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[PUBLIC] Welcome! / I'm back after a brief hiatus!
« on: May 20, 2014, 12:06:16 pm »
Em hotep *henu* ! :)

I am back after a brief hiatus of about four months. Last January I had found that my husband of 14 years was seeing another woman, and when I found out about it, he decided we needed to separate (he still has not told me anything as far as what he is doing, or how he feels, and has made himself downright unapproachable, worse yet he claims he still loves me and always says "I need more time." *sigh* However, he treats me coldly, and more like a room-mate than a wife, so IMHO it's over but he just hasn't been able to deal with it).

I can talk about it now without being upset, so I know it's time for me to move on, and get on with my life. Part of that is coming back to this community. These past few months I had felt so out of touch with my spirituality, and it was difficult for me to 'connect' while I was feeling like poo. So I thought the best thing was to take my time to grieve over the loss of the relationship, and begin to get my life in order. I'm still working on getting my life in order, but I know that isn't going to happen overnight. This whole being a single mom and being on my own kind of thing is actually quite new to me. Up until the day I got married to him I was still living with my parents, so I've quite literally never been on my own with out someone there to catch me if I fall, or fail. Failure is scary without a safety net, so I do have a LOT to cope with. I know in the long run this is for the best (as the hubby is a kid who just can't grow up, and runs from his problems, I won't rag on him here, but believe me when I say it's for the best), as far as the separation and inevitable divorce.

Sorry to ramble, I just wanted everyone to know why I've been scarce on the forums and the chats. I hope to make it to more chats (I'm still coping and trying to get things in order), and also doing Senut more again. I must say after 4 months of not being in my shrine and then doing Senut again last week I really felt like a huge burden had been lifted from me, and felt peace in my mind and heart as I haven't felt in months. It was a very VERY nice feeling. I've missed that. I've also missed reading all the posts (I know I lurk more than I post, but sometimes there isn't much to add to the conversation, but the reads are amazing, and I thank everyone for that!!)

it's such a relief to get all that off my chest. I'm so sorry it took so long for me to get back. I've missed you all!! <3

*big hugs*

Senebty :) <3

Em Hotep everyone

Though I'm no where near Boston, I came across this web page on my news feed on facebook - It is an article from USA Today about the kindnesses from folks helping others in the wake of this tragedy; but within the article there is a link to a form (created using "google docs") to fill out for people who need a place to stay in Boston who are otherwise without arrangements (there is also a listing of folks who are offering their homes to help). I know it's a bit late in the day but it never hurts to share things in case there are still people out and about that need shelter..

Here is the article:
  Overwhelming kindness follows Boston Marathon blast

You can find the link for the "Need a place to stay" link in the article under the link "Google docs form", but I'll post a direct link to it as well:
  Need a Place to Stay

I thought this was a wonderful idea, and felt I should pass it along, in case there may be someone who could use the info :)
Please pass it along! :)


[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Question about beginner's class and books
« on: January 18, 2013, 11:26:05 am »
Em Hotep! :)
I am hoping still to get into the beginner class at some point, and I have a question about the recommended reading. I have heard that, although not mandatory, sometimes it's suggested during the beginner class that certain book(s) be read in relation to the particular lessons.

So my question is, which book(s) would everyone MOST recommend if I was able to get only one or two. I am planning on getting the Egyptian Prayerbook that the Nisut has written, and hope that maybe I can juggle around some finances and maybe get a couple others.

I have looked over the recommended reading list at, but I was just looking for some well rounded opinions, too.
Much thanks :)

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / My introduction :D
« on: January 04, 2013, 09:47:27 am »
Greetings! :)
Well I was urged by Sekhmetnenek and Tarekbast (Tarek is my sister in law :D ) to make my introduction ... so... ah, here goes :)
I'm 36, I'm a stay at home mom, I have an awesome 10 year old son, a hubby, and 2 cats (Harry and TyneeWan Katobi, it's  her Jedi name, you see ;) ). I was a CNA for 10 years, I worked at a hospital, I worked every floor but the ER and Labor and delivery. I also worked at a few different nursing homes, and I have to say hospital CNAs and Nursing home CNAs are both very very different! lol
I play world of warcraft, though I'm starting to get a little bleh with it after this last expansion (I LOVE a lot of it, but the cross realm zones thing is just really annoying). I still kind of enjoy it, so I'm hoping they do away with the CRZ stuff. I'm a Scorpio, my MBTI Personality test type is INFJ, and I've been told by lots of people I'm one of the most naturally funny people they know. That's just what they tell me. Oh and I tend to ramble, my grammar isn't the greatest because I've been out of school for far too long, and I have a terrible thing with run on sentences. I usually type like I talk, and I proof read a lot, but when I do I tend to add more rather than take away so that doesn't always work out so well.

