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Topics - Ra'awyserqet

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[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Prayers for the ka of Dillon Taylor
« on: August 30, 2014, 05:43:13 pm »
Em hotep!

I'd just like to keep this young man, his family, friends, and supporters in people's prayers and thoughts.


I've seen references to a special form of Serqet which is fairly far from the norm, but I've never seen a picture, never found a reference to where I can find it, nor found any further information on it and the papyrus it is in except the two quotes from below and various other websites/blogs that quote one of these two books.

I'm curious if anyone has any resources for this image other than the two below.

"Serket the Great, the divine mother" is represented as female-bodied, armed with knives, having a lioness-head plus a crocodile-head projecting from her back". -George Hart, A Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

"Selket is also among those goddesses who appear with a lionine head, as in the Twenty-first Dynasty Mythological Papyrus where she is armed with knives and has a double head (a crocodile projecting from her back)." -Barbara Lesko, The Great Goddesses of Egypt.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Tai-Bitjet
« on: February 25, 2014, 11:44:55 pm »
Em hotep everyone,

I'm looking for some more information on Tai-Bitjet, even if it is a book reference or what have you. All I can find on her is that she is a scorpion goddess who protects against scorpion bites through the power behind the blood that flows after Heru(-sa-Aset?) deflowers her. Other than that I can't find anything in my books or online. /:


Em hotep,

I've been thinking of joining one of the beginners classes for a bit of a refresher for me. I was wondering if I'd be able to apply for the January class considering all the delays on starting it.


[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / My Senut Shrine
« on: March 22, 2013, 07:42:08 pm »
Previously, I had my Senut shrine in several sections. I used an open leaning bookshelf, with several different levels that had different levels of complexity, devotion, and purity. The bottom level was specifically made for Senut, as I wanted to give it it's own separate place away from the other statues and items I have on it.

To me, Senut is, more or less, a state ritual, or rather a state ritual that is practiced within the home. Because of that, I dislike the idea of mixing my different "levels", though I choose to light incense and/or an oil warmer and candle on several of the levels. Even having it in the same place as the others made me a bit, iffy, because I feel like it should have a covering that keeps it out of direct view, and I could not properly cover the bookshelf.

My step father, in December, received a gun safe for Christmas (as he has some from when he served in the military, and his father's and grandfather's). He had had the guns in a gun cabinet before, and had offered it to me as I could convert it into a bookshelf style cabinet. As soon as he mentioned it, I had started making mini-plans in my head of how I could convert it into a shrine. As you can see, it has wide doors at the top, and a small storage space beneath, the perfect set up in my mind.

I couldn't remove the upright of the rifle holds, so I cut blocks of wood small enough to fit, and screwed them into the sides. I did this with the second shelf as well. The panels were originally glass, with an abstract Florida design on it, and in trying to scrape off the paint, I broke one. So I pulled both out, used corrugated plastic (which will later be replaced with glass), and covered it with gold colored fabric. Each of the shelf pieces I covered with a faux suede made of cotton.

I put Set, Wesir, and Heru at the bottom, because I feel that until I undergo the RPD, it would be best to place them all at the same level. I feel that this way, I won't overly focus on them, and feel like I would be ignoring them if someone not among them (or even one of them) showed up in the RPD. Ma'at went in the top because regardless of the RPD, she's still there, and should be my focus. When I do go through my RPD, I'm going to use the net to find traditional images of my Parents and Beloveds, and paint them on the fabric along with some other images.

I put the footed bowl I found at a flea market, the marble pieces I bought from Lowes and had cut, and the candle and incense I'm currently using. The "empty" spaces are for food and drink offerings, while I use the footed bowl for the libations.

I guess I just wanted to rant a bit, and show off my tiny bit of skills in making something. It just feels really nice to get to say, "I can't do anything artsy worth my life, but look at what I did when I put my mind to it!" :D

  Closed Shrine  
  Open Shrine  

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / A small request
« on: March 18, 2013, 08:25:24 am »
I am not entirely sure on how to put this forth, as it somewhat embarrasses me completely to ask anyone about this, much less people I look up to and care for.

