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[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Weekly Purification Rituals?
« on: April 09, 2020, 10:19:25 am »
Em hotep everyone,

Okay, so idk if this is the best place to ask this, but I'm looking for input from my fellow Kemetics, so here goes. So this is coming at the behest of Sobek, who wants me to start doing weekly purification rituals above and beyond pre-ritual/pre-Senut purifications. Only problem is, none of the rites I currently have/wrote are what He wants. What He seems to want is something involving water (I have a shower, but not a bath), and some kind of prayer/recitations/idek that gives the purifications more specific purpose/focus than the simple ones do. Only I have no idea what on earth that is meant to be and don't know where to begin writing/sourcing something like that. If anyone has any resources or ideas I can work from, I'd love to have them. It's entirely possible I'm being dense and not seeing what's staring me in the face bc *gestures at the world*

Anyway. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, it's very much appreciated. <3


[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: A Wild Sobek Kid Appears!
« on: February 17, 2020, 07:24:37 am »
@Tasedjebbast: hi there! I remember you too! <3 It's lovely to see you again. <3

@Teiwaz: I'm so glad my site was useful to you! <3

@Saqdiheru: Congratulations on your RPD! <3 That's quite a fierce line-up you have there. It's lovely to meet you!

« on: February 17, 2020, 07:19:48 am »
@Teiwaz, yeah it did. I've been at this path for 20 years, so I've had plenty of time to get statuary and other things. There's a lot that's not even out though. I have some statuary in the bathroom, and another three boxes in the linen cupboard. XD But every piece is loved and important so it's worth the time to track down the right things for me and my gods.

« on: February 16, 2020, 02:46:00 am »
Just finished doing my state of the shrines post for this year, in case anyone wants to see what my current shrines look like now:

It's really just my Kemetic shrine, and a little Hellenic shrine for lunar rites, and it's honestly nice to have such a simple set-up than in previous years where I've ended up with four or five different working shrines. Another reason I'm glad to have stopped wandering! That much shrine work is exhausting. XD

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: A Wild Sobek Kid Appears!
« on: February 16, 2020, 02:42:39 am »
Asetmehheri, that's awesome to hear! I'm glad it was useful for you.

Nakhtibitui, thank you for the welcome. <3 I look forward to getting to know you. You have an interesting line-up, too!

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: A Wild Sobek Kid Appears!
« on: February 15, 2020, 11:00:49 pm »
@Zat, @A'aqyt, @Bawysudjawi, @Taahahermafdet, @Nesi: Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone. It's so nice to be back here again. <3

@Temi: Thank you for reaching out! I'm excited to find out what Dad's plans are and to get to know another Sobek kid. <3

@Saut: wb Saut! I remember you too. <3 Good to see you around again. <3

@Khenne: This warms my heart so much. <3 I'm glad to be back, too.

@Neheh: Thank you for the welcome, Neheh, it's lovely to meet you! <3

@Tabau: hello! I remember you! It's lovely to see you again. <3

@Shenuty: That's awesome to know! I love hearing about how my little site has helped people out. <3

@Tatua: It's lovely to meet you too, Tatua!

@Padememheru: Thank you! This year has been amazing so far, and I can only imagine it's going to get even better. I'm happy to meet a Heru-sa kid! <3

@Storm: Thank you for the welcome. <3 I'm looking forward to getting to know you too. <3

@TahekerutAset: It's great to see you here too! Thank you for the welcome. <3

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / A Wild Sobek Kid Appears!
« on: February 15, 2020, 06:52:18 am »
Em Hotep, everyone!

It's been a while since I was on the forums, and even longer since I was a shemsu. Some of you might remember me, but many may not. It's been a while, after all. For those who don't know me, I'm Sobekemiti/Emiti, 36, Australian, genderfluid (they/them), and have worshipped Sobek for about 20 years now. I joined the House in 2003, and I was divined back in 2005 as a child of Sobek, and beloved of Heru-sa-Aset, Aset, Djehuty, and Wepwawet. I took my shemsu vows in 2006.

