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Em hotep!

I am getting to know my Heru-Wer, and would like other experiences with Him as well!

I mostly get Him as a farmer; green skinned, calloused hands, willing and happy to go out and till the fields by hand, always holding a shovel or a hoe or another solid farming tool. He is a farmer, a creator, a hard worker. But he is also a mediator and a teacher. He stepped forward in a dream saying He would help me in my class work for a degree in Business Administration. He has helped me mediate arguments between me and my husband, He helps me at work some when I am paying enough attention to listen.

Does anyone else get Heru-Wer in these ways? As a farmer, as a mediator, as a teacher/tutor? If so, how do you go about working with Him? Do offerings change as different forms of Heru-Wer emerge?

Em hotep all! I was thinking today about how the different Netjeru I work with have come to me, and I was curious how they have come to y'all! What were your first experiences with the Netjeru? Did any come in pairs? Were they around significant life events?

For me, Yinepu came to me first. The first time I met Him, I was driving home from work at night and suddenly my head started spinning. I pulled over to the side of the road, pulled scrap paper out of my bag, and started writing. In 15 minutes I wrote out two poems that Yinepu gave me the words for. It was not until after the poems were finished that I could think with my own brain again. Afterwards I just knew it was Yinepu, there was no question. A month later I asked him to be my patron. A couple months after that, I joined the beginners class!

Bes and Taweret were the two that came next. I wanted to work with Netjer of the home and read about them and said "Hi I am working with you now hope that's okay" and They just stuck around and are going nowhere!

Ra was a surprise in my RPD. I was brought to Kemet by Khepera, and He stayed around a while. Then Nefertem came and Khepera left, and I spent much time growing with Him. After my RPD, I learned that the Khepera and Nefertem that I worked with were Ra and I was being stubborn in listening. He is now my mentor and teaches me new things constantly.

Sekhmet came to me first in a dream, standing in maned lioness form between me and my parents, growling at them, protecting me. She has since stuck around and is a fierce protector of me and mine. She is always around when I am with my blood relatives to shelter me from their incidental harm.

Ptah-Tatenen was an epiphany. He just clicked one day while I did some research for my garden and future farm, and I love and need his quiet calm and grounding presence.

Heru-Wer I met during one of His festivals and promised to get to know him better.

Renenutet-Aset I met in a dream, only learning later (With the help of Hemet). Aset had been around before then but when I met Renenutet everything clicked. She is quiet and powerful, a mother figure and queen.

Bast is one that I petitioned when my kitten, Eli, found me. I took him home and nursed him to health while praying to Bast for him every day. He is now healthy and I owe Bast a statue!

Set is the most recent addition to the Netjer I work with, and boy was he loud. My wedding in March was outside, and at first the weather looked perfect for it. Then about 2 weeks before, a huge rainstorm was projected. It was to last 5 days, with day 3 on my wedding day. Over the next 13 days the storm changed intensity, length, and days constantly. Every time I checked the weather app, it was different. I prayed to Set every day, asked Him to remove the storm, gave promises of offerings of tacos and cinnamon whiskey if he would just push the storm back. One of his children petitioned him on my behalf and told me one day that "it is done" and after that I knew it would all be good. Come to wedding day, the weather was perfect. Set is now in my everyday life and it is interesting to say the least!

So that is it for my spiel, I would love to hear yours! How did the Names you work with come to you first?

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Heru-Sepa, Son of Sekhmet
« on: March 28, 2020, 04:48:50 pm »
Em hotep all,

I have been trying to look into Heru-Sepa recently, but am struggling to find much on Him. I know that Sepa is a god who was called upon for protection from poisons, insect and snake bites, and illness, and that He can be depicted as a centipede, a mummified man with small curled "horns", or as a donkey. I found a couple places so far where He is mentioned, either as Heru-Sepa or just Sepa. IF anyone knows anything about Him, please let me know! IDK why I feel so pulled to Him yet but I am determined to figure it out.

This is what I have found on Sepa so far:

Sepa references in a purification by a sem-priest in the tomb of Sennefer (

This UPG of Sepa (

A mention of Heru-Sepa in this forum post, "Many, many Netjeru deal with illness, whether of the "demonic" variety or the purely physical variety. (Heru-)Sepa, Aset, various Hathor-Goddesses, Bawy/Harwyfy/Set-Heru, (Heru-)Shed, Sobek (esp. Sobek-Re of Sumenu), Amun-Re . . . you name it!" (quote by Sedjfai)  (

A mention of Sepa in this forum post, also by Sedjfai (


[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Bes hymns/heka?
« on: July 03, 2019, 04:42:18 pm »
I have been exploring my relationship with Bes as my beloved more and more, and I have been learning quite a lot. But I was wondering (because I have not been able to find yet) if there is any known hymns and/or heka that is specifically for or mentions Bes? This could be him alone or with Taweret. Anything at all would be appreciated!!

I have always been very interested in mummification ever since I was a small child. I watched so many documentaries on it that it seriously worried my school teachers because it was all I would talk about. Coming to Kemeticism I have been thinking a lot more about it and the role it played on the person in the afterlife. The normal way of burial now is either through slight preservation or cremation, both of which do not keep the body intact like mummification does.
My plan for years for my body when I die is to put no preservatives in it whatsoever and just shove me in the soil so that I can give my body back to the Earth in its entirety. This is because nature and the Earth is very important to me and has played a big role in my spirituality.
So I am wondering... how does being Kemetic affect your plans for your funeral? Is it important for us to preserve our bodies still? If we get cremated, will that affect us in the afterlife? Can you even get mummified anymore? Is it something that is still required?

Em hotep!

I am really wanting to do my first Senut rite, but anxiety is seriously getting in the way. I have everything I need, and tomorrow morning I will have the ability to do it with for sure no disruptions, but the idea of messing up something so important in front of the Netjeru is very scary honestly. Does anybody have any advice for a first timer?

Thank you!

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Hey all, I'm daisy!
« on: July 15, 2018, 05:44:52 pm »
I just recently joined the group but I have been working with Anubis for a few months now and Nefertem for a few weeks! I am happy to be here and excited to meet some new people!

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