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Em hotep nefer, Temple-family and friends!

(Hopefully this is an okay-place to post this. I wanted to place this notice somewhere public on the fora so that beginners, guests, and wanderers-in can also get in on this opportunity if they are able and willing.)

With our Fundraising Bak A'Aqytsekhmet's blessing, I am offering my modest artistic services to help raise sorely-needed funds for the House of Netjer. For a $15 donation directly to the House of Netjer, I will create a custom coloring sheet, made available as a digital download, featuring the Netjer(et) of the donor's choice. For a $25 donation to the House of Netjer, I will include YOUR name (whether it's your Shemsu name or a name you prefer to go by in your daily life) in a Middle Egyptian benediction or hymn to the Netjer(et) of your choice in an original artwork -- basically, a 2D devotional stele! (I am only proficient in Middle Egyptian hieroglyphs; I am not proficient in Hieratic or in Demotic).

All you have to do to be eligible for a custom design is email me proof of donation in the form of a forwarded confirmation email or screencap to sedjfai(at)gmail(dot)com, along with which Netjer(et) you want me to create an image of. If the "donation" bar and button don't appear for you on the forum, you can begin the donation process here. Feel free to include reference images from sculptures, temple reliefs, etc. in your email to me, along with any descriptions of details you would like me to include -- the Netjeru each have a variety of forms, after all, and I need to know which form of which Netjer(et) you want depicted! ;)

Each image will be in a traditional Egyptian style, unless otherwise indicated. I can also make images in a semi-realistic style. Click here to see an example of traditionally-styled image I have made, and here for an example of a semi-realistically-styled image I've been working on.

I will release rights to the images to their respective donors. That means you are free to do with those images what YOU wish, since you will have effectively "bought" them, whether it's for a tattoo design or something you would like to incorporate into your own artwork. PLEASE SPECIFY WHETHER YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR COLORING SHEET TO BE MADE PUBLICLY AVAILABLE / FREE TO DOWNLOAD WITHOUT A WATERMARK FOR OTHERS. You are not obligated to make it public, or to keep it private; I leave that decision entirely to the discretion of you, the donor.

Each coloring sheet will note who sponsored it with their donation, along with my signature and the year. A watermarked copy will be uploaded to my DeviantArt page, for the sake of my maintaining a digital portfolio.

All of these pieces will be hand-drawn and hand-inked, by me. These are not digital artworks. It will take me anywhere from four to eight days (rough estimate) to complete each, depending entirely upon the intricacy of the design, and they will be completed in the order received, so please be patient. :)

There are five slots available for the $15 tier, and five slots available for the $25 tier. Get 'em while they're hot!


Em hotep nefer, all!

Is it just me, or does it also seem to you that people with the same or similar Parents wind up being Divined together in small groups (accounting for being Divined days apart)? When I was Divined, I remember there being others Divined days apart from me who wound up being Amun-Re children in some way, shape, or form, though "our Amun-Re's" weren't identical manifestations of Amun-Re: Amun-Re as Banebdjedet came forward to claim me, and I'm not sure in what way Amun-Re appeared to claim my other recent siblings, though for all intents and purposes it was "all Amun-Re." Apart from my own experience, just paying attention to the RPD and new Shemsu announcements, I would notice, say, Sekhmet-Mut, Hethert-Sekhmet, Yinepu, and Wepwawet children appearing (or rather, "being revealed/announced") together in small bunches, etc.

Do you think there's something to this?

I'm not at all sure it's the case, but if it is, I think it makes some sense that a given Parent will subtly (or perhaps not-so-subtly, for some) push for Their children to be Divined/announced within the same month. :P

This is just idle conversation and curiosity on my part, to note, and I definitely want to hear your personal opinions and experiences, provided you feel comfortable to share them. The RPD (and subsequent Shemsu and rootnamings) and how the Gods reach us through it is something I'm particularly fascinated with, and had been even years back when I thought I was never going to go through with the RPD and Shemsuhood. I'm not expecting "official" responses about the RPD, though certainly such responses are also welcome. :)


Em hotep nefer, all! :D

After four years, and the last of those four years being a "deferment period," I'm finally getting my RPD. It's scheduled for this Wednesday. It's official.

