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thank you.

Just asking the basis of which this religon is derived?

Ok. Total perspective now. Thank you.

I've been put through a lot by what you guys refer to as Netjeru or Netjeri, but I've never addressed them by any names. Other than addressing the Netjer itself, I've always just thought they were a part of my mind. But seeing as though I have no control over them I've come to figure that they are the Gods. Do I have to address them by name? and to identify them I have to study their behavior right?

i wasn't really asking what it meant, i was asking what you guys thought of it. i wasn't sure if netjer communicated in that manner, i've read about other gods and i haven't seen any mention the netjer in itself. i was just wondering. i know what it meant, it was straight forward.

when i get to a certain spot in my mind, my head feels like it's going to lift off my neck or some other craziness. i have to think up a solution for the thought that got me there to stop it.

i've gone through the same things. i've even had horrible inclinations to hurt myself and others. but what i've learned is as long as i'm breathing and in well health i'm ok. i've endurned so much that now i don't even notice it. some things still happen and i'm ok with it. just take a moment and let it pass.

yes! omg! i don't know the names of who, i'm not there yet. but i get heat about not talking to some of them often and others don't care at all. that's so crazy! when my mind was opening, everybody thought i was crazy because i would speak in realm with people. then i would talk to what i'm figuring out is the gods out loud and they called the people on me and sent me to a crisis center. i so get it now!

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: My Parent Is Auset
« on: May 14, 2012, 07:08:45 pm »
how do you find out who your parent is?

how do you research them?

I've gotten most of my information from youtube, but I can't find anything on Kemetic prophices coming to light. My dad said if I can find some, he'd listen to more. I'm dying to rid them of the brainwash. I'd like to know how to find these things for free please.

an important symbol in a dream would be a used item that stands out? or...??

[font:Book Antiqua][color:#CC33CC]I recently had a little boy who's about to be one. I was looking up kemetic names and for some reason only the name Netjer kept popping out in my head, involuntarily at that. All day long it was popping in my head, but I thought to myself to give my son a name which I know to mean Almighty or Most High would be disrespectful. Before I went to bed that night, I prayed to Netjer and asked him if that would be ok and to respond in my dream because I couldn't completely trust my instincts on this one.

        That night I dreamt that I was watching my son playing in the living room, he was about 7 years old and a God came down in my living room. I was the only one seeing him, I asked him without talking if he was Netjer, The Almighty, The Most High. He said yes and walked towards my son and put his hand on his head and said, " My son. " And then he said he would watch over him and be his father and it would be an honor to give him his name. We went on to talk about other things and he said he came as he is because that is my interpretation of what The Creator looks like. He also told me to always trust my instinct and I am more important than I could ever imagine right now in my life. We went on to converse and when I woke up I felt like I took a trip somewhere and came back a new person. I gave my son Netjeer as his middle name, cause I don't know how to pronounce Netjer.

       I've been through a lot and this dream doesn't come as a suprise to me, it made me feel better about who I am. It made me feel like an Isis or a Mary. I've been told to trust my instinct so... I feel big and important. I want to know your opinions about my dream.[/color]

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