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Being the animalistic shaman that I am, I dive into shapeshifting and learning all I can about the mysteries of animals. Even outside of Egyptian worship I connect with goddesses that are or run with animals (Epona - horse, Artemis - for bears, deer, wolves and hounds).

Shapeshifting has come a bit easy for me in meditation though it reflects in my day to day life now. If I don't watch it I make noises or move in an odd way to people. Even other animals around me know I'm changing, some are okay with it, but others, like a horse I've ridden a lot, are nervous.

What brought me to serach for Sekhmet was the form I assume, the lioness. It came easiest, and I tried others like one of my allies is a snake, but I could not grasp the idea of snake movements. My snake I should try another form that reflected myself. It was a lioness. It was when a large lioness appered to me in my meditation and became another teacher for the lioness inside me.

What I would like to know is were their history or myths of shapeshifting? I thought maybe because of the abundance of animal-like or headed gods and goddesses if humans wanted to awake the animal inside them. Were there priests and priestesses that would perform shapeshifting, or animal dances?

If anyone has any information to share I would like to widen my knowlegde of it to gain better control over myself.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Greetings from the Lioness!
« on: May 30, 2011, 12:02:51 pm »
Hello everyone,

You may call me Ratha. I'm a shamanic pagan that has awaken the lioness inside myself and found in the loving arms of Sekhmet, the Great Mother Lioness. I'm new to working with egyption gods, but I try my best to honor Sekhmet in any way possiable.

I have come to learn more about the Kemetic faith to better myself and to give honor to Sekhmet in her natural faith.

A bit about myself. I have Norse and Celtic bloodlines. I've worked with Epona, the Horse Goddess of Gaul (France) and call nature my mother. The Sun is a great force in my life, and probabaly because I'm born of the sigh of the lion (Leo). As a shamanic pagan I work with animals, and I try my hand at shapeshifting meditations. The form I took first (and only now cause its easier for me) is the lioness. When I was younger though I use to love Egypt and anything to do with it (Yes I loved the Mummy movies so much haha). I use to look at the old temples and wonder what they meant. I wanted to go to Egypt and now that I'm discovering a few unknown things about myself, I want to go even more.

Hope my bloodlines don't clash. Trust me, I'm pale blond hair and blue eye lol

Anyways hope to learn a lot.


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