I was for the longest time scared of "not being worthy enough," or "not being ready enough." But, those anxieties are absent (at least for now, hopefully for good). I am a lot calmer than I thought I'd be right now, and just hitting that "send" button on the emails and the payment was rather something of a relief, that I was/am finally following through on the right thing at long last.

I'm just so elated, and want to share this moment with you all.

Dua Netjer for you all, for this wonderful community, for the opportunity to be more part of it than I was before.

Senebty! ;D

[PUBLIC] FAQ: RPD (Rite of Parent Divination) / RPD Timing
« on: April 10, 2016, 02:12:47 pm »
Em hotep nefer, all! :D

As some of you already know, I had been aiming to have my RPD done last secular year, but upon consulting the non-Kemetic deities I worship on the matter was told to wait and "get my religious priorities in order." Short of the long, I think I'm much better prepared to undertake this initiation than I was last year -- and, in two days, it'll be my fourth year with the Temple, the significance of which is not lost on me -- and I'm wondering how soon an RPD can be scheduled.

Normally, I wouldn't be concerned about having to wait long. However, I'll be moving in a month from now, and will have to put a good deal of my icons in storage for a little over a year. Ideally, I'd like to get my RPD done by the first week of May, so I can know which of my icons that may be relevant I ought to keep with me for this upcoming, year-long temporary move. (Domestic statue-cult is pretty important to me and the worship routine I've developed in addition to the essential ritual of senut.)

I realize Hemet (AUS) may not have any openings sooner than my upcoming move. That said, is there any way for me to schedule an RPD on what might be short notice? I've familiarized myself with the literature on the RPD, and have checked the members' calendar, but there's no particular schedule for when RPDs generally take place, only Shemsu-namings. I wanted to ask here before "bugging" Hemet (AUS) personally.

If I have to wait another year to have it done, it's by no means the end of the world. I've waited and deliberated for four years on this decision; I can wait longer if necessary. Rather, I'd *like* to get it done soonish, if at all possible.

Senebty, and thank you for reading! :D

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Prayer for Those Along the East Coast
« on: October 02, 2015, 07:44:28 pm »
Em hotep nefer, all!

I'm posting this publicly so all can see and participate, not just Remetj and above.

As many of you are no doubt aware, Hurricane Joaquin is set to affect the Southeastern United States between tonight and tomorrow, and has already been ravaging the Bahamas. There has already been flooding unrelated to Joaquin throughout the South, and it's highly probable that it's going to worsen over the weekend, even though the center of Joaquin isn't going to be anywhere near the Eastern seaboard.

I would like to ask those of you reading this to take the time out of your day/night tonight and tomorrow, and all through early next week if you are able and willing, to pray for those who will be in the way of Joaquin, and further pray that the hurricane will be pushed further East into the Atlantic and diminished so that any and all damage it may cause will be minimal to nonexistent.

I have written a prayer/spell for this, though no one is obligated to use it. Any prayers you give, along with candle-lightings and giving of offerings and performance of your own heka, are more than suitable and appreciated.

Many thanks in advance; senebty; and to those of you in potentially affected areas, please stay safe!



O Amun-Shu, Who is between Heaven and Earth;
Bull of Bulls over the Four Bulls of Heaven Who are the Four Winds:
Qebui, Shebui, Hutjaiwi, and Henkhisesui;
You Who are Amun-pa-Shed-Beg, Saviour of the Drowning;
You Whose name turns tempests to sweet breezes for the one who
remembers Your name:

May Your awakening be peaceful; peaceful is Your awakening!
I am/we are a/the Child[ren] of Netjer, and You are at peace with me/us!
You hear my/our prayers, You accept my/our offerings and praises!