I wandered off from the House back in 2011 to sort out my Sobek and Heru stuff, which, if you've been reading Per Sebek, you probably know how that turned out. And if you haven't, hello, have an entire site about Sobek. <3 I've been a solitary Kemetic since I left the house, not tied to any particular tradition, but forging my own path for Sobek.

I hadn't intended to be away from the House for so long. I thought it might just be a couple of years, and things would make sense and I could go back to my Kemetic stuff. Sobek clearly had other ideas, bc I have wandered through a bunch of different paths and practices and other things I had no idea were relevant until I looked back on them before I got to where I am now. Everything taught me something, bc that's how Sobek works with me, but I feel like I haven't had a stable path for a very long time now.

But a lot has changed this year. I normally do my Wep Ronpet on Feb 1, bc it makes the seasons match up with the southern hemisphere seasons, and this year's has been A Lot. Lots of inner changes, and a ton of decluttering, going back to uni to retrain, a burgeoning new romantic relationship, and Sobek and Aset urging me to go back to the House, bc this is where I need to be right now. Hence, I am back.

I was actually going to wait a bit longer to make a re-introduction, once I'd properly joined the House again, but Temi reached out to me today and now I'm convined this is where I need to be. Sobek clearly wants His kids back here. So here I am. So for now, I'll enjoy getting to know you all, some again, and some for the first time.


[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Epithets of the Names
« on: May 18, 2014, 10:54:44 pm »
Page 629
End of Part B: Topography: section 2, Place names
(Google Books won't give me page 628)
Hry-ib-tw-m-itrw - Der inmitten von Imiotru ist - who is amidst Imiotru
Hry-ib-Ipt-swt - Der inmitten von Karnak ist - Who is amidst Karnak
Hry-ib-Mr-nfr - Der inmitten von Mr-Nfr ist - Who is amidst Mer Nefer
Hry-ib-Nbyt - Der inmitten Kom Ombo ist - Who is amidst Kom Ombo
Hry-ib-NXb - Der inmitten Elkab ist - Who is amidst Elkab
Hry-ib-NTrw - Der inmitten Behbeit el-Hagar ist - Who is amidst Behbeit el-Hagar
Hry-ib-NTrw-Sm - Der inmitten Koptos ist - Who is amidst Koptos
Hry-ib-Xny - Der inmitten Gebel es-Silsileh ist - Who is amidst Gebel es-Silsileh
Hry-ib-swnw - Der inmitten Aussuan ist - Who is amidst Aswan?
Hry-ib-Sdr - Der inmitten Krokodilopolis ist - Who is amidst Crocodilopolis
Hry-ib-Gsy - Der inmitten Qus ist - Who is amidst Qus
HqA-Nxn - Der herrscher von Hierakonopolis - The ruler of Hierakonopolis
HqA-XAsww - Der Herrscher von Xois - The ruler of Xois
Htp-Hn-Sps-m-Xmnw - Der mit Schepsi in Hermopolis ruht - Who rests with Schepsi in Hermopolis
Xnty-Iwnw - Der vorsteher von Heliopolis - the head of heliopolis
Xnty-Pr-Xnt - Der vorsteher des Hauses des Anfangs (Kom Ombo) - the head of the house of the beginning
sHD-Nbyt - Der Kom Ombo erleuchtet - Who illuminates Kom Ombo?

