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Em hotep, everyone!

We are just a little more than half-way through our fundraising period for October! For those of you who have already donated, thank you so much for supporting Hemet(AUS!) and the House of Netjer. As of today, September 6th, 2019, we have:


The fundraising period for October is from August 21st to September 20th, so we have 14 more days left. Just a reminder, the first $500 that we raise goes toward general House of Netjer and minor Tawy House expenses. The amount we raise after that, in increments of $500, will pay for Hemet's salary ($500 = one 8-hour day per week, $1000 = two 8-hour days, etc). Last month we managed to raise $2,500. With 14 days left, can we reach that amount again this month?

Online Auction:
The online auction will be held from September 10th at 3:00PM Central (Tawy time) to September 19th at 3:00PM. Proxy bidding will be aavailable for this auction. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Endy and the Fundraising Team

[PUBLIC] Fundraising Announcements / hacked
« on: August 31, 2019, 04:39:00 pm »
Em hotep, everyone, is currently hacked. Please do not visit the site until we post another announcement that everything has been taken care of (we don't want anyone getting bugs on their computer from this).

Thank you and Senebty!
Endy and the Fundraising Team

[PUBLIC] Fundraising Announcements / Introducing the Rollover Fund
« on: August 21, 2019, 10:14:20 pm »
Em hotep, everyone!

I would like to announce that as of today, we will be implementing a Rollover Fund with the additional money that we raise through donations that does not go toward general expenses and Hemet's salary. As a reminder, the first $500 that we raise goes toward general House of Netjer and minor Tawy expenses. The money we make after that, in increments of $500, goes toward Hemet's salary ($500 = one 8-hour work day per week; $1,000 = two 8-hour days per week, etc). Up until today, the remaining money that was left over after these allotments had been saved in the temple's account. Now we will start focusing on giving Hemet(AUS!) the maximum amount of donations that we receive.

The Rollover Fund will be used to rollover the extra money that is raised from a fundraising period toward Hemet's salary in a later period. Instead of doing a simple rollover of all of the remaining money month-by-month, we will be managing the money to help control the amount that is dispersed. We will do this by having a maximum rollover amount of $250 to be dispersed at a given time. This means that the difference between the amount of money that is raised and the amount of the next salary tier must be less than $250. Please see this diagram with examples to help understand how this will work. If you have further questions on this process, please don't hesitate to ask.

The purpose of managing the money with a rollover cap is our attempt to create stability with how Hemet receives the money. A major concern of mine is that Hemet will receive lots of rollover money one month but very little funds the next, therefore she could go from working three 8-hour work days per week down to one 8-hour day per week. Fluctuations like that are drastic and unstable. If my idea for a rollover cap does not seem to work after giving it a shot for a few months, then I will be happy to re-evaluate how to handle this Rollover Fund. But rest assured that even though this money is being managed, the goal is to get it all back to Hemet. This Rollover Fund cannot negatively impact Hemet's salary, it can only benefit it.

Endy and the Fundraising Team

Edited to add: Today is the beginning of the Rollover Fund. During the fundraising period that just ended yesterday, we raised a total of $2,594.76. This means that the Rollover Fund currently has:

[PUBLIC] Fundraising Announcements / 33 Club Cancellation
« on: August 18, 2019, 10:23:55 am »
Em hotep, everyone!

It has been decided that the 33 Club gift donation tier will be cancelled. We have been struggling with producing podcasts to offer on a monthly basis. However, we still have plans to create podcasts and offer them as a gift for a donation, it just won't be in the form of the 33 Club. When the podcast is created, we will announce it individually and offer people access as a gift for a donation of a certain amount (which will be determined).

Thank you all for your continued support of the House of Netjer!


Em hotep, everyone!

We are more than half-way through our fundraising period for September! This first announcement was delayed because I was traveling the past two weeks. As of today, August 10th, 2019, we have:


The fundraising period for September is from June 21st to July 20th, so we have 10 more days left. Just a reminder, the first $500 that we raise goes toward general House of Netjer and minor Tawy House expenses. The amount we raise after that, in increments of $500, will pay for Hemet's salary ($500 = one 8-hour day per week, $1000 = two 8-hour days, etc).

Online Auction:
Our next big fundraising event is fast approaching! There are 3 weeks left to contact us about items you would like to contribute toward the online auction that will take place in September. These items can include statues that you don't really use anymore, shrine items, art that you create, commissions, etc. If you are unsure if your contribution is suitable, please reach out to me or Tatuayinepu!

Endy and the Fundraising Team

Em hotep, everyone!