Turn back this unruly confluence of the air called Joaquin!

Qebui, The One Who Cools, sweet issuance of Your nose, belonging to Wesir,
calms its rage and staves off destruction; the flood does not exceed itself, and He brings relief to the land and the people.

Shebui, He of Heat, belonging to Re, forces Joaquin away from the populace with His strong arm; He brings dryness with Him, and the people do not drown on account of Him. Such is the Will of the Creator.

Hutjaiwi, coming forth from the West, belonging to Nebthet, counters Joaquin with His great gusts, and sends it East; He secures firm land as firm as the Mound of Creation on the First Occasion, and drives away the foul moisture which rebels against the Will of the Creator.

Henkhisesui, Who arises from the East, belonging to Aset, is a Leader Ram; He shepherds the unruly confluence of air Joaquin out into the furthest reaches of bare ocean, and contains it there by the will of His Lady Aset. It is the Will of Aset, Whose heka is greater than that of an infinite number of Gods and Whose cleverness is greater than that of an infinite number of spirits.

Those who are in  danger, those who are drowning, those who are in their hour of darkness and need,
You lift into Your barque, O Amun-Shu, and they are in danger no more.
It is by Your mercy that they are spared, it is by your Will the land is spared,
and great is the rejoicing and magnifying of Your name.

Joaquin is diminished! (said four times)
Joaquin is banished! (said four times)
The land and the people are spared! (said four times)

As it is said, it is so! It is heka a million times true and effective!

Em hotep, all!

Not very long ago, I came across a book called ReMembering Osiris: Number, Gender, and the Word in Ancient Egyptian by Tom Hare. It looks somewhat promising, but I'm reluctant to buy it/potentially waste time on it without first having seen a critical review of the content, and without being familiar with this author's work and knowing his particular credentials. I couldn't find any useful reviews on amazon or elsewhere.

I was able to preview a small section of the text, and the subjects addressed in the book intrigue me -- any material on Ptah/the Memphite Theology and Wesir's cultic details and Mysteries are of interest to me, and also fairly hard to come by. What I was able to preview of the first chapter didn't seem horrible, but it wasn't fantastic, either. Additionally, some of the phrases he used in what little I saw of the book made me narrow my eyes with suspicion, ha (e.g., Hare's use of the term "The Passion," one of the headings listed in the ToC -- from what I could tell, Hare was using it in reference to Wesir's Mysteries, which is a distinctly Christian term referring to a distinctly Christian event concerning the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus -- I don't like Christian frameworks and concepts being used to box-in polytheistic-anything; doing so is a critically flawed approach, methodologically speaking).

Anyway. :P By any chance, have any of you read this particular book? What were your impressions of the content? Are his treatments of the material cursory and casual, or did Hare more fully and meaningfully explore the subjects addressed? Did Hare, in fact, "Christianize" the narrative as some of his unfortunate choices of phrase seem to suggest, or was it merely unfortunately phrased in parts? Is it a proper academic work, or is it more "New-Agey"?

Thank you for taking the time to read and/or respond to this! :D


[PUBLIC] FAQ: RPD (Rite of Parent Divination) / Much-Belated RPD
« on: November 28, 2014, 02:53:04 pm »
Em hotep, all!

Sooooo, I completed the Beginner's course in late 2012, and at that point decided to hold off on undergoing the rite of parent divination. After a couple years of hemming and hawing, and evaluating how committed I was/am and would like to be to the Kemetic Orthodox community, I have finally decided to go through with it.  

Now, I contacted Hemet about my desire to undergo the process privately, and then went hunting for the info PDF and questionnaire. The link provided in saved emails yields "404 not founds," I'm guessing because the Kemet[dot]org website has been overhauled within the last year or so.

Does anyone know where and how I might obtain the needed PDF(s), so that I may get all my goslings in a row in time for the next RPD?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


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