3, Land, Regions, and Names of Nations?
Ir-tA-S - Der das Fayum erschafft - who creates the Fayum
Ity-tAwy - der Herscher der Beiden Lander - Ruler of the Two Lands
IT-tawy-m-nXt.f - Der von den beiden Landern durch seine Starke Besitz ergreift - Takes possession of the Two Lands with His strength?
aA-Hrty-m-Smaw-MHw - der mit grossem Schrecken on Ober- und Unteragypten - [rules?] with the great terror in Upper and Lower Egypt
WD-nfr-n-Smaw-MHw - der gute Befehlshaber von ober- und unteragypten - the good commander? of Upper and Lower Egypt
Bity-MHw - der Konig von Unteragypten - the King of Upper Egypt
Bia-nTrw-apr-Xr-sStA.f - Mit dessen Gestalt das Agypten der Gotter ausgestatten ist - with its shape the Egypt of the Gods is equipped - nfi
Ba-H-tAwy - Der die beiden Lander uberflutet - the innundation of the Two Lands?
BaH-tAwy-m-nfrw.f - der die beiden lander mut seiner vollkommentheit uberflutet - He who perfects the flooding of the Two lands?
BaH-tAwy-m-rDw.f - der die beiden lander mit seinem ausfluss uberflutet - Who floods the Two Lands with His semen?
PA-nb-tAwy - der Herr der beiden lander - Lord of the Two Lands
PAwty-tAwy - Der urzeitliche der beiden lander - The primordial? of the Two Lands
Nb-Pwnt - Der Herr von Punt - the Lord of Punt
Nb-nbwt - Der Herr der Korblander - Lord of the ...
Nb-Smaw - Der Herr von Oberagypten - Lord of Upper Egypt?
Nb-tA-sty - Der Herr von Nubien - Lord of Nubia
Nb-tA-S - Der Herr des Fayums - Lord of the Fayum
Nb-TA-Smaw - Der Herr von Oberagyptien - Lord of Upper Egypt
Nsw-Smaw - der Konig von Oberagyptien - King of Upper Egypt
hmhmt.f-Hr-mAc-m-Tnwy - Dessen Gebrull in den beiden Ufer-gebieten (=agypten) brennt - burns? its roar/bellowing? in the two rivers of Egypt
Hw-pDwt-psDt - Der die Neunbogenvolker schlagt - the nine nations/peoples bow strikes?
Hry-ib-TA-sty - der inmitten von Nubien ist - who is in the midst of Nubia
Hry-ib-TA-S - der inmiten des Fayum ist - who is in the midst of the Fauym
HqA-n.f-nst-nt-Smaw-MHw - der fur sich auf dem Thron von Ober- und Unteragyptien herrscht - Reigns for himself on the thrones of Upper and Lower Egypt
HqA-tA-nTr - Der herrscher des Gotteslandes - ruler of the god's land?
HqA-tAwy-m-pHty.f - Der die beiden Lander mut seiner Kraft beherrscht - who dominates the Two Lands with his strength
Xnty-irrty - Der vorsteherder beiden heiligtumer - the ruler of the two sanctuaries/shrines?
Hnty-Smaw-MHw - Der vorsteheher von Ober- un Unteragypten - the head of Upper and Lower Egypt
sanX-n.f-tAy-m-prt.f - Der fur sich die beiden Lander mit seinen Frchten am Leben halt - His fruits keep the Two Lands alive?
snT-tAwy-Dww-XAswt - Der Die beiden Lander, die Berge un die Wusten grundet - He founds the Two Lands from the mountains to the deserts
snD.f-m-tAwy - Dessen Furcht in den bieden landern ist - who is feared in the Two Lands
sHD-tAwy-m-AXty.fy - Der die beiden Lander mut seinen Glanzaugen erhellt - He brightens the Two Lands with His Eyes
sHD-tAwy-wnwy-m-kkw - Der die beiden lander erhelt, die in dunkeheilt waren - the Two Lands receives those who were in darkness?
sXpr-wADwAd-n-TA-meri - Der die grunen Pflanzen Agyptens entstechen lasst  He who gives rise to the green plants of Egypt
sdA-tAwy-n-Hryt.f - Vor dessen Schrecken die beiden Lander zittern - before whom the Two Lands tremble
QmA-wnnt-nbt-m-tA-pn - Der alles existierende auf der diser Erde (=Agypten) erschafft - who creates all that exists on the Earth?
Grg-tA-pn-m-nfrw.f - Der dieses Land mit seiner Vollkommenheit grundet - who establishes the country with his perfection
Grg-tAwy - Der die beiden lander grundet - who establishes the Two Lands
tawy-nbw-Xr-sXrw.f - Unter dessen Planen die Gesamtheit der beiden lander besteht - Under his plan is the whole of the Two Lands

