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Topics - Sekhepenaset

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[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Sekhep update
« on: July 04, 2019, 03:34:35 pm »
Iwy em hotep nefer, everyone

I know it's been awhile.  I'm safe enough now to post an update on myself and it's something I feel many of you deserve given what happened prior to my leaving.

As I said, I was diagnosed (an additional time since my initial diagnosis) with spirit illness/spirit sickness and I've been having a lot of problems in general besides that influencing my life.

Since our last talk, I lost my home, my job, and almost all of my worldly possessions.  I've had a lot of spiritual problems and it was a good thing I left when I did because I became very dangerous, in a spiritual sense, for awhile.  Lots of magical and force related issues

There are parts to this I can't discuss for a multitude of reasons.  I am alive now but there's been a lot of turbulence about me.  I have learned a lot but there's not much more I  can say.  If I can share more, then at some point I probably will.  It's a story I feel you deserve to hear since you've suffered for it. 

I am very sorry.  If I knew what I do now, then maybe I could have stopped what happened to some of you.  Regardless if anyone suffered, I do want to eventually return to Kemetic Orthodoxy but I believe that should be handled specially since I did magically attack many people.  I was possessed but it doesn't matter.  It's viable wondering if you should keep me around.

Thank you for your supports over the years and I hope you all are well.  I thought I would also let you know that  I am being prodded about the possibility of doing New Year Oracle rites privately through Facebook but they would cost and it will depend on what my Netjer have to say regarding it.

Have a wonderful New Year

Senebty and protection,

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Saying goodbye for now
« on: September 22, 2018, 01:53:45 pm »
Hello and senebty, iwy em hotep nefer -henu- everyone...

Because of my spirit illness symptoms, recently, I've been becoming possessed by my Gods, negative spirits, and ghosts or the dead and it had been negatively impacting me in my work, health, and other aspects or areas of life.

Recently, some House family I'm more familiar with were targeted when spirits of the deceased grabbed a hold of me and used my body and mind to perform magical and heka related acts against them/certain members who I've already notified of the event.  As I told them, I am very sorry and made attempts to undo undo what was done.

I was told by priests and officiants that my blood magic was naturally strong and it would amplify during the course of my spirit illness and beyond to the point that I would not be able to control it until certain measures were made/taken. 

Because of this and the other issue of people being put under influence, I have decided to say my goodbye to the House for a time until this gets resolved. I think it best to separate from you all for now. 

Senebty and thank you for your kindness to me these past few years, and thank you for praying for me,

Senebty from Sekhep

Iwy em hotep nefer, everyone! -henu-

I am sorry to say that in lieu of the recent events in my life, I will no longer be able to offer divinatory services to this Temple. 

I am being stripped of my capacity to divine and prophecy by my Ancestral Gods to help my initiation into another religion settle right. 

I'm posting to see if anyone had any last minute divination needs pertaining to last year's Oracles.  Please, no new requests.  I am mostly aiming this at anyone I may not have gotten to. 

I'm sorry it's like this.  I wanted to be around a little longer but it appears as though the Gods have other plans for me

Thank you and senebty,

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Prayers for safety, money, and health
« on: July 28, 2018, 01:29:19 pm »
Em hotep nefer, everyone

I've been pulled to ask for some assistance since I do have something I want to touch on

About a month or two ago at the start of the summer, I started sensing something was wrong.  I sought out diviners and people in priesthood and each one told me about the same thing but overall, I'm destined to involved with a priesthood and my road to getting there is lined with a spiritual illness I've contracted.

I need your prayers since people who are afflicted with my kind of spiritual sickness can die from their condition if they're not treated. 

I do have some idea of my cure but in the meantime, I need to start saving for my trip, expenses related to this, and in general, things I need to do to make sure I'm happy and taken care of without letting this get out of hand.

Diviners forecasted I'd be experiencing negative possession or the influence of negative spirits, health problems, and otherwise so it is urgent that I get this taken care of. 

