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[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Wandering Through Again
« on: May 14, 2017, 12:20:51 pm »
Hi guys, it's been awhile.

Recently on a trip back home from Santa Fe I got the urge to check back in and see how things are going over here.

As far as relevant updates go, I need to PM someone about taking the "shuty" part off of my name and going back to Remetj status. At Heru's request, I'm not directly serving Ra at the moment. I learned a lot while that lasted, but my orbit has swung me back out again.

In other news, some of you may have heard that I ragequit Tumblr last December. (In the middle of winter, during a new moon y'all. No wonder I was cranky!) Well it happens, and it has as much to do with the site itself as what was going on at the time. I don't need to spend all day addicted to the infinite scroll, and my line up was gently nudging me to give it up anyway.

I'm not doing as much journeywork anymore, so I feel a little isolated on that side of things. I am still studying Tai Chi and just got back from an extremely fun workshop where I learned a bunch of new chi tricks, which will take a bit of practice to get down solidly. I think the highlight of the week was showing a couple of older ladies that yes, they too can destabilize their opponents using mind tricks!

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Pagan Blog Project 2013
« on: January 04, 2013, 10:54:41 am »
Anyone else up for this one? The first article is due today. I just signed up last night with a shiny new Wordpress.

Details for this year's PBP are    here:Pagan Blog Project Instructions

My blog is here:   Dawn of the Two Feathers

First week's post is here:   A is for "A Really Big Snake"

Luckily they're not asking for a Facebook account this time. They have a handy tool on their site that lets you post links each week and browse what other people have written.  

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Getting to know Ra
« on: January 05, 2012, 01:30:54 pm »
So, I got Ra as one of my fathers. It wasn't that much of a surprise because he has been meddling with me for years. The problem is that I still don't really 'get' him.

I know Heru-sa-aset inside and out, but Ra still seems a bit foreign to me. One moment he seems all harsh and I have no idea what he wants from me, and then he's watching the Sherlock movie with me and laughing his butt off over Robert Downy Jr. in drag. He's not as easy to talk to either. I have to shift my mind a bit to understand what he's trying to get across. (Having him hang around for two hours during the movie wore me out.) Heru on the other hand, will chat about just about anything.

Does anyone else have any stories or insights about Ra that might help?

Does anyone else have a parent who baffles them?

[PUBLIC] Serving the World: Ma'at In Action / I'm doing science!
« on: September 26, 2011, 10:48:22 am »
Yesterday, I downloaded the ap from the   World Community Grid. This is an easy way to help out if you're short on time or money. If you're reading these forums, chances are that you do have a computer.

The program uses idle processing power from my computer to run experiments for various things. Right now I have one that is looking for drugs that will treat AIDS, two that are examining how water molecules react inside a carbon nanotube filter (clean water, yay!), and one that is analyzing data from protein crystals that will be used for cancer research. There are other projects involving tropical diseases and finding better materials for solar panels.

For those worried about slowing down their computers, the preferences give you a lot of options for telling the program when it can, and can't, run. The screensaver graphics are also really cool.

We could even go on their site and form team Kemet and keep track of our progress as a group!

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Hello
« on: March 19, 2011, 09:26:29 pm »
I wasn't sure how the naming conventions worked on this forum so I decided to go with my old pagan name, Wind Rider.  

Despite having Heru peering over my shoulder for many years, I tended to avoid anything relating to ancient Egypt. I read a few things here and there, but for some unknown reason I wasn't supposed to go looking for it. Whatever that reason was, it seems to be gone now, so here I am. I do plan to apply to the next beginner's class. I have a lot to catch up on apparently.

I worked with a Wiccan coven in the past, where I got to hold the shiny sword. After that I got mixed up with the Lakota Thunder Being. All the while Heru was sitting back there quietly going "Yep, still here."

Other than that, I'm happily married and have one daughter. I both study and teach Tai Chi and Chi Gong.

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