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[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / A little confused now
« on: November 25, 2010, 03:41:14 pm »
Hi all,

I wasnt sure where to put this post, as well, there doesnt seem to be an obvious " what on earth do I do now?" section.

This is going to be hard to explain, and really, I suppose I am asking for reassurance or guidance as best can be given.

Before I was aware of who was interacting with me, my friends matron goddess hecate was helping me through him, to become aware of who it was, she infact became very impatient with me!

Speed forward a few months later, I'm crippled in bed for 3 months,and found to my joy, Ma'at has been with me many a year, and Bast has joined the fun ^.^

Now I am in beginners class, thought I had  got this all sorted in my head, only of couse to have eveything turned on its head again.

In a dream, Hecate came to me, and went through what i like to call my third eye, I then astral planed out of my body, where I dont really know what went on, but in my head at the time it all made perfect sense, but it feels to me as if, Hecate was my missing peice.  

Now I am uncertain what this means for my future practice.
Hecate certainly hasnt yelled at me for being totally in love with everything egpytian - or other goddesses. you see i'm told from various sources that Hecate doesnt like to share, and other dietys tend to back off once Hecate is there. When I have asked if it is ok, to carry on I get an ok, and warmth, but I dont know if this is a, yes but only for Ma'at and Bast way!
I do not know if this is true for here? I realise other people here, do interact with other pantheons, or religions, but I am struggling to get this to make sense now I'm not busy whirling around on the astral plane as it were!

I'm confused as to wether I should carry on, and under go RPD, or how on earth Hecate does indeed fit into my life with the Netjer
The interaction I get from Ma'at and Bast doesnt seem so strong, and I guess overall, my main worry is that they might go away?
Am I over worrying?


For a while now I have been trying to understand Ma'at clearer in my own head.
In my personal experience, Ma'at has been with me for over 4-5 maybe more years atleast - including when I didnt really believe in goddesses as I do now.
My experiences of her are like this:

Being a guiding voice - reassurances in difficult times
Healer - she has helped me when i have been at wits end, and healed negative thoughts, but i do get the impression she leaves this now to Bast
Dreams: she has healed me in a dream before- and shown me signs of hope and joy.
Bast showed me Ma'at in dream but in myself: where  I felt Just right, strength, justice and perfection, everything is as it should be  - balanced.
Ma'at is a fan of bright feathers, and hearts.
showed herself as a bird in a visualisation, I associate her with the wind, and the breath of life.

What I struggle with is, how do I connect to her closer to understand her personality ?
When I look at information on her its always very short and doesnt tell me alot, I was wondering if people have any information they can give me, wether it be educational or in personal experience, and yes I am aware of the 42 negative confessions and trying to live a life in the way of maat.
If for example when I think of Bast, I feel I know her instantly, plus shes alot louder and demanding in attention.
But when I think of Ma'at shes more of a mystery, shes everything, but its hard to imagine everything!
Is she subtle with others too?

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Greetings
« on: September 28, 2010, 04:12:37 pm »
Hello all!

I am joining the forum after a month or so of lurking..

My name is Nicki, or you can call me Blissi.. I will answer to either. I'm from England ( west midlands) and have found my life to have been thrown upside down this last year and discovered Bast and Ma'at proudly wrapping me up in their arms.
Beleif wise -  I would say I'm closer to being wiccan than anything else, but I dont belong in any box, all I know is that the egyptians have taken me in as their own and I couldnt be happier.

I decieded I needed people who understand where I come from to talk to  :D

What I most like about this forum is, people are open about their experiences and relationships to netjer, and are not afraid to challenge Pseudo - history!

Looking forward to getting to know you all.

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