Thank you


Hello and good evening, everyone!

This is a post for offering a potential help to those in need.  I didn't know where else to put this but it is a community service I am offering in general that is not necessarily Kemetic Orthodox in practice

About a period of 6 months ago, I learned Who my Spirits were in Espiritismo via a misa seance within the tradition and have been working to develop and heighten my psychic sensitivity through the practice and upkeep of my shrine and spirit work in my tradition.

One of my Spirits is of Congo origin Who is under the patronage of one of the Mpungu Spirits in Palo religion and is a powerful Spirit in the work He does.  I have been pushed to offer a service to the community in my downtime that is not necessarily Kemetic Orthodox inspired but geared towards help those who may be in need (Espiritismo is based quite commonly on seemingly Christian values like charity or otherwise)

He is offering a divination service to those who may need it so we can connect and it's a help to me to be developing my mediumship this way and hopefully it will help you as well

The mediumship and divination are free of charge as I am not a crowned and trained medium within the Espiritismo tradition but it will help me if you do something (anything) that's charitable and paying it forward in turn.  It doesn't have to be towards me.

I will be offering this as is...if you're interested, please go ahead and say you are in the response below and if my Spirit is interested in helping you, I will be notifying you personally on the forums and we can set up a time to chat and talk over the phone (preferably) or otherwise since that is what I am being told to offer

Thank you, much love, and senebty

Iwy em hotep nefer everybody, I hope you are all doing well.

I am and finished my oracles for Wep Ronpet about one month ago.  My apologies for how long it took.  A lot of shift in my life stopped me from doing them for awhile. 

You may now ask me, if you wish, to clarify your oracle and I will do my best using a system Aset has given me and otherwise to help out with that.  Take it in stride but always seek other people to divine for you to seek more clarity and understanding

I have a list of people who need it but don't be shy in messaging me or posting here if you want to make sure I have you and wish to get clarity and I will get back to you with a message about it.

With much love and senebty,

Iwy em hotep nefer, everyone

As I'm working through my list, I really feel a need to make a few comments while offering some general rule of thumb about what to expect and how to interpret your oracle when you get it. 

I honestly can't help but feel a little offended when I get disparaging remarks or remarks that suggest the other person built me up to be something I didn't claim to be.  It's this unspoken mentality of, "well, this could apply to everyone so therefore it's not specific enough to me and since it's not specific, it's not an oracle and this so called oracle per se is not so great"

It's offensive because I never expected you to shirk your intelligence.  I never expected you to trust me when I said I had x skill.  I write a disclaimer in near every oracle I've sent out saying to take it all with a grain of salt and disregard it if it's not useful to you. 

The first part of my list was harder because I kept watering down the process by demanding Aset deliver me specifics and, as you can imagine, She really doesn't like that (e.g. me demanding names to people specific in your life because I want you to believe in my ability vs contemplate what They're telling you).  She doesn't like being told what to do or having to obey someone.

And that's been one recurring problem I've had in trying to revive mediumship work.  One thing I'm glad I could identify and point out by this experience - I am no longer going to put demands on the Netjeru or any pantheon I do this for to "prove Themselves" by listing out specifics because They really don't like it. 

Now, I will say this.  They don't mind being specific...They just don't like me demanding I be specific so you either believe They exist or "test" me as to my validity.  And it's only because when you come to me for something, They are ultimately trying to help you and you are taking away from the experience by playing a "test" with Them. 

I don't mind someone telling me, "this is not relevant to me" or "this is really off-point".  That's to be expected and necessary.  I want you to question me but I do not want you to question me in a way that is, "well I know this exists and I can't believe it because it's so interesting so let me keep pushing the button that proves it exists because it's so cool"

But I have done this for awhile and it's something I've had a lot of "wow" experiences with...but also a lot of learning, "this needs to improve" experiences with. 

Oracles are often very mysterious and complex.  Things that sound like specifics are not always specifics.  And vice versa for metaphor.

