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Frankly I think it's amazing that you're doing oracle readings for free. When I asked for a reading I didn't realize that would be the form that it would take. Just about anyone can lay out a tarot spread, though interpreting one is harder. Few people have the knack for doing oracles.

Any old random thing can be divination fodder, but different methods yield different results. All of them require the receiver to put forth some effort in the interpretation of the results, and in being honest enough with themselves to receive the answers without shoving them under the rug, or asking the same questions over and over again until they get the answers they want to hear.

People need to remember that often the questions that are at the forefront of their minds, the ones that cause them to chase their tails in circles, are also the ones that can't be answered directly. At some point Netjer has to step back and say, "No, this really is up to you to figure out or decide. It wouldn't be the same if I told you." It's very frustrating when that happens, but reacting negatively to the messenger, whether it's a person, especially if it's a person, or a deck of cards, does no one any good.

We had some SPG going around that Heru-wer hates doing divination for exactly that reason. People always argue with it, and most of the time they can figure it out on their own if they listen to their hearts. Other times, knowing the answer just doesn't help all that much anyway. The best answer I ever got from HW was when I kept asking, "Is this true?" He finally told me to act as if it was true. If that was what was in my heart, then I needed to walk my talk. A simple yes or no to the first question wouldn't have had the same result. I probably would have argued with it either way to be honest. Sometimes questions have to be answered sideways to get a good result.

My reading was pretty spot on, and yes Aset scolded me a little. I'm a child of Heru-sa-Aset, so naturally it's Netjer-Mom's right to tell me to sit up straight and clean my room. I wouldn't have expected anything less.

I'm also a child of Heru-sa-Aset, and I'd say have fun! Things don't have to be so dang serious all the time. Dance, sing, ride a bike, kick butt in a video game, kick butt in a martial art. Spend time enjoying your family and friends. Do the kinds of things that remind you that life is worth living. Smile every now and then. Look for the beauty. Look for the love.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Sobek?
« on: July 31, 2017, 11:49:57 am »
Sobek showed up as one of my beloveds, and I still visit him from time to time.

He's very earthy, very ancient, and very interested in the basic survival physical side of life. He's usually telling me to calm down.  Did you know that too much thrashing can kill a crocodile as excessive amounts of lactic acid builds up in the muscles? Watch, wait, then strike as quickly and efficiently as possible. He also tells me that life is death and death is life. He's drowned me under a log before. He's shared his kill and fed me too.

I agree, the actor who played Khal Drogo reminds me of him. I can't wait to see how he does with Aquaman.

I don't know, I think every Netjeru has a scary side. That's why they all depend on Ma'at to maintain the balance. They call Sobek The Rager, but I can think of several other Netjeru who could easily go that way too if provoked.

From an afterlife perspective, that would be the part where you go on Ra's boat. That's how you become a shining one, but there's a risk of dying a second time if you don't make it. (Which of my books piled around the room did I read that one in? Probably "Conceptions of God" also by Hornung is my guess.)

Mysticism is the pursuit of oneness with God/Netjer. I consider myself to be a mystic, and I've just sort of found my own way to go about it. I would highly recommend reading "Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts" by  Jeremy Naydler. He poses that a lot of the funerary texts are not funerary at all, but instead detail the mystical journeys of a living Pharaoh, which sometimes includes union with various deities.

To me, it's not something that happens when you die, but an ongoing realization that they're always with us and we're always with them. Yet, balace must be maintained because daily life here is just as sacred as life with Them. If your head gets too far into the clouds, you're not going to be much good to anyone. I've read stories about Hindu mystics who went too far and had to be fed and clothed by their followers. That's definitely not what I'm after. I guess the Kemetic take on it is, sure, go be with the gods, but come back home in time for dinner.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Ptah Stories
« on: July 29, 2017, 06:53:56 pm »
When I met Ptah, he appeared to me as a Gentleman in his study. He spoke to me about cultivation of character. What kind of Gentleman or Lady would you like to become? Cultivate those characteristics in yourself. Cultivation is a slow and steady and never ending process.

I have a huge window in my bedroom. My two biggest plants are an orange tree dedicated to Ra, and a huge spider plant with lots of children dedicated to Heru. It's hard for me to grow anything here in the desert without using up lots of water, but indoor plants have worked pretty well. My room is full of wadj!

