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Em Hotep!
I wasn't really sure where to post this if its in the wrong place feel free to move it. I have a question on collection of myths?
I was asked by the hubby if there was perhaps a book in the Kemetic world that was on the same level as Beowulf, The Odyssey and that sort.

I realized i had never come across something like that and was just wondering if anyone else had? Is there any sort of collection of stories that are similar?

Thanks in advance.

I came across two books yesterday that were up for grabs that i was curious about if anyone else had read them and had any opinions on them.

"magic in Ancient Egypt" by Geraldine Pinch
and "Ancient Egyptian Divination and Magic" by Eleanor L Harris.

Just curious on anyone's thoughts regarding these two.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Em hotep (again)
« on: May 30, 2012, 12:20:50 am »
It's been a while since i have been around on the forums. life have taken some weird turns, wandering away from the House, depression and falling out of doing any sort of spiritual daily/monthly practices for a while now and trying to find mom decided to drag me back x3(hey momma knows best right...right?)

anyways,hope all is well and i look forward to getting active again :)


Em Hotep!
i was not sure where to stick this but as it had more to do with an actual object as opposed to a deity, i thought better to put it here.^_^;;.
but anyways i was asked by a circle mate of mine about the crook and flail when i realized i dont know much about it.So now im a bit curious too lol.

She is currently working on an interesting book and is trying to gather as much on different traditions as possible.
She noted that the flail looks similar to the scourge and wondered if it was ever used in Ancient Egypt, in a similar way especially concerning fertility rites and what not.

what exactly does the crook and flail represent?
was it just a symbol associated with Wesir or was it also associated with any other deity and for any specific reason?
or is it just for looks?

any information at all will be very helpful, even links :).


didnt know if this is the right spot or not.if it not sorry ^-^''
i thought of this a few weeks ago on Earth day and was thinking of it again this morning.
i know certain names dont have Ma'at for example.
but i got to thinking...Do Geb and Nut have children that have yet to be divined as such? or are we all considered their children? (since they are technically father earth and mother sky.)

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