4. Sanctuaries
iry-aA-rsy-n-Hwt-bnbn - Der Wachter der Sudlichen Ter des Benbenhauses - Guardian of the Southern Door of the Benben House?
Ir-n.f-Hwt-irw - Fur den das Haus der Gestalt (Bezeichnung des Tempels oder eines Raumes in Kom Ombo) errichtet wird  - is for the house of the form (name of the temple or a room in Kom Ombo) built?
Wr-nrw-m-st-wrt - Der mit grossen Schrecken ad der grossen Statte - the one with great terror of the great site/place?
WDa-nTrwy-m-wsXy-aAt - Der die beiden Gotter in der grossen Halle richtet - the two gods aligned in the great hall
Nb-aH-wr - Der Herr des grossen Palastes - The Lord of the Great Palace
Nb-bXn - Der Herr des Turms - The Lord of Turms
Nb-fAw-m-st-wrt - Der Herr des Ansehens an dem grossen Ort - Lord of the reputation of the great place?
Nb-Hwt-irw - Der Herr des Hauses der Gestalt (Bezeichnung des Tempels oder eines Raumes in Kom Ombo) Lord of the House of the Form?
Nb-Hwt-blk - Der Herr des Hauses des Falken - Lord of the Hawk/Falcon House
Nb-Hwt-sr - Der Herr des Furstenhauses - Lord of the Princely House
Nb-Hwwt - Der Herr des Hauser - Lord of the Houses?
Nb-Xtyw - Der Herr des Terasse - Lord of the Terrace
Nb-sH - Der Herr des Zeltes - Lord of the Tent
Nb-knH - Der Herr des Kappelle - Lord of the Chapel
Hry-ib-aH - Der sich inmitten des Palastes befindet - Who is amidst the palace
hry-ib-Hwt-aAt - Der inmitten des grossen Hauses ist - who is amidst the Great House
Hry-ib-st - der inmitten des sitzes ist - who is in the middle of the Seat?
Xmw-X-smn.f - Mit dessen Abbild die Heilftumer verschen sind - whose images are given away in the sanctuaries?
xnty-itrty-Smaw-mHw - Der vorsteher der heiligtumer von ober- and unteragypten
Xnty-aH-wr - Der Vorsteher des grossen Palastes - ruler of the great palace
Xnty-pr-Gb - Der Vorsteher des Hauses des Geb - ruler of the house of Geb
Xnty-Hwt-irw  - Der Vorsteher des Hauses der Gestalt - ruler of the house of the form?
Xnty-Hwt-Nbty  - Der Vorsteher des Temples von Kom Ombo - ruler of the Temple of Kom Ombo
Xnty-Hwt-nTr - Der Vorsteher des Temples - Ruler of the Temple
Xnty-Hwt-Rwty  - Der Vorsteher des Hauses des Löwenpaares - Ruler of the house of the lions?/lion pair?
Xnty-Hwwt-sd - Der Vorsteher des der sedfesthäuser - ruler of the Sed Festival houses
Xnty-st-wrt  - Der Vorsteher des grossen Sitzes - ruler of the great seat - Der Vorsteher des Ortes, an dem Seth im Angesicht dieser Göttin getötet wird - the ruler of the place where Set is killed in the sight of this goddess
sA-Wsir-m-pr-kA - Der schutz des Osiris im hohen haus - who protects Wesir in the high house
sHb-prw-nTrw-m-nfrw.f - Der die Göttertempel mit seiner Vollkommenheit festlich asstattet - the god's temple festively furnished in its perfection?
sHd-pr-Sbk-m-stwt.f - Der den Temple des Sobek mit seinen strahlen erhellt - who illuminates the Temple of Sobek in its beam?
sDfA-Xmw - Der die Heiligtumer speist - who fed the sanctuaries
stA-irw.f-m-Hwt-bnbn  - Dessen gestalt geheim ist im Benben-haus - whose form is a secret in the benben house
Gsw-prw-Xr-aXmw.f  - Mit dessen Abbildern die Temple ausgestatted sind - with whose images the temples are fitted?
Dsr-sStA-,-gsw-pr - Der mit erhabener Gestalt in den Tempeln - whose image is raised in the temples?
5. Waters:
Wnm-sbiw-m-S.f - der die Feinde in seinem See frisst - who eats the enemies in His lake
PXr-Sn-r-Dr-ib.f - Der den Ozean nach seinem Belieben durchzeiht - who crosses/traverses the oceans at His pleasure
Nb-ISrw - Der Herr von Isrw (Mut-Bezirk in Karnak) - Lord of Isheru?
Nb-an-wr - Der Herr des am-wr-Gewassers/Kanals - Lord of the Waters?
Nb-WAD-wr - Der Herr des grossen Grunen - Lord of the Great Green
Nb-Hapwy - Der Herr dr Flusslaufe - Lord of the Rivers
Nb-Hw - Der Herr (des Kanals) Hw - Lord of Hw
Nb-sSm - Der Herr des sSm-Sees - Lord of the Seshem Lake
Nb-S - Der Herr des Seelandes (= Faiyum) - Lord of the Lakes
Nb-n-S - Der Herr des Sees -Lord of the Lake
Nb-S-n-XA - Der Herr des Messersees - Lord of the Knife Lake?
Hry-ib-Isrw - Der inmitten des Ischeru-Gewassers ist - Who is in the midst of the waters of Isheru
Hry-ib-WAD-wr - der inmitten des Grossen Gruen ist - Who is in the midst of the Great Green
Xnty-WAD-wr - Der Vorsteher des Sees - Ruler of the Lakes
Xnty-rA-HAwt - Der Vorsteher der Nilmundungen - Ruler of the mouth of the Nile
Xnty-S -  Der Vorsteher des Sees - Ruler of the Lakes
Xnty-S.f -  Der Vorsteher seines Sees - Ruler of His Lake
Xn-n.f-S-rsy-S-mHty - Der fur sich auf den beiden Seen des Sudens un des Nordens fahrt - who travels the two lakes in the South and the North?

