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[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Disagreements?
« on: March 11, 2016, 10:26:29 am »
I was just tentatively wondering while I wait for the beginners' class... how does the community at large (and I suppose, moreover, its leaders) handle disagreements? By that I mean... what if I go through the beginners' course and come out disagreeing with or having a different understanding of one or two ideas? The way I must understand the world, the way I experience it... is very different. And that has been a fear of mine since before I put my application in: that there would be no room for me or my questioning things, when all was said and done.

So I thought, instead of reading blog posts about people's problems with the orthodoxy, I would just ask you all. You all seem very laid-back, so I hope to get a straight answer.... If I, personally, wind up with a different understanding of something than the Nisut has, what will that mean for me, ultimately? How welcome are different perspectives or debates?

I want to learn so badly, but I suppose I am just afraid of becoming very excited and attached to this community, only to be told I do not belong because my view of the world is bound to be different on a couple of points. So I wanted to ask now and stop being afraid of asking, rather than just avoid the subject until it was a problem.

If the question is too general, I may elaborate, but it is complicated, and I am not sure how to go about asking this in the most efficient way possible.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Hello.
« on: March 07, 2016, 12:21:07 pm »
Em Hotep, everyone, and hello. My name is Alex. I thought I would introduce myself, as I am nervously awaiting a response to my application to join the March classes. I will explain my anxiety in a moment, but I suppose I will start with the basics...

I am agender (they/them/their) and 26 years old. I work at a video game store, and I spend most of my free time drawing and reading. I have an interest in history and forensics, and I like working out as often as I can. I have three pet turtles, and I live in a house in Arkansas, which has always been a little isolating. I have been interested in paganism/polytheism for the last ten years or so, but have felt most drawn to Kemetic ideologies and to the Netjeru, and finally I decided I was ready to commit solely to the Orthodoxy.

However, I am a little afraid I will not be accepted, though I know that is likely irrational. I have been trying to keep with Ma'at, and so did not want to hide my Truth in my application, so I was completely honest about how I live my life in conjunction with my mental illness. You see, I have PTSD, general depression, and Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities), making things a little bit more complicated for me. Having other personalities I share a brain with means that I cannot guarantee everyone here believes the same things I do. And I hope I, myself, will be enough to join. I am not the only one interested, but I cannot control what all of the others think, and so I am afraid that will not be good enough and I will be unable to pursue my own spiritual and religious growth within the Orthodoxy. Although, I have learned that there was another individual who had DID that was indeed allowed in, but I do not know how honest they were about the subject in their application.

I suppose I will keep my fingers crossed, though, as I know my interest is deep and sincere, and already I have gotten some responses from both Sekhmet and Yienpu in my personal practice. I am hoping that I will be able to learn more through the Kemetic faith about the nature of my life, my existence, and my experiences. I feel this is where I belong, so I hope to join you soon as Remetj, and, hopefully someday, even as Shemsu. Until then, I am holding my breath for the next few days.

Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance for all of your responses.

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