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[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: What do you call your gods?
« on: September 29, 2016, 12:50:13 pm »
I enjoy reading these and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one for sure!

In ritual I always acknowledge Their greatness, but I always address Sobek-Ra and Sekhmet-Hethert as Father and Mother respectively. Set, Heru-sa-Aset, and Djehuty I refer to as Brother. Not like I equate myself with Them on the same level, but I simply feel like They are my family and I feel closer to Them. Even down to dynamics! Heru doesn't say much so He's like the stoic, quiet guardian bro and Set's sarcastic and kind of in my face and Djehuty doesn't speak much directly but I feel like He keeps the peace.

I tend to refer to Ra as Creator because for a long time I equated Him directly with that. Tough habit to shake. Plus he IS the sun god and the sun certainly leads to more life, right? X3 I don't work closely with Bast (she's more for my mother but She IS here around me) but I know I have called Her "Pretty Kitty" and "Sexy Lady" affectionately. VERY affectionately and very carefully because She speaks loudly around here haha! I don't have much goddess energy around me, so I am glad She is around.

Em Hotep,

I would like to ask respectfully for some prayers for protection and aid for myself, my mother, and those indirectly affected by a known individual's negative spiritual and physical workings against us.

No harm is wished upon this person as I leave that wholly to the discretion of Netjer if They wish to act upon this individual. We seek only protection and peace to continue on our paths without these toxic influences. I have several important, life changing plans that are to take place this year and would like those things myself, my family, and our loved ones have worked so hard to manifest to proceed free of this negative external tampering and so I ask for any aid in the form of prayers or energy to strengthen us and our resolve to repel this darkness so that our lives can be again filled with the light and love we desire. This person has also caused a great deal of problems on a physical level through the use of manipulative words to turn people we know against one another until we saw them for who they really are and cut ties.

I understand the duality and necessity of having trouble thrown at us, it is part of life and we grow from it. But I have received many messages from Netjer that these troubles and this darkness comes from the greed and negativity of another and has no place in the order of our paths.

I thank all of you for your aid and kindness now!

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: How do the Gods communicate to you?
« on: February 29, 2016, 01:34:30 pm »
Em hotep!

I have always felt like I was fortunate to be able to "hear" the gods like I do. But I know from my readings that I am clairaudient and so I have a greater skill at this. Sobek speaks to me often. He first came to me in a dream and it was a very vivid message. He warned me against those I should be wary of. He then closed this dream by sitting with me, on my living room couch, watching my very favourite but incredibly ridiculous favourite youtube show with me until I woke up. I knew then that He would always have a sense of humour and say "I may look scary and I am here for your protection, but never feel like you have to be afraid". And in fact, I do converse with Him more casually than one might expect. He feels very much like a "cool dad" and when I get physical signs it's always something that'll make me laugh. He brightens things up, like He knew I'd know seeing a lizard on the porch out of its season would make me think of Him, but he didn't just show me the lizard, He had the lizard do what looked like "pushups" (though it was obviously a display behaviour, of course) but that's all I needed to see to know it was Him telling me to lighten up and also toughen up.

He also makes things pop into my head while I'm doing readings when it'll be something relevant to something He would want to send a message out for.

Others are a little more subtle. I don't "hear" Heru as much but I know He's around. He sends me falcons or makes me notice them everywhere. In that way He kind of makes me come to Him if it's about myself. If it's for others He lets me know WHY he's bombarding a reading with falcons. He fees very much like a brother figure to me, which I appreciate.

Sekhmet has recently made Her presence more known to me but I am still trying to hear Her. She doesn't speak as much as She listens. When I'm very upset about something I tend to call on Her like another mother. I used to think I should go to Aset for that but I was nudged in Sekhmet's direction. I am glad for that and I hope She speaks more directly to me in the future, when I'm ready.

Set has recently come to me and that is something that was a bit tumultuous for awhile. He brought an extremely powerful lesson for which I am grateful. He feels to me like another, elder brother. He is the one I respect and see His strength now and I know is going to pick on me as brothers do but so He can make me stronger too. He hasn't been as loud as of yet, but the more I've given this thought I feel like He is aware that I kind of need that right now? He has NO issue being outspoken if someone else has offended me and by extension Him, however (in matters of people judging my spirituality)! XD

In general when Netjer speak it'll be a nagging thought that didn't come from me but won't go away. When I ponder it I can usually tell who is speaking. At least when it comes to those four. I am working on trying to listen for other messages so I don't potentially miss things from the others or mis-attribute them to someone else. :)

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Advice on a Confusing Situation?
« on: February 20, 2016, 08:37:29 pm »
Em hotep, all!