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Epithets of the Names
« on: May 18, 2014, 10:53:13 pm »
ALright, so I've been having a go at translating Sobek's epithets from the LAGG, because I figured no one else would get around to it. I don't know German at all, so I've been getting by with Google Translate. I know Egyptian better than German, though, which does help to a certain extent in making sense of some of the translations.

Anyway, I've done two pages now, and before I continue on, I'd really appreciate it if someone could check my translations, because there are some I just can't make sense of.

Page 627
A - Cosmos
1 - Horizon/Heavens
...?...-m-Axt - Der zum/am/im horizont...?... - The [one] on/at/in the horizon...
Ir-pt - Der den himmel erschafft - Who created the sky
aX-pt-n-bA.f - Der den Himmel fur seinen Ba erhebt -  Whose ba rises to heaven?
aX-r-ryt - Der zum Himmel fliegt - who flies to the skies
Wbn-m-aXt - Der im horizont aufgeht - who rises in the horizon
Wbn-m-nnt - Der am unteren Himmel aufgeht - who rises in the lower sky?
Wbn-m-Hrt - Der im himmel aufgeht - Who rises in the sky?
Wr-n-pt - Der Grosse des himmels - Great in Heaven?
WTs-sw-m-Nwn-r-nnt - Der sich vom urgewasser zum himmel erhebt - who rises from the primeval waters to heaven
Na-pty-m-HkAw.f - Der die beiden Hummel mit seiner Zauberkraft befahrt - who drives on/travels on the two bumblee with his magic power? (Really not sure about this one)
Nb-AXt - Der Herr des Horizontes - Lord of the Horizon
Nb-pt - Der Herr des himmels - Lord of the sky
hn.f-m-hAyt - Dessen Kopf im Himmel ist - whose head is in heaven
HkA-pt - Der Herrscher des Himmels - the ruler of heaven
sXm-pt - Die Macht des Himmels - the power of heaven
sXm-n-gbt - Die Macht des Himmels - the power of heaven
dm-pt-m-Swty.fy - Der den Himmel mit seiner Doppelfederjrone durchschneidet - Who cuts through the sky with his double-feathered crown

