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Topics - Mutiemweret

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[PRIVATE] Q&A / Purifying items
« on: August 26, 2020, 09:19:08 am »
Em hotep! I have a question about purifying items for shrine using natron.

When making the natron-water solution to wash/purify the things, should we say the prayers over the ingredients, like we would if we were making the solution for use in senut? Or are the prayers specifically to purify the natron and water for senut?

[PRIVATE] Q&A / This week's lesson
« on: August 13, 2020, 07:44:21 am »
Did anyone else not receive this week's lesson yesterday?

I ask because when I tried the beginners' class a few years ago, I had issues receiving emails. If the email went out as normal and my filter somehow missed it, could someone please forward it to me?

[PRIVATE] Q&A / Colors for Netjer?
« on: August 03, 2020, 10:40:05 am »
Em hotep! (getting used to saying this)

I make prayer beads/bracelets as a hobby. My hope/plan once I become a remetj is to offer to make them using the colors others associate with the Names in their lineup. If the person likes the beads and wants to purchase it, great; otherwise, I'll keep it and use it as a way to get more familiar with that particular Name.

I made a bracelet this morning for Sekhmet-as-Nesret using the balanced red and white color scheme, and I had the thought to make one to represent Netjer as well.

Does Netjer have an associated "color scheme" I could use? Or should I just use my intuition and figure out something that feels right? (Perhaps lots of dark blues and blacks to represent the Nun...)

[PRIVATE] Q&A / Question re:the Oracle
« on: August 01, 2020, 10:11:53 pm »
In the first set of lessons, we were asked to take a "leave of absence" from our previous worship commitments. After today's Oracle, I have wanted nothing more than to run to the feet of Taweret-Sekhmet ("OMG MOM THIS IS SO COOL") but I've held off. (Boy, I miss Her so much...)

However, I do wonder how we in the Beginners' Class should handle the Oracle received today. Would it be appropriate for us to approach, make offerings to, or otherwise acknowledge the presence of Sekhmet-as-Nesret in our midst... or should we wait until we're further along in the class, or even graduated, so that we can approach Her with full and proper ceremony?

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Making natron with... aquarium salt?
« on: July 08, 2020, 10:31:03 am »
Em hotep, y'all. I have a question about making my own natron (since I've heard in the past that's A Thing).

I have a box of Instant Ocean aquarium salt, the kind you mix to make "seawater" for a salt or brackish aquarium. In the past, I've used this as an offering for my evolutionary ancestors, as salt from the sea from which all life sprang. However, even the smallest box of aquarium salt is huge, and it's not an offering I make often, so I've had this big box of salt sitting around for a few years now.

I'm going to be moving soon, and if I don't have to take this box of heavy inedible salt, I don't want to. But I had a thought this morning about possibly using it to make natron, which I'm given to understand is important in the House. (I'm signed up for the Beginners' Class starting soon so I don't know all the details.)

Is it possible to use this salt to make my own natron down the line? Or do you think it might have too many dissolved minerals to work properly?

[EDIT] Apparently the Instant Ocean brand contains calcium and magnesium, but according to their website, so does most tap water.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / as the cool kids say: "Em hotep!"
« on: June 14, 2020, 12:52:32 pm »
Hello all! You can call me either Bear or Suzanne. One of those--I'm sure you can guess which--is the name my mother gave me, but I'll answer to both equally.

I've been what I call a "recovering monotheist" for about five years now. I was raised Roman Catholic, and it worked well for me until my early 20s, at which point I started having thoughts and feelings that the Church couldn't give me satisfactory explanations for.

I started tentatively worshiping Anubis in 2015, at which point (I presume) Taweret tapped Him on the shoulder and said "thanks for getting her through the gate, I'll take it from here". She is my Mother Most Mighty, my Scary Hippo Mom; I affectionately refer to myself as Her calf. Other gods have come into my life--Sopdu, Hapy of the Nile, Bast, Pakhet--but Taweret has remained the most constant of them, and my heart is safely in those big scary lioness paws of Hers. Even when She is in Her form of Taweret-Sekhmet (a sync I was recently introduced to, the Mistress of Pure Slaughter), I know I have nothing to fear from Her.

I'm coming to the House at this time because I wanted to explore a more organized/structured approach to my Kemetic paganism. I really do miss the community and structured ritual of Catholicism. (It's about the only thing I miss, really...) I put in my application for the next Beginners' Class yesterday, so hopefully I'll be taking part in that come July!

I've recently been working on prayer beads/bracelets and finding a lot of joy in creating them for myself and others, inspired by the gods. If I do decide to stick around with the community--either during or after the class--I'd be more than happy to make some on commission!

So hello!

(You may find my avatar familiar. I am blackbearmagic and washedinpurewater on tumblr!)

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