I apologize for the delayed announcement about our fundraising status for August funds. We were experiencing some technical difficulties. As of today, July 7th, 2019, we have:


The fundraising period for August is from June 21st to July 20th, so we have 13 more days left. Just a reminder, the first $500 that we raise goes toward general House of Netjer and minor Tawy House expenses. The amount we raise after that, in increments of $500, will pay for Hemet's salary ($500 = one 8-hour day per week, $1000 = two 8-hour days, etc).

The two gifts that we give to those who donate are:
  •    Shomu list: For those who donate $5 or more in a month, you will receive daily calendar emails with information from the Daybook, as well as hymns, prayers, and other treats sent from Hemet!
  •    33 Club: For those who donate $33 or more in a month, you will have access to podcasts. We have created a separate mailing list for this group so it would be easier to provide updates to you all. I sent out an email a few days ago on this list... if you did not receive an email but you should be on this list, please let me know!

Lastly, please check out information on the online auction that we will be hosting in September! We are currently collecting information from those who wish to contribute an item (or items!) to be auctioned off. If you have something that you would like to offer or make for the auction, please let us know.

Endy and the Fundraising Team

Em hotep, everyone!

The fundraising status for June is now available in this video!

Key points mentioned in the video is that we are half-way through the May 21st - June 20th fundraising period to determine Hemet's salary for July. As of today, June 5th, we have


This is not enough to support Hemet at all in the month of July. We have 15 days left to raise more money! Please see the post for more information on how Hemet's hours and salary works.

Also, we want to point out two gifts that we offer for those who donate:
  • Shomu list: For those who donate $5 or more in the month of June, you will receive daily calendar emails with information from the Daybook, as well as hymns, prayers, and other treats sent from Hemet!
  • 33 Club: For those who donate $33 or more in a month, you will have access to podcasts. We are releasing our first podcast this month by Rev. Ibi!

Lastly, there are three fundraising events I would like to mention:
  • The Essence of Creation is now available and can be purchased as a hard copy or a digital copy.
  • Photographs of state icons that were present at the gathering in Dayton, OH can be purchased here
  • Calling all Star Trek fans! You can purchase this T-shirt to celebrate the best of being a Kemetic and being a Trekkie! But act fast because this is only available for 3 more weeks.

Endy and the Fundraising Team

Em hotep, everyone!

In October 2018, an official announcement was made about how Hemet’s salary was to be handled in terms of monthly temple donations received. It has just been determined that changes to this process need to be made effective immediately. The decision to make these changes are based on the fact that the previous rate we were giving her was lower than minimum wage, which is neither sufficient nor sustainable.

The first change that will be made is the hourly rate that she will work, resulting in the following changes:
  • $500 per month: one day/8 hours a week.
  • $1000 per month: two days/16 hours a week.
  • $2000 per month: 4 days/32 hours a week

Another change that is being made is that the cut-off date for determining the amount of monthly donations raised will be pushed up to the 20th rather than the last day of the month. Normally this will mean that donations received between the 21st of one month and the 20th of the next month will cover Hemet’s salary.

The final change to be mentioned is related to temple expenses. Previously we were spending the first $1,000 that we raised through donations on internet fees, Tawy House expenses, etc. However, we have recently reduced many of the Tawy House expenses. The water and gas are shut off and the electricity bills are being covered by a stock donation. There are still some other expenses, such as lawn services, but we can now spend the first $500 we raise toward general House expenses and minor Tawy expenses. The remaining funds will go toward Hemet’s salary.

So, what happens now? Due to the immediate changes, we are determining Hemet’s salary for June based on the donations received between May 1st and May 20th. During this time, we raised $1,176. This means we will be paying Hemet $500 for the month of June, and as a result she will work for 8 hours per week. She has agreed to split up the time and work 4 hours on Wednesdays and 4 hours on Friday, which will allow her to attend Duas. But as a result, be mindful that other temple operations will slow down.

Fundraising Bak

[PUBLIC] Fundraising Announcements / Mid-May Status
« on: May 18, 2019, 10:52:39 am »
Em hotep, everyone!

We are a little over half way through the month, and unfortunately we have raised less than half of our monthly goals. Our funds as of May 16th are $845. For those who have already donated or are planning on donating this month, thank you so much for supporting the House of Netjer and Hemet(AUS)!

If we can reach our financial goals of $2,000 in the month of May, we support Hemet working for the temple for 3 full days a week during the month of June. Reaching the goal of $3,000 a month would support Hemet full time.

If you are asking yourself why you should donate, I think first you should ask yourself: What do I want from the House of Netjer? I think one thing many of us can agree on is that we want a spiritual home. A spiritual family. We want unity. But if we want unity, we have to be agents of unity. If we want change, we have to be agents of change. We choose where we want to go and who we want to be. We are the product of our choices. The question is, where do we want to see the House go? What do we want to be in one year, or four years, down the road?