2. Sun.
Wbn - Der Aufgehende - who rises?
Wbn-m-AXt - der im horizont aufgeht- who rises on the horizon
Wbn-m-iAbtt-Xpp-m-imntt - Der im Osten aufgeht und im Westen untergeht - who rises in the east and sets in the west
Wbn-iwty-gnnt.f-n-ntrw-spAwt - Der Aufgehende, dessen Schwache nicht fur die Gotter der Gaue bestimmt ist - The rising, whose weakness is not intended for the gods of the nomes?
Wbn-m-Nwn - Der im Nun/Urwasseer aufgeht - Who rises in the Nun/water[s of Nun]?
Wbn-m-nnt - der am unteren himmel aufgeht - who rises in the lower sky
Wbn-m-nty - der als Krokodil erscheint - who appears as a crocodile
Wbn-m-Hrt - Der in himmel aufgeht - who rises in [the] sky
PA-nty-itn.f-m-xaw.f - der, dessen sonnenscheibe bei ihrem aufgehen ist - the one whose sundisc is absorbed in her?
PA-nty-wbn.f-m-nwn - Der, der aufgeht im Nun - He who comes up/rises in the Nun
Pr-itnwy-m-xaw-n-irty.fy - Die beiden scheiben kommen hervor als Erscheinun (oder: aus dem hugel) seiner beiden Augen - the two discs come out as a phenomenon (or, from the hill) its two eyes
PsD-m-imAw - Der im lichtglanz leuchtet - the light shines in the luster
PsD-m-wDAty.fy - Der mit seinen beiden Udjataugen leuchtet - who lights up with his two Udjat Eyes
PsD-m-nt - Der in der Flut aufleuchtet - who lights in the flood
Nty-di-Xa-Ra - Der die Sonne erscheinen lasst - who makes the sun shine
sHD-pr-sbk-m-stwt.f - Der den Tempel des Sobek mit seinen Strahlen erhellt - who illuminates Temple of Sobek with its rays
sHD-Nbty - Der Kom Ombo erleuchtet - who illuminates Kom Ombo
sHD-ndb - der die Erde erleuchtet - who illuminates the Earth
sHD-tAwy-m-Axty-m-kkw - Der die beiden lander erhellt, die in dunkelheit waren - the two countries is evident that were in darkness
THn-Xaw - der mut glanzender Ercheinung - He with the shiny appearance

3. Moon:
bs-m-pt-tp-Abd - Der am monatsanfang am himmel hervorkommt - who comes forth from the sky at the beginning of the month
Pr-itnwy-m-Xaw-n-irty.fy - Die beiden scheiben kommen hervor als Erscheinung (oder: aus dem Hugel) seiner beiden Augen - the two disks come out as a manifestation of (or from the hill) of His two eyes

5. Wind
Pr-tAw-m0rA.f-mHyt-fnd.f - Aus dessen Mund der Wind un aus dessen Nase der Nordwind kommt <- I can't make sense of this one.
Xp-n.f-TAw-nDm - Dem der susse lufthauch begegnet - who responds to the sweet air?

