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« on: February 10, 2016, 11:07:32 am »
Since the RPD, I now have my shrine updated to include Yinepu and Sekhmet! :D I'm also in talks with Peter Chiappori, of ChiapporiArts, to get a custom casted Wepwawet amulet and a devotional papyrus scroll for Yinepu.

I love my shrine, I think it looks great right now. I don't have a ton of space so I had to use a small folding table, I plan to get a custom cabinet in the future when I have more room.

Here it is!

Another view-

Closer look at Sekhmet's icon:

Closer look at Yinepu and His scales (I love this piece):

And finally, a closer look at the small Yinepu behind the candle centerpiece. He was hand-carved from artists in Kemet and I got Him as a gift. I love it!

In case you were wondering what the other things were, there is a laying Yinepu, in his paws is a Cartouche necklace that says "SatAnpu" in hieroglyphics phonetically, incense holder, behind it is an enamel pin of Yinepu, in the back is a shot glass with Yinepu carved into it, my sake libation set, and the silver dish holds Kosher salt for purification. The bottom right is two cards from the Egyptian Tarot Deck, Death and The Moon which feature art of Yinepu and Wepwawet. I bought a new dry offering bowl so I'm waiting for that to arrive, it's going to the left of the candle holder.  :)

Oh also, in the back there it's a real black-backed Jackal skull (I'm a taxidermy collector), in devotion to Yinepu's role as a guardian of the dead and preserver. I know usually animal parts are a no-no, but I tried it out when I was a beginner and now He requested that I have it in shrine, so I decided to keep it.

Dua Netjer!

Where did you get that statue of Sekhmet? Gorgeous!

Withcraft, as all things, is a practice. Therefore it depends how you use it.. You can use it for good or you can use it for bad. It is entirely up to you how you will use it!

I am fairly new to Witchcraft; I have always been into Occultism but I started practising three years ago. Witchcraft is the reason why I got in touch with the Divine again, it gave me a completely new vision of the world and its surroundings.

If you want to have a "beginner" approach, I'd suggest to look for Wicca. It is a religion, more than a practice, but it is really straight forward. :) I use Wicca spells quite a lot.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: Em Hotep, All!
« on: December 10, 2015, 04:08:43 am »
Em Hotep and Welcome :)

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: Em Hotep. New here.
« on: December 10, 2015, 04:08:22 am »
Em Hotep and welcome :)

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Aspects of the Names
« on: November 25, 2015, 02:47:20 am »
Em hotep,

At the moment I can only speak for Yinepu, as He is the One Who approached me since my childhood. Now, due to my deeper knowledge and understanding, I can define better His presence: He is warm and welcoming, He is the gentle caress in the evening before bedtime; He is the warm hug when you feel down. That's how I perceive His presence: fatherly, understanding, protective and gentle like a midsummer moonlight.

I lately started to perceive also Sekhmet and Wepwawet; but I did not figure Them out as it is quite new. What I can say about Sekhmet, at the moment, is.... a fiery "distance". Not sure how to describe this, it is like She is aware of me now and She is studying me from a relative distance.  So basically we are in a kind of Mexican standoff studying each others!  ;D

Wepwawet approached me during a meditation; it happened just once so I could not really speak of Him at the moment. He looked... a kind of "cheeky" if possible. Very humorous, gentle yet strong and proud. A very warm feeling, I hope to get to know Him better.


[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Re: Praying for Paris
« on: November 16, 2015, 05:57:39 am »
I'd like also to add prayers for the victims of the terrorist attack in Kenya and all the refugees that are running away from this daily reality.

Prayers for all the people that suffer in the world due to hatred and ignorance.

Welcome on board! :)

Minor arcana are used to have a more detailed reading, however you can use just the major. For instance, I have a complete deck but I use just the major arcana - it is up to you :)

The tarot practice comes from Italy, where it has been invented.

Some occultists linked the practice of Tarot back to Ancient Egypt, however we do not have historical evidence of this. What I can say is that playing cards - that we use to read tarot - have been introduced in Europe from Egypt. Probably another reason why they usually carry Egyptian design.

Hope it makes sense!



[PUBLIC] Serving the World: Ma'at In Action / Re: Do you Gratitude?
« on: October 26, 2015, 04:27:54 am »
Being a pagan and a goth, I LOVE Halloween (or I should call it Samhain). I do practice in a Wicca coven as well, and Samhain is the time of the year when connection with your Ancestors is stronger than usual. So it is a very important festival, that marks the triumph of the darkness and the winter approaching.

1 - I am grateful for my Ancestors, they are always here for me and I feel them even closer lately.

2 - Love Autumn colours, I am lucky enough to live in countryside and close to a forest and witness all the wonderful sceneries that Nature is offering.

3- Love all the spooky stuff, Halloween is like my Christmas so this of the year my boyfriend patiently allow me to watch all the horror films I want and re-watch all the Tim Burton films :)

4 - I love to dress up, definitely. Look forward to have fancy dress party!  8)

5 - Love the atmosphere of these days, also because we do remember we are mortal after all.



[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: Hello
« on: October 23, 2015, 06:48:41 am »
Welcome on boards, AnomanderRake :)

"Em hotep" literally means "in peace", we use it as salutation. You can find lots of Kemetic terms on the website, I found them very useful! ;)



« on: October 22, 2015, 10:05:29 am »
Beautiful, Slade!

Did you get that amazing print from the Poison Apple Print Shop?


[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: Hello
« on: October 22, 2015, 04:05:29 am »
Em hotep and welcome! :)
Nice to see another one from UK!

You'll love it here, it is such a nice community.



[PUBLIC] Serving the World: Ma'at In Action / Re: Do you Gratitude?
« on: October 21, 2015, 05:07:13 am »


Moving to a new place is tough as it is. I can't imagine moving to an entirely new country! Seems like you have the necessary supports in place, which is so important. I think its important to acknowledge when your faith might be a little on the rocks when times are tough, but counting gratitude is actually a good way to help deal with that. :)

Many prayers for you!


Thank you so much, Maretemheqat, for the kind words. It has been quite hard for me, as I love travelling but I used to have deep roots back in my country. At the beginning I had to face loneliness and learnt how to face my demons but now I am ok :) I know that I am loved.
I am pretty confident my faith will grow stronger again when I'll settle down. I'll keep talking to the Gods and gratitude, maybe I cannot hear Them but definitely They can hear me.



[PUBLIC] Serving the World: Ma'at In Action / Re: Do you Gratitude?
« on: October 20, 2015, 04:22:12 am »
My daily gratitude for today:

1) I'm grateful for the Gods, that understand me and listen to me even if my faith lately is not so strong as it used to be.

2) My new life in a foreign country

3) My family and friends, who support me and love me in my home country.

4) My little family abroad: my boyfriend and my furry baby, who enlighten my days.

5) My pagan Sisterhood in the UK, stronger than ever despite the losses we had.

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Re: Prayer for Those Along the East Coast
« on: October 20, 2015, 03:48:23 am »

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