I have a blog and a facebook, so if you want to check out either or add me on facebook that's cool. :) I'm easy to get along with, and I am pretty much an open book though I don't volunteer a lot of info. That's probably from being an introvert. I'm also not super great with small talk and that's why I tend to ramble, well that's my theory anyway. lol

I've been a pagan for 20 some odd years. My family was protestant christian and I was made to go to church at a very early age, and forced to wear silly frilly dresses, and freeze in the chilly church every sunday. I had a lot of questions that nobody seemed to be able to answer about the bible and such. I reckon it was because I was so young, and already so questioning of everything it probably took them aback. It still would have been nice to get an actual answer rather than "That's just the way it is..."
When I was around 9 or so we read greek myths in school, I thought they were just awesome. Then of course that brought about a new set of questions, "Why didn't people still worship these Gods?". I was brought up to be naive and honestly didn't have a clue there was anything out there besides protestantism and catholicism. I didn't really even hear about Judaism until I was around 13 maybe. That's life in the bible belt for you. Even though I was basically sheltered in a lot of ways growing up, I still wouldn't have traded my folks for anything.
Well around the age of 14 or so, I had some birthday money and I went to the book store, and found Scott Cunningham's Wicca for the solitary practitioner. I bought it, of course, because I thought it was fantastic that there really was something like what I found in the mythology I'd read.
That lasted through high school, and then at college, in the mid to late 90's I found that there were other paths and such, within paganism itself.
I ran into a woman in an AOL chatroom and she introduced me to Asatru. I was just feeling like Wicca just didn't do it for me, it seemed really generic in comparison to a lot of other paths, and Asatru was right up my alley, or so I thought. I didn't really connect with any other deity besides Odin, and Freyja a little bit, but mostly Odin. I thought that was kind of disappointing. I tried to forge other relationships with other deities and I was just met with a "meh.." kind of feeling. Sort of. It wasn't like hostility, or anything, just kind of sort of a lack of interest. It seemed at first that they were interested then I'm not sure what happened. Of course, it goes deeper than just that, it's just kind of difficult to put into words that accurately describe what felt like transpired. Also I was very disheartened by the amount and frequency of the "bad" Asatru people. It's NOT a skin head religion, but for some reason I don't understand, it seems to attract them like moths to flame. I just can't tolerate intolerance. I try to be open minded and try hard not to be judgmental, but I just don't get outright hatred and racism. That kind of makes me ill.. well anyway.. moving on.. :)
I considered myself to be Asatru for 5 or 6 years. I really think I learned a lot from it, and grew spiritually from it, but in the end it seemed to have run its course and when it ceased to cause me to grow spiritually, it was time to move on, with a heavy heart I might add. I was so certain after almost 10 years of searching around I had finally found where I belonged. Over the next couple of years I sort of tried to learn a bit more about a celtic pagan path, it was alright but it didn't mesh with me like I wanted it to.
I tried joining the ADF for a year, but I wasn't fond of their ritual outline structure. I learned quite a bit in that short year too, but it just wasn't what I wanted or needed. I am a very patient person, and I try to stick with things when I make a decision, but sometimes no matter how hard you try, it's just not meant to be.
So that sort of brings me to the present day. The last year or two I've really been feeling a pull towards the Kemetic side of things. Lots of little signs and pokes for me to find my way here. I am still not sure if this is my 'final destination.' I can only hope it is really, but I won't know until I stick around for a while. :)
I've signed up for the beginner classes, and haven't heard back yet, so I do hope I'm accepted. I would love this opportunity to learn and grow, and help others along the way.  
Thanks! :)
-Tranquilgeekgal aka Roberta :)

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