6. Water
Imy-rA-Hnt - Der vorsteher des Feuchtgebietes - the head of the wetland
Imn-m-Nwn - Der im urgewasser verborgen ist - Who is hidden in the primeval waters
Wbn-m-...?... - Der in ...?... erscheint - the in ...?... appears?
Wbn-m-Nwn - Der im Nun/Urwasser aufgeht - Who rises in the Nun/water
Wn-m-qAb-nt - Der inmitten der Flut ist - He is in the midst of the flood
WTs-sw-m-Nwn-r-nnt - Der sich vom Urgewasser zum himmel erhebt - Who rises from the primeval waters to heaven
BXs-nfr-m-HAt-MHt-wrt - das schone Kalb vor der grossen Flut - the beautiful calf before the great flood
PA-nty-wbn.f-m-Nwn - Der, der aufgeht im Nun - he who rises in the Nun
Pr-m-Nwn - Der aus dem Nun herauskommt - who comes out of the Nun
Pr-m-Nwn-wr - Der aus dem grossen Nun hervorkommt - who comes forth from the great Nun
PsD-m-nt - Der in der flut aufleuchtet - Who illuminates in the flood?
Nwn-r-Aw-Xr-aXmw.f - Mit dessen Aibbildugen/Krokodilen das ganze urwasser gefullt ist - with its illustrations? / crocodiles all water is filled?
Nb-nt - Der Herr der Flut - the Lord of the Flood
Rdi-n.f-Hapyw - Dem die Flusslaufe gegeben sind - the river courses are given?
Xa-m-Nwn - Der im Nun erscheint - the appears in the Nun
...?...-Xaw-...?...-nty-Nwn - ...?...
Xnty-Nwn - Der vorsteher des urwassers - head of the primeval waters
swt-Nwn - Dem der Nun gehort - who[m] belongs [to?] the Nun
sXm-pHty-m-nwy - Der mit machtiger Kraft im Wasser - the one with mighty power in the water
QmA-nwn - Der den Nun erschafft - Who creates the Nun?
Grg-tA-m-Nwn - Der das Land aus dem Urgewasser grundet - who founds the country from the primeval waters
DA-Nwn - Der den Nun durchfahrt - who travels/passes through the Nun?

7. Earth/World
Iry-tA - Der wachter der Erde - the guardian of the Earth
Ir-tA - Der die Erde erschafft - who created the Earth
anX-ta-m-rA-awy.fy - Durch dessen arbeit die Erde lebt - the Earth lives through His work?
aX-r-Hpty - Der dis zum Ende der Welt fliegt - flying until the end of the world?

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Netjer on the road!
« on: September 20, 2013, 10:44:39 pm »
Sobek likes the thought of a Jeep, or some sort of reliable and practical off-road or amphibious vehicle. Or perhaps a tank. Something tough that also deals well with water, at any rate.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Epithets of the Names
« on: July 07, 2013, 09:49:20 pm »
What Tanebet said. Some of the lists of epithets in this thread are translations from the LAGG for particular gods.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Epithets of the Names
« on: July 07, 2013, 05:46:09 am »
@Suhet, those are about all the epithets I've got for Sobek as well. The only ones I can add are Lord of Kom Ombo and Lord of Faiyum/Crocodopolis.

The rest of the epithets I use for Him are UPG, based on how He appears to me. I haven't had the time, skills, or patience to translate Sobek's epithets from the LAGG, though, because I'd otherwise love to have a full list of His epithets for my Sobek site, Per Sebek. But yeah. It's too big a job for me.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: online shrines
« on: June 26, 2013, 10:44:14 am »
This is my Aset shrine on nshrine, if you're interested. I'd forgotten I'd set that one up.

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: Travel Shrines/Box Shrines
« on: November 30, 2012, 11:34:04 pm »
Ahaha, so apparently it took me longer than I thought to get it done, and even longer to remember to come back here and update with pictures! But they're done!

I did one for Amun, and one for Wesir. I hadn't planned to do Wesir's, but I was done with Amun's and had one more left, and He claimed it for Himself.

This shows the boxes once they've been painted and decorated. This is before I finished off with the hieroglyphic designs.

This is the two box shrines completely finished and in situ.

Though my shrine has since been rearranged since I made those posts and doesn't look like that anymore. The boxes are waiting for shrine space of their own, but I'm glad they're done. Amun's doesn't actually open (design/accident/both), but Wesir's does.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Pagan Blog Project 2012
« on: October 21, 2012, 11:47:48 pm »
Late post is late, but it's done. I'm glad the Us are over.

U is for Unlearning Things.

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