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[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Moon Associations for Bast
« on: January 13, 2019, 06:41:21 pm »
Em hotep, everyone.

So, in some weird tumblr discourse a while ago, someone (who was not a Kemetic polytheist) claimed that Bast is a moon deity. Logically, I know that it's very unlikely and was probably just something they made up for discourse points or whatever such nonsense, but does She actually have any direct connection to the moon? I know that She was associated with Artemis a lot by the Greeks, but does that have any basis in Kemetic texts?

Thank you!

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Forum and Newsletter Help
« on: October 01, 2018, 05:25:03 pm »
Em hotep, everyone!

So I was recently Named! And I'd really like to change my forum username and membership status here to reflect that. I sent an email to a few days ago and haven't gotten a response, so I was wondering how long it usually took for those changes to be made?

I'd also like to know how to sign back up for the newsletter because I removed myself from the list when I took my break from the House and nothing I've tried has worked to get me back on it.

Thank you and senebty,

[PUBLIC] FAQ: RPD (Rite of Parent Divination) / RPD Log
« on: August 31, 2018, 12:45:17 am »
Em hotep, everyone!

So I finished my RPD about an hour ago. I'm more than happy with the results, and very happy to be named as soon as I can be, but I was wondering about the chat log. I wasn't aware that most people copy the log and save it and I exited out of the channel without doing so. Does Hemet usually save the log? Would she be able to send it to me if I ask?

Thank you and Senebty,

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Egyptian Involvement in KO
« on: August 24, 2018, 04:47:38 pm »
Em hotep, everyone!

So, this is prompted by a tumblr post where an indigenous Egyptian person brought up the lack of Egyptian involvement in Kemetic spaces and the issues with it. Now, I know for a fact that Hemet works closely with Egyptians in both professional and social settings, and has made sure that major things in Kemetic Orthodoxy were done with the input of Egyptian people.

My question is, is there anywhere that Hemet discusses this more in-depth in a public space that can be shared with someone outside of the House? The person I'm talking to asked for more information and I don't know how too provide it, especially since most of the information I've found is vague and/or in private parts of the forums (in threads mostly unrelated to the topic of working with Egyptians).

Thank you and senebty,

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Broken Shrine Items
« on: June 26, 2018, 02:20:10 pm »
Em hotep, everyone.

So I just moved to a new house today and haven't unpacked ANYTHING yet, but I did check on my fragile boxes. And it turns out that two of my shrine items (my Senut offering plate and my Akhu bowl) broke during the move, badly enough that they cannot be used at all. I'm heartbroken but not particularly surprised, and now I'm wondering what to do with them.

Is there a specific way we're supposed to dispose of ritual items? Neither of them had depictions of the Netjeru on them if that makes a difference. I'm also not sure what to do about the missing parts of my shrines. Can I just use any plate or bowl until I can make it to a thrift shop for replacements, or should I hold off on doing any offerings that require those dishes?

Thank you and senebty,

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Hello Again
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:26:04 pm »
Hi, everyone.

I'm actually a remetj, but I left the House for a while to pursue converting to Judaism. After a year of studying, I ended of realizing that that path wasn't right for me (though the experience was incredible and absolutely worth it) and so I'm back where I belong. I'm not quite ready to get right back into the swing of things, but I'm gonna lurk around until I am.

So, here's a new introduction for me. My name is Hawke, I'm 20 years old, queer, disabled, and white with an Ojibwe heritage I'm trying to reconnect to. I became a remetj in 2016 (if I remember correctly) and I've felt very drawn towards Sekhmet since I was a child, though when I left the House, I was forming a new connection with Set and Khonsu (the latter to a lesser extent).

Now that I'm back, I'm hoping to discover new aspects to my faith and get involved with the community more. I wasn't hugely talkative before and didn't speak directly to much of anyone, but hopefully this time that'll be different.

(I'm also hoping to change my forum name to something less gendered and talk to someone about getting back class emails that I deleted, but I'm not sure how to do either of those. :-\)

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Questioning Faith
« on: May 03, 2017, 02:06:14 am »
Em hotep, everyone.

So, this question may seem a bit... odd, and I'm feeling anxious and guilty just asking it, but I was wondering if anyone else has felt that Netjer is leading them on a path away from Kemetic Orthodoxy? Or Kemetic faith in general?

I love Netjer. I love the House, I love the Names, I love the community, and I love the rituals and prayers and the faith in general. I fully intend on undergoing the RPD at some point and I have dreams of becoming a priest.