Not long ago I asked about Set because I had a feeling He might come around soon. He did so and He brought me an extremely powerful message. It freed me from a lot of painful burdens. I was happy and because I was being open minded about all the Names I saw nothing wrong about it and I thanked Him.

My mother also works with the Netjer and at just the same time I got my message things for her started to go REALLY badly. Just about every bad thing that could happen did. She and I even fought in ways we usually don't. I understand that He is supposed to bring in chaos and sometimes destruction because we need it, but things have gone wrong that I can't see any good outcome for? I know that the Netjer know what we need better then we do and we're supposed to learn, but I'm beginning to worry. There was such a darkness over her that the people she works with did work to try and clear that up and it's still not quite lifted. Several people have said whatever happened, it's through me or attached to me.

So with people working to clear this energy or reverse it, I'm admittedly afraid that it'll all come back on me in turn. I hadn't seen Him like that, especially when I've read experiences in working with Him. I definitely respect Him but I never feared Him because I always viewed Him as that chaos with a purpose. Not the kind that consumes and ends.

So I'm wondering if there's something I should or should not be doing here. When people I trust (besides my mother) are telling me to be careful or to remove this energy from my life and space, I get really nervous. He brought me an extremely powerful message but I wonder the cost? I don't want to offend Him by doubting but I can't shake the anxiety this whole situation has brought about too, so I'm asking for advice. I know that no one has a trouble-free life, but I'm scared of things in my life going as horribly wrong as things have in my mom's life recently.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Em hotep!

Before I popped off the forum for class I felt I should post here and so.. I have! :3

Ever since I have been drawn to this path -- first through my own introduction to the Netjer in my own independent worship and now through the Beginner's class (which has been wonderful!) -- I have felt a very strong calling from Netjer to serve. In fact, in my private prayer I have often closed anything I might send Their way whether through my more formal rituals or spontaneous prayer with "please protect me so that I may serve". Service has always been like an instinctive part of this for me. Even if I do not ask Them for specific assistance in my life and I am simply thanking Them for their presence I feel like They have put me here with what gifts I have so that I can share them with others.

I am very involved in the metaphysical studies and communities and I feel like it is an integral part of my personal spirituality. Presently I work as a reader at a local shop in my area. I have not been doing it for very long and I was highly doubtful of my abilities. I am young and my abilities to do these things have really only developed over the last year and a half or so, so when faced with experienced practitioners who have decades of experience behind them it was pretty daunting. I was really on the fence about trying out for the position, but I felt like I was being pushed in that direction. I tried out and I was surprised that the woman who I read for who has been reading for at least three decades was impressed with me. And so, that's that. :)

I am charitable in more tangible ways, I guess you can say. I give to charities and I help out with children's toy drives at Christmas and things like that but to make a long story short here I wondered if what I am doing is considered "serving the world"? Is reading for people a way to express Ma'at in another way in addition to service that comes from working with my own two hands or giving money to help? I don't do what I do for the money; that always felt wrong to me. It's a nice bonus for the work I do, but not my central focus. I personally feel like I'm helping people -- they come to me looking for some insight into their worries or their hopes and I feel like I can give that to them. But ultimately is that viewed as a true service seeing as there are so many things one can do to truly change the lives of people in need and the way of things in this world? When I have ever hoped for abundance I have always done so with the knowledge that I will share what I am blessed with and even then I am willing to give of what I do have, but until I have the means with the career I'm seeking and the secure lifestyle I am but one little card reader at a little shop in a little city. If there's more I could be doing, I would certainly like to know about it!

Thank you all for your input!

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Some Questions About Set
« on: January 05, 2016, 08:30:54 am »
UPG =  Unverified or Unverifiable Personal Gnosis

Thank you for this! :D

And again, thanks everyone else for replying!

It's gotten me thinking on things for sure as I think back on my experiences and I do think that He has been there for some interesting experiences. As an example I was definitely on the verge of like burning out pretty major with my school/work schedule at one point last year and my stress was at the max because I also had a convention I wanted to go to that I'd saved a lot of money for and had reservations for and prior committments and basically there was no way I wasn't going but I couldn't figure out how to work around my existing stress.

And then for no good reason I was washing my hands in my bathroom and there was nothing slippery on the floor or anything and I wasn't dizzy or anything like that. It kind of felt like someone shoved me from behind and I ended up bumping my head on the sink. Besides the unfortunate goose egg I had there was nothing major external but I did end up with a minor concussion and I couldn't do much of anything and had a bunch of medical documentation at the end of everything to back that up. Ultimately my school gave me time off and that gave me five weeks to finish all the projects I needed to do as well as attend the convention (though I had to take it easy there but I got to go!) without panicking about my work and schedule. Having a concussion sucked but in the end it was quite literally a blessing because it all fell into place. The more I've been thinking of it the more I feel like He had something to do with it and I can only look back on that and laugh because hell, that's one way of solving that problem! Since then I've been a lot less stressed and prone to crippling anxiety (I tend to jump to worst case scenarios a lot because I can't be disappointed? X3) about when things seem to go wrong because I feel like there's probably a reason for the temporary down turn. :3

Now that I'm much more open and understanding of His role (beyond the mythology and how He's appeared to you all personally) I feel much more comfortable opening myself up to His messages should they come my way in the future.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Some Questions About Set
« on: January 02, 2016, 11:47:28 pm »
Thank you all for your replies!

