, but christianity, a religon I'd walked away from. Even then, I was having dreams at night, about when a person dies, they go out to the west, where the sun sets. And I was very ill back then, and was in and out of hospital, fighting for my life. And one night I was in very bad way, and terrified, and prayed and this very sardonically humoured god turned up, and gave me advice that saved my life. I was pleased with his advice, but a little taken aback at his gruff "Yeah kid, just do as I say and you'll be okay."...But his advice worked. It's only recently, the penny dropped one night, that it was Set! And I heard him have a good laugh about that.....But what led me from Wicca to the Egyptian gods, was the Netjeru themselves. First it was Aset. I saw her clearly in a vision one night, and I'd never seen anyone more beautiful and radiant and majestic, in my life. That week, everywhere I went, I kept running into Egyptian stuff. I'd walk past a gift shop and there would be Egyptian stuff on display. I'd walk into a department store and hear them playing "Walk like n Egyptian" on the P.A. Or I'd walk through my lounge room, just in time to see a documentary on an exhibit of Egyptian artifacts at a museum, especially featuring a statue of Aset. This was all happening in the space of a week. I felt inspired to buy an Aset pendant, and after that things REALLY took off. I woke one night and a voice said "The answers you seek, are in Egypt." And a few mornings later, I woke and I could hear someone singing a song, about Aset. It was a male voice and I wrote down the words and kept them. After that, the netjeru simply kept showing up (esp in bad times), and more and more I became captivated by them, and simply forgot about Wicca. It just naturally fell away. Bast, was preceded by seeing cats on my driveway, for weeks. Or a cat on my kitchen window sill, simply staring at me, each morning. (I'd never seen cats around my place before). Then I broke up with my boy friend who was cheating on me, and Bast moved in with me, to help me to heal. Lol, but she told me in a dream, that because she's cat, she'd come and go (she needs to be free to roam), but she'd come back frequently, to keep an eye on me, which she did. Since then, I have met more of them. I asked Yinepu to guard my home, and he frightened off an intruder one night, who claims a large dark shadow held him down.(the intruder was terrified).. They have become my family, and I never feel alone. Now they tell me, as long as they have first place in my life. If I'm finding it hard to spend time with them, they encourage me to do so. If I'm simply lazy, Aset gives me a lecture. But I don't mind. I love being wanted....I am not as educated about the Netjeru as many people here (I do have some books), and I have felt VERY intimidated reading the various posts. All I have really, are my experiences. But this is the first place I've ever really been able to share them freely. I was so excited to find other people, like me, who personally experience this wonder, that the netjeru are. I have never known anything so fulfilling and so warm and wonderful and vibrant and alive, in my life. I just love them.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Introduction
« on: March 22, 2011, 07:55:17 pm »
Em Hotep

I have been away from site for a long time and hopefully I can come back even if I have to start all over. I got this name from the Nisut a while back, had my lessons printed out but don't know where they are. I don't remember my original email address, account or anything. But if you would have me back I would be more than happy.

I live in New Orleans, LA and am from Toledo Ohio. I am 31 years old now and my real name is Antoine.

Hotep Em Ma'at

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