But for a while now, I've been feeling very drawn to Judaism. It started with daydreams (I'm a maladaptive daydreamer), which led to genuine research on Jewish beliefs and customs, and now I'm starting to look into what to do when considering converting. If I ever decide to convert, it won't be for quite a while because I'll need to get over some personal issues I have with monotheism and find a way to get involved in local a local Jewish community when I have anxiety, agoraphobia, and autism (the dreaded Triple A), but I can genuinely see myself undergoing that conversion process seriously.

And it's scaring the hell out of me. I feel like I'm betraying Netjer for even considering this, but at the same time, I don't think I'd be getting these feelings if They weren't giving me a little push. It's all very confusing and stressful and I was just wondering if anyone has or has had similar experiences.

Sorry for rambling. Thanks in advance.


[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Ocean and sharks
« on: February 26, 2017, 07:01:52 pm »
Em hotep, everyone.

So, I'm autistic and one of my biggest special interests is sharks (specifically whale sharks) and I was trying to think of any Netjeru who could be associated with them. I'm drawing a blank though.

Are there any Netjeru associated with the sea? And if there aren't, are there any that you personally associate with sharks or other sea creatures (for UPG)?

Thank you!

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Quick question
« on: December 09, 2016, 04:45:03 pm »
Em hotep.

I was just wondering how long it usually takes Hemet (AUS) to respond to emails? I'm not upset or bothered that I need to wait, I understand she's busy. I just want to know so that I can figure out whether or not I'll be able to register for my RPD this month.

Thank you and senebty,

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Natron powder- another question from me
« on: December 08, 2016, 02:48:10 pm »
Em hotep, everyone. I'm back yet again. Tired of me yet?

So I just finished grinding my natron down to powder instead of the awkward chunks it was before. But, now I have a new issue: How do I tell when I have 10 grains?

Senebty and thank you,

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / A couple questions
« on: December 06, 2016, 12:51:28 pm »
Em hotep, everyone.

I have a couple questions that are floating around in my head.

1) What do I do with Akhu offerings if I can't bring them outside? It's getting very cold out, especially since I live in northern Illinois and I have poor temperature regulation, and I'm also worried about my dog eating things like alcohol or hot chocolate that I pour outside.

2) I'm disabled and cannot work without it causing extreme issues like major pain flares, dissociation, and meltdowns. My family doesn't understand my disabilities and would never help pay for my RPD. I know that I can get financial assistance from the House, but according to the PDF, "It is, however, important that some exchange from you to your god(s) is made. RPD costs money to perform, and you should not expect to receive an RPD for nothing in return. A fair exchange is a part of the heka of any ritual. Ma’at Herself is based on a model of mutual, symmetrical action and reaction, and all offerings we give to the gods and goddesses return to us in blessings."

If I get financial assistance, would that affect the outcome of my RPD? And what will I need to do in exchange for the assistance?

Thank you and senebty,

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Venting and Heka
« on: August 01, 2016, 06:43:03 pm »
Em hotep, everyone.

So I'm mentally ill and I deal with regular intrusive thoughts and violent impulses. To keep myself from giving into these thoughts, I vent them through writing (usually online). Would this be considered heka? I know that writing can be heka and I really don't want to contribute to something happening to the target of my thoughts.

Thank you!

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Executive dysfunction
« on: July 10, 2016, 09:22:42 am »
Em hotep, all.

I was just wondering how other neurodivergent members deal with executive dysfunction getting in the way of worship.

I'm in one of those phases where I can't even perform Senut and it's really weighing down on me. I feel so useless. I know they wouldn't be as effective or important, but are there alternatives to Senut that I can do? Or other ways to worship?

Thank you.

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Suggestions for Wep Ronpet?
« on: June 22, 2016, 02:52:32 pm »
Em hotep, all!

I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions for how to celebrate Wep Ronpet alone? I looked at the wiki and it mentioned a few things, but how do you all celebrate it?

Also, when it says destroying images of Apep, does eating a snake-shaped cake count? Or would eating images of It be in bad taste (excuse the pun)?

Thank you!

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Offering Help
« on: June 06, 2016, 07:31:11 pm »
Em hotep, everyone.

So, I know how to offer food and drinks, but how do I offer something like a gemstone? How do I know if it's been accepted? And where do I put it afterwards?

Thank you!

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