Not sure if I missed it somewhere, but what does UPG mean? I just want to make sure I'm clear on all the lingo especially. :D

But anyhoo, I am glad to hear what you all have said. I'm not sure what I was expecting exactly but everything all three of you have described definitely brought a smile to my face. The Gods that have spoken most loudly to me so far have done so in ways where I am definitely aware of Their sense of humour and Their distinct personalities and I am glad that He is much the same in that regard (though not to say that there are those that don't possess that but of course the more gentle Gods and Goddesses come across as just that and sometimes I have a hard time hearing Them). I seem to get along well with the more outspoken, fiery Gods who find things funny so even if he is the Divine Demolitions Expert as you put it, Tahai, I am excited to finally have the opportunity to get to know Him properly! In fact, thinking back on it, I can identify a few instances where it was probably His doing but since I hadn't considered His involvement I didn't have an opportunity to acknowledge my eventual gratitude because stressful as it was at the time it really helped in the long run.

Also: congratulations on your RPDs!

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Some Questions About Set
« on: January 01, 2016, 10:37:07 pm »
I poked around a bit before posting this but since it's not so much a question about Him I hoped it would be safe to ask directly (in a way that's not asking the same as ten other posts, I mean!).

I was looking into some tags on KO (on tumblr no less, forgive me, I was curious) but I was actually finding some things that surprised and generated some thought and questions.

As a beginner (and an antsy one at that ngl -- I am excited!) I have stepped back in my ritual to be more inclusive in that I try to simply honour the Netjer rather than calling out specific Names as I am used to so I can be open-minded and ready for anything in the future. Tonight I noticed some posts there about people who discovered they had Set coming forward in their RPD and I got to wondering. How is that? By that I don't mean HOW COULD THAT BE but more like.. what is it like for those of you who may work with Him regularly or have Him pop up with something? I have never feared Him and never thought of him as evil or fallen into the typical misconceptions of things. I like to think I have had a pretty good grasp of His role in things. But given that I learned much from my mother with what I had been doing before starting the beginner class she and I had never included Him. In her case she felt like to do so might be to invite chaos. I don't think anyone wants to invite chaos but I realise it's not always a bad time. An example would be like a friend of ours who works with Norse deities and regularly works with Loki. She expects a certain degree of chaos because she works with Loki. So when she had her washing machine flood her laundry room she realised after the fact that it was Loki at work BUT she also later found out that if that hadn't happened the machine would have had a catastrophic failure and done thousands of dollars of damages to her home. And so, chaos with a great purpose! It might have actually saved lives not to mention the insurance she got from the first incident saved her family financially. Not to say that Loki and Set are similar entities in that way, but I feel like if you are going to have chaos at all at least it should be for a good purpose, yes?

I'm simply curious what is is like to work with Him. In the future I would like to leave offerings for Him, particularly on days devoted to Him. And should He ever speak to me in my life I'm interested to know what kind of things to expect when He does show up for people. I am not sure unless He dropped something obvious on my head I would ever know He was really speaking!

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / For Shrines: Imagery Do's and Don'ts?
« on: December 19, 2015, 09:04:28 pm »
Em hotep, all!

I've been poking around looking at pictures and videos of shrines for a bit and they're all so lovely and personalised and it's great! As I've mentioned before, I have been worshipping the Kemetic gods and goddesses for some time already and so I already have quite a bit for my present sacred space. But while I was looking I noticed something and it made me curious.

Are there some things that we can or cannot (or I suppose should or should not) use as images of the gods/goddesses? Given that the purpose of Kemetic Orthodoxy is meant to take the faith back to how it was originally intended and performed I am not surprised to see so many statues and images done in the traditional style of the Ancients. I've included some links with some pictures of what my space looks like presently. I have a pretty good imagination and I really loved this line of statues because I feel like they bring to life how I'd always pictured them but if they would be more appropriate in the future in a secondary shrine space rather than in a space intended to be used for the Senut then I'd like to know so I can start making plans in my head for how I want to set things up when I eventually move and have a new apartment next year. :3

Here's how it all looks when the lights are out (I've always liked seeing the shadows they cast in that lighting):

Here are some shots with the lights on for clarity:


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