I have been sick for the last six days now, with some severe coughing fits going on. I am trying to care for it with lots of Vitamin C, rest, and medicine, and I'm going to talk to my mother (who is a nurse and has been for longer than I've been alive) if I don't feel better tonight.

I've been not doing Senut because of this, and regardless of my little offerings and small doings, I feel a bit...guilty...even though I know I shouldn't feel that way and that They want me to take care of myself. It isn't really a guilty feeling, but more a feeling of shirking my duties to them, if that makes any sense. It's not really a feeling I'm used to, since before Senut, I rarely did any rituals or workings or anything that were repeated or even similar to each other. However, it seems like I've gotten attached to doing Senut (even though I was highly reluctant and crotchety when I found out about it). So, it's bothering me more than a bit that I can't do it due to the coughing fits and sneezing. More or less, it's because I feel like I can't properly honor them. I like the ritualized, state feeling of the Senut; like my home is a place for both personal and community practice (even though it isn't really).

So, more or less, I'm asking for prayers in getting better soon (even though I ranted the bejebus out of this). :blush:

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / A Few Senut Questions
« on: November 13, 2012, 09:23:00 am »
Em Hotep!

I've got a few questions that I'm a bit confused about, and/or that I'm curious about. Unfortunately or fortunately, I am a person who has to understand the reasoning behind something before I can understand why I should do it a particular way.


So, I'm a bit confused about what natron is, and what you call natron. Strictly speaking, natron's chemical composition is Na2CO3•10(H2O). In order to make it, you would need soda ash, baking soda, and salt, or use sodium carbonate decahydrate and sea salt.

The use of baking soda and salt leaves something out of the chemical composition that makes it natron, rather than a natron wannabe. Which leaves me wondering about the "significance" of using "natron" when it isn't really natron that is being made and used, but rather a pseudo form of natron.

Plants Not Animals:

My second question regards the wish not to have animal products on the Senut shrine, but to allow and put forth plant products. I noticed that synthetics are discouraged, while it is recommended that a cotton cloth be used. My question is really, why allow plant products, but not animal ones?

No Synthetics:

Like I said before, I've noticed that synthetics are discouraged, but, I'm actually really curious about how this lines up with the buying and use of resin based statues, which are synthetic in both how they are made and in their chemical composition. Is it just the altar cloth that this no synthetics is regarding, or is it anything and everything placed on or in the Senut shrine?


Netjer, and the Akhu, are regarded as all encompassing; so my Christian father is an Akhu, regardless that he was Christian and Netjer is all forms of deity. However, in our beginner's lesson, we are told that Netjer is not all forms of deity, only all forms of Kemetic deity.

The all inclusive attitude towards the Akhu is confusing me greatly with the all exclusive attitude towards Netjer, which is making me wonder if this is another one of those "this is the Beginners' Class" things.

Thank you for taking the time to read and/or answer this or a part of it.  :D

Okay, so I understand that the three most commonly recognized bodies in these forms are the ba, the ka, and the khat, and that the ren, sekhem, and ab is discussed but not as much in that term as just in passing. But I'm curious where the other bodies such as the khaibit, khu, and sahu?

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Hello
« on: July 19, 2012, 10:36:20 am »
Hello, my name is Khukua. This means "I am glorious". I chose it out of a sense of if you keep saying you can, you will.

I am 20, but I've studied the Kemetic religion since I was 8 or 9. Something about it always fascinated me, called to me, made me feel whole. Around the age of 11 or so, I was placing the Christian god as the last in a long name of gods I prayed to. When I turned 13, my life changed radically, and so the only gods I would recognize where the neteru.

Shortly before I turned 18, I turned to practicing magic in various forms. I took to working with a few of the neteru in unconventional  methods. I fell down in what I was doing, so I thought I would return to my roots.

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