If your oracle talks about "Death and dying" it's probably talking about a major transformation about to happen in your life vs actual, physical death.

A lot of people have been getting oracles talking about "All is One, One is All" and my honest interpretation is that Aset is trying to tell people to be transcendent and not focus so much on pieces of the puzzle itself but the entire puzzle.   

Aset is known for being extremely blunt.  But She isn't blunt to a fault.  She's cunning and tactful as well.  If you need mystery and complexity to motivate you, that's what She'll give you. 

The people who get the bluntest oracles where all the specifics are actually specifics and it calls out all the major stuff going on in their life are typically blunt to begin with, like blunt answers, or need it at that time. 

Your oracle will be specific to you, in some way or another. 

And that's what I'll say about it for now.

Iwy em hotep nefer, all! 

I wanted to make a formal post about something I am offering for Wep Ronpet both House members and non. 

Up until Wep Ronpet, I am offering devotees above the age of 18 oracles concerning their upcoming Kemetic year.

Unlike God-specific oracles which consist of messages and mediumship with one God in particular, I'm deciding to keep the line open to all the Names and have anyOne speak through me.  Your message may come from just one God or several... but I probably won't know Who is speaking unless I've worked with Them before and I know how They like to speak (if They even say it's okay to disclose Their identity to begin with).

If you decide to participate, you'll receive your oracle for the new year in your inbox.  Oracles generally consist of some prophetic blurbs of what will happen in the year to come but mostly advice of how to handle certain things and what to work on.

I offer this service as a means of adding depth to and solidifying the relationships you have with your Gods...not replacing or minimizing them. 

Take EVERYTHING said with a grain of salt.  I have experience doing this but I'm still capable of being wrong or hearing something incorrectly.  Part of oracular process is dissecting and attempting to understand the more confusing or figurative parts of an oracle.  Expect discussion afterwards. 

Oracles are free (but if you feel it was relevant and would like to donate as a gratitude, then I'm sure we'd all appreciate it).   Shoot me a PM if you're interested

Senebty and have a happy new year,

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Messages from Wesir
« on: November 02, 2016, 01:41:20 pm »
Em hotep everyone!  -henu-

I wanted to post about something I will be doing for the month of November.  In celebration of this being Wesir's month of the fundraising cycle, I will be offering people messages from Him using my divination tools. 

I've done this service independently for awhile now but if people look to Wesir in this month and need help connecting with Him, I can be of service. 

Wesir comes off to many as being puzzling, enigmatic, and mysterious.  I created a divination rite that helps me receive a message from Him.  I have used this with a few people before and they have found it useful. 

You do not have to donate to participate but I'm sure we'd all appreciate it if you did.   

If you would like a message from Wesir, send me a PM and discuss what your relationship with Him has been like/why you'd like a message from Him.  I'll handle the rest. 

I hope this is useful to all of you.


**EDIT:  Please be 18 years of age before you ask for this service.  It's preferable for a lot of reasons.  Thank you. 

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Bad situation
« on: September 22, 2016, 05:39:26 pm »
Hotep all

I would like to ask your prayers for me in this time of my life.  Prayers/heka for well-being/comfort, safety, and my way to be opened would be much appreciated.   

My Autumn Equinox was a terrible time and I discovered some surprising/unsettling things were at play.  And as a result, I've been forced into one of the most difficult positions I've ever been in and things are not good and not looking great.  I'm in a daunting, paralyzing position that will flip my world upside-down and regardless of what happens, it will be traumatizing and life-changing.  I am being forced to endure it.   

If you would pray for me, I would really appreciate it.   


[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Approaching Nebthet
« on: May 14, 2016, 10:45:05 am »
Em hotep everyone

I've been trying to approach Names that I'm not so familiar with and at the moment, I am trying to approach Nebthet but I'm not entirely sure on how to do so.

I know about offerings and various associations She has but my larger questions are about how She communicates or makes Herself known.  If you have experience with Her, how does She tend to communicate with you?  What is She like?