This religion was built by Hemet(AUS). I am not speaking for her, but I am sure that she, more than anyone, wants to see this religion flourish and evolve. She is the backbone holding everything together, but she cannot do it without us. Each one of us. The connection between the small choices we make today and where these choices take us, both individually and as a House, might seem inconsequential. However, nothing is inconsequential. You are not inconsequential. You can make a difference in the future of the temple. We can do it together... A pride of lions share in the hunt. There are no lone lions in Kemetic Orthodoxy, so let's support one another. Let's support Hemet.

The Fundraising Team

[PUBLIC] Fundraising Announcements / Changes in Shomu Mailing List
« on: May 12, 2019, 07:27:26 pm »
Em hotep, everyone!

For everyone who has donated $5 or more to the House of Netjer, you are on the Shomu Mailing List. The original idea of this mailing list is that if you donates $5, you are added to the mailing list for 1 month to receive daily calendar emails as well as periodic hymns, prayers, or special treats from Hemet(AUS). Unfortunately, we haven't been able to manage the people on the list in this way up to this point, but we intend to start doing so starting next month. That means that if you donate $5 or more in this month of May, you will be on the Shomu list for June. If you donate $5 in June, then you will be on the list for July. You will be removed from the list if you do not donate.

I'll send out another announcement at the end of May with more details, but I just wanted to give a heads up about these changes.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!


Em hotep, everyone!

The April Gathering in Ohio has been a major topic of conversation among many members of the temple. It was truly a special event for many reasons that Tawa'u mentions here. However, there are other benefits to these in-person gatherings that impact the entire temple as a whole and not just the individual people attending the event.

One thing that happened at the April Gathering that impacts the temple is that we have a whole new group of Fedw diviners. We now have additional diviners for several Names of Netjer (Djehuty, Aset, Sekhmet, Set, Yinepu, Ra, and Bast). In addition, we now have new people to divine for gods Who didn't previously have a diviner: Taweret and Khepera. Fedw can only be learned in person, therefore without these gatherings we would not be able to have this form of divination available to ask direct questions to such a wide variety of Netjeru. Supplies for the classes are purchased using the funds that are donated by members. Nekhtet for all the new Fedw diviners!

Another thing that can only be done in person is priest training. Currently, the only event that offers priest training is the annual Wep Ronpet Retreat. Priests not only serve their divined Parent(s), but they also serve the entire House of Netjer. Some of the tasks that they do are very noticeable, such as helping run temple rituals and chats (during our weekly Duas). Other tasks are not as visible but are not any less valuable to the function of the temple and organization of the community. If you have ever reached out to a priest for guidance, questions, or just to chat, remember that their position wouldn't be possible without in-person gatherings. The training of new priests involves quite a bit of Hemet’s time. Before a person can become a priest, there are divinations that Hemet must do to get the approval of the person’s Parent Name(s). There is putting together the materials the priests need to understand their responsibilities. There is also a lot of communication between Hemet and new and older priests so that she knows what and how every priest is doing. All of this takes time provided by the funds you donate.

The final benefit of gatherings is slightly less obvious but just as important. These events provide an opportunity for those present to communicate in a more fruitful way than how communication is normally held via the internet. Sometimes these conversations lead to collaborations or the sharing of ideas for activities that can be done for the House of Netjer. Or perhaps conversations can bring up various members of the House who are not present at the event, which ultimately leads to an individual reaching out to that person to introduce themselves or to re-establish communication. When I think about it, the benefit of these conversations is similar to the benefit of conversations at an academic or professional conference. The main goal of our gatherings is for fellowship and spiritual growth, but these meet-ups also allow for the expression of ideas and networking which helps the temple flourish. If Hemet is involved in any part of the event either by being there physically or preparing rites or ideas, all of that comes from the time we pay her for. While it might not feel like these events directly impact you, the seeds that are planted during these gatherings will grow and the branches will spread over us all.


Em hotep, everyone!

Each gathering requires that Hemet spend time in preparing whatever part of anything she will participate in. For example, for Dayton:

  • Hemet helped negotiate with the venue over a number of days and with the priests to make sure the venue works with the logistics of the requested events.
  • Logistics of the schedule require her input.
  • Hemet is researching and writing a new rite we have never done before (see below).
  • There is priest training happening for which she needs to prepare and has had to communicate with various priests about numerous times.
  • There is everything she needs to prepare for Weshem Ib.
  • There is talking to each Shemsu who wants to undergo the Ordeal.
  • Due to available flights to Dayton, she has layovers and has to leave Portland at 0-dark-30.

Hemet has said that due to the new ritual and the new location, this event is taking more of her time to prepare than Wep Ronpet does.

The Fundraising Team

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