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[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / what Ma'at and isfet may or may not be
« on: October 26, 2010, 12:08:21 pm »
Quoted from another thread:

Quote from: Raheri
We live our lives in ma'at. Ma'at isn't a rulebook or a handbook on what we should do with our lives. Ma'at is about living our lives to the fullest, without harming one another, and living in peace with our brothers and sisters. Ma'at is experiencing what the gods have to offer us, and how we take that to raise each other up. Ma'at brings things, as they should be. You know you are living in ma'at, when life flows effortlessly from you to all those around you. That is what following ma'at means.

All of us should strive for this every moment of our lives.

Well said!

The following is my personal belief, but is built up from a combination of personal understanding and Hemet's teachings.

I believe one can draw a near parallel between Ma'at and the Tao.  It is not a system of sin and punishment, or of good and evil.  It is simply how the universe exists and operates, and the way things should be according to their natures.

Isfet, then, is that which works against the nature of things.

We speak of a "personal Ma'at" because the way I should be is not identical to the way you should be.  We were not made the same way, we did not grow the same way or self-determine ourselves the same way.  We have much in common, but there are few if any absolutes.

Ma'at is corrective, not punitive.  Forces are at work to put things into a proper place, and maintain them there... not unlike gravity.

To be "in Ma'at" is much like the Taoist "wu wei" -- the path of least resistance to one's own personal nature.  A rubber band under no tension has it easy, but if stretched tight it wants to either spring back to a relaxed state or will break (another way of returning to a relaxed state).  The harder the pull, the stronger that equalizing force.  It is not evil for the rubber band to be stretched, and neither its springing action nor its breaking is a punishment or evil either.

Of course, life is more complicated than that -- countless things interact, and some other object following its own Ma'at may hold that rubber band tight.  Or the rubber band snapping may dislodge or disturb something else, which then has to find its own new state of balance.  This disturbance can be either beneficial or harmful.  

Larger systems -- families, communities, environments, and the larger communities and environments that those make -- have their own Ma'at as well.  A life "in Ma'at" also considers this.

I don't want to give the impression that I believe there is a single right way for a person to be; there are many right ways, and they change over time as we and our communities and environments change.  Sometimes we can make a big change that seems not to be the path of least resistance for a short time, but the result is coming to rest in a more suitable place.

To be "out of Ma'at" is strictly impossible, but one can put a lot of effort into pushing the boundaries.  There will be consequences, and sometimes those consequences fall on others as well.

So... there's my picture of Ma'at.  I don't pretend it's the only valid one.  Who's next? :)

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / How does Bast appear to you?
« on: September 04, 2009, 08:49:33 am »
Em hotep!

I've had some conversations with people lately that highlight sort of a disconnect with how people perceive Bast.  Some experience Her as a large and powerful predator.  Some as a woman dressed in motorcycle gear, martial arts, and/or a night of clubbing.  Others feel Her simply as forceful emotion.  My own impression is of someone lounging around but very watchful, the very embodiment of the ki-Aikido pillar "relax completely" -- Who springs into terrifying action when necessary.

And yet, sensuality and joy are two of Her main attributes, and She and Her children often seem to be underestimated as fluffy, meowing kitten types.

So what's the deal? :)  Does anyone actually get "kitten Bast", or is that kind of a misunderstanding, or even a game or ruse?

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