I have only a few experiences with Her and I think I've felt Her presence before as a child but I haven't gone as deep with Her as I have other Gods. 

Thank you and senebty

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Death
« on: April 08, 2016, 04:41:21 pm »
Em hotep everyone

What do you believe will happen to you after you die?

Religions teach a variety of things may happen to us after we die.   

In the Kemetic faith, it is accepted that we will eventually be collected into the Court of Wesir and depending on the condition of our heart, paradise or destruction awaits us (in addition to becoming apart of our descendants' interceding ancestral pool for the former).

But beyond this, what do you believe will happen to you?  Your faith may state one thing to happen but do you truly believe it?  Do you believe this will literally occur for you and your heart will be weighed in the Court of Wesir after death?   

And if you practice multiple faiths like I do, do you reconcile the beliefs the religions hold or have you developed your own perception?  Your question is, "well, which Underworld am I going to anyway?"

In my personal opinion, I think the myths surrounding the various religions I practice are metaphorical and a rip off of human constraints and desires. 

I think the only immortality a human can have is in the memory of other beings.  If you live virtuously, you will be remembered positively.  If you lived poorly, you will likely be remembered as such.  And to human beings, who are generally so socially geared that we become image-conscious, it would be a pleasure or a torment for us to be remembered negatively.  At least on a theoretical level.   

I think after I die, that's it.  There isn't a heaven or a hell.  There isn't paradise or endless torment.  There's just nothing.  I (however you define "I") cease to exist.  Hence I "forget" my mortal existence and the dark nothingness that results is from lack of conscious awareness.  Though I'm definitely open to whatever, I focus on the life I have now.

But I do wonder sometimes.  I had an NDE when I was a child and I saw the bright light everyone talks about and I heard a voice tell me it wasn't my time to die.

But, what do you think? :)


[PUBLIC] FAQ: RPD (Rite of Parent Divination) / RPDs this week
« on: April 04, 2016, 03:24:09 pm »
Em hotep,

I'm having my RPD done tomorrow and I'm extremely excited.

I know a couple of other people were going to have it done this week and I wanted to create a thread to share the excitement around. 

I pray for our Nisut (AUS) that she be able to decipher the shells easily.


Em hotep!

This question is aimed at the already divined. 

Some of you describe knowing when a Name has taken interest as a new Beloved.  How do you know that?  Does the God tell you or is it something you just "feel" or "know"?

Don't mean to sound cynical or skeptical.  I'm a very curious person by nature.  And I'm also not divined yet so I have no way of understanding this connection to its' fullest. 


Em hotep everyone,

I'm obviously new so this is my first formal hello.  I will be accepted as a Remetj very soon and I've not yet be divined.  For reference, you can call me by my username.  Bear with me as I figure forum posting out. 

I had a question regarding the similarities between Shemsu and Remetj who share the same Parent or Parents.  This question is directed at those who have been divined. 

Have any of you noticed any similarity in the personality, character, life experience etc. of people who share your spiritual Parent?  Preferably, people who share your exact Parent line-up.  I'm not so much interested in the entire line-up, Beloveds included, but if you have noticed any keen similarities amongst people who share your "exact" line-up - I'd love to hear about it.

I've searched thoroughly and I have not seen a question posted about this but I apologize if it's been answered already. 

There was one thread that kind of veered off into this direction but it dealt more with how certain Gods behave with Their children, and Their children being open to that style, as opposed to the similarities amongst the children as focal point.  For example, Aset, Set, and Sekhmet are Names notorious for being very commanding, aggressive, or tending to utilize tough love while Names like Hethert or Bastet have been known to be sweet and more gentle with their spiritual children.  And if you have those Parents, you're more likely to respond better to Their respective ways of encouraging you. 

So anyway, have you noticed any unifying or common factors amongst people who share your Spiritual Parents?  Obviously we're all different but I thought it was possible.

Wishing you all the best,

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