I'm gonna put in a vote for Hethert, not that this works by voting. :)

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: Wine and Spirituality
« on: July 16, 2017, 10:45:55 pm »
Thanks! I had heard of the eyes growing into grapes before, and how Heru "put grapes in the water" representing the blood of his enemies turning the river red. It's great to see more context around those ideas.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Sunburn and Amun Ra
« on: July 08, 2017, 10:26:05 am »
I'm not immune to sunburn, but I do get quite an energy boost from the sun, especially in the mornings. That's probably part of the reason why I got this name. (Shezep = dawn) It works even indoors with the blinds closed, but clouds and dust storms can interfere.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Just a thought
« on: July 01, 2017, 09:58:50 pm »
My daughter made me watch Noragami and I'm glad she did. I cried too when he finally got his shrine! It goes to show that even a tiny little craft made shrine shows them we care.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: A Way to Remember
« on: July 01, 2017, 10:43:13 am »
Sometimes they have me playing guessing games. I will feel a specific type of energy nearby, and then have to figure out who it belongs to.

The other night one of them showed up. The energy was calming and purple. At first it reminded me of Nebt-het, but this was definitely male. Then I had a feeling of twillight which expanded outwards to show a picture like the one NASA took of the light ring around the earth, all the sunrises and sunsets at the same time. You'd think that sounds like Heruakhety, but I knew it wasn't one of the Herus. There was a mystical above-it-all sense. Finally I settled on Amun, the hidden one. Who ever it was didn't argue with that guess, so I just went with it.

Sometimes I feel bad for not recognizing who it is immediately, but they seem to do this a lot.

(I think maybe I did misidentify that one. It was probably Atum, not Amun! He didn't bother to correct me.)

Here's my quick and easy way of doing it. I go to which is a free divination website. Then I tell it to choose the deck and the spread for me. Then I ask whichever Netjer whose opinion I'm seeking to run the cards for me. Then when it feels like they are ready, I click the button and get a reading. The site itself tells you what the cards mean, so if you're not an experienced tarot reader you can still figure out what it's saying. It would even be a good way to practice if you're new at it.

The funny thing I notice with this is that different netjer have different styles of answering. Heru-as-Aset looks at it like a game and often chooses strange looking or humorous decks. Heru-wer doesn't seem to be a fan of divination so he'll often return a single card or if it's more complex he'll go to a three card spread. Djehuty likes the bigger, more detailed spreads. That's what they do with me anyway, your experiences may differ.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: Wandering Through Again
« on: May 14, 2017, 08:15:28 pm »
Hi Khennefer, my old classmate! Good to see you! -hugs!-

Sometimes I find that when people say they cannot see or hear the gods it's because their expectations do not quite match the reality.

I don't see gods with my eyes, but with my mind. The details are often fuzzy, and yes it's not so different from using imagination. So, how do I know if I'm making it up or not? Experience and practice, mostly. I just have to get used to the way I perceive them and the way they like to show themselves.

My strongest sense is more empathic. I'm more likely to feel their energies nearby than to see or hear them. When we're having a conversation, again, it's all in my mind. They usually use concepts, ideas, metaphors and images. Rarely do they use actual English words. I end up having to translate at lot of it into something I can remember for later. I often use tarot cards as a backup if I'm not sure that I was getting it right.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Wandering Through Again
« on: May 14, 2017, 12:20:51 pm »
Hi guys, it's been awhile.

Recently on a trip back home from Santa Fe I got the urge to check back in and see how things are going over here.

As far as relevant updates go, I need to PM someone about taking the "shuty" part off of my name and going back to Remetj status. At Heru's request, I'm not directly serving Ra at the moment. I learned a lot while that lasted, but my orbit has swung me back out again.

In other news, some of you may have heard that I ragequit Tumblr last December. (In the middle of winter, during a new moon y'all. No wonder I was cranky!) Well it happens, and it has as much to do with the site itself as what was going on at the time. I don't need to spend all day addicted to the infinite scroll, and my line up was gently nudging me to give it up anyway.

I'm not doing as much journeywork anymore, so I feel a little isolated on that side of things. I am still studying Tai Chi and just got back from an extremely fun workshop where I learned a bunch of new chi tricks, which will take a bit of practice to get down solidly. I think the highlight of the week was showing a couple of older ladies that yes, they too can destabilize their opponents using mind tricks!

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