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[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: My name is Sesbetisenu.
« on: September 14, 2020, 04:11:53 pm »
Welcome back!

I first came to the temple around 2016 or 2017 and had to duck out shortly after Wep Ronpet of 2017 due to real life stresses and just generally going through an intense fallow period. I just came back a couple of months ago myself. The absence perhaps wasn't as long as yours, but all this to say drifting in and out can be quite normal I think. Our life paths are all different, and that's a beautiful thing!

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: Hello!
« on: August 30, 2020, 09:16:44 pm »
Em hotep and welcome! Glad to have you with us. :D

« on: August 26, 2020, 03:51:27 pm »
This is my first beginner's Senut shrine! Everything is locally sourced, even the box. The box is an antique electrician's toolbox from an Ontario company that no longer exists. The two bowls were made by a potter who lives about 40 minutes from me. The incense burner, candle, and holder come from a Winnipeg Etsy shop. The resin incense I'm using is a Thunder Bay man's take on kapet, which I was happy to find c:

This is so cool!! And could even serve wonderfully as a travel shrine if needed, from the looks of it. <3

Because my mind has been on potential places to donate in particular, I found this list of organizations centered particularly on the black trans community:

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Offerings for Djehuty
« on: August 10, 2020, 08:07:58 pm »
Chai is a common offering to Him, and in my experience He seems to enjoy it. I only recently started trying citrusy offerings and those seem to go over well too!

In addition to that, Frankincense incense is something I've heard others reference and have myself offered to Him in the past. Patchouli has had to take its place for me recently (only because I haven't had a chance to replace my current Frankincense incense, which has a wood core for each stick--wood-core incense has started to seriously mess with me lately :/) and I haven't gotten strong negative feelings around it, so I imagine it's at least fine!

On the flip side, I seem to recall that Myrrh should be avoided with Him (even when mixed with Frankincense). I don't recall quite where I've heard this though (much less how reliable the source was), and I've never offered it myself so I can't personally attest to His distaste for it, so YMMV.  :)

Oh man, such excellent volunteering ideas here! And this just reminded me to get off my rear and attend my local LGBT Center's volunteer orientation like I've been meaning to do for the past few months. :D No time like the present!

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: Newbie Here!!
« on: August 01, 2017, 06:02:51 pm »
Em hotep and welcome! :D Pleased to have you with us!

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Re: Surgery (But It's A Good Thing!)
« on: July 28, 2017, 06:20:10 pm »
Nekhtet on the recovery thus far, what great news! :D And yes, how much easier things would be in the ST universe—one of the worst medical concerns we might have is grumpy, hypo-happy doctors I think. :P

Prayers for a continued speedy recovery!

He certainly isn't!  Though I associate and feel him more with the power of a storm, really.  Or with a level of strength I need within myself most times.  I've never lived in an arid climate, so I suppose it's a bit stereotyping of me to think He wouldn't like moss!  ;D  Whereas Amun-Ra, especially the more I think about him, is more likely to be the reason I fine a deep connection spiritually in a forest on a sunny day.  The sound of leaves through the wind, how all that life is connected and intertwined in ways we cannot see...yeah, I'm a big plant&tree person, haha.  Either way, I really believe you can have a connection through the plants to them.  They are living things, and their care and tending  is (in my opinion) an act of care and tending to both yourself and Netjer.  And I find, they are much happier when they are together, rather than alone.

Man, *I* live in an arid climate (especially with the drought we've been having here in SoCal!) and even I initially assumed the Netjeru in general wouldn't care for greenery...Until I realized that if anything, living in an arid climate tends to make me long for greenery more. :P That's a great way to look at it though--in my limited experience it seems like small but consistent acts of devotion go a long way, and caring for a plant in the name of your gods fits the bill pretty well!

Em Hotep!

Only slightly related, I thought I'd place this here.  One of Hethert's titles is "Lady of the Sycamore".  Any service I do for trees feels like it's an offering to Hethert.  Whether pruning our orange tree of dead branches and tiny twigs or being a member of the Arbor Foundation, I feel like it gladdens Hethert's heart.

(That reminds me, we have an indoor tiny pine tree.  I checked, it needs water.  I will go and water it! :) )


An excellent bit of information! I had heard the title before but it had oddly not occurred to me to dedicate working with trees specifically to her, what a rad idea. :D

Em hotep!

For a long time, I had a live plant in my shrine for Geb. Well, it wasn't really in my shrine because it was normally near a window... but it belonged to Geb and everytime I went into shrine I would place it there (whether for senut or informal prayer). I don't anymore, for circumstances unrelated to this topic, but I never had it be a problem with purity. I don't think there is anything impure about a living plant.

I found that living plants are wonderful offerings for Netjer since it requires long-term care, maintenance, and dedication. Your plants are beautiful and seem like a wonderful offering to your gods!


I think you're right regarding the purity aspect--I think in my mind it was more of the soil the plant resides in that I saw as potentially raising ritual purity issues, but as others have pointed out it seems like if it is contained it's no issue at all. Good to know! I would love to liven up my Senut shrine a bit more, it's pretty spartan at the moment. :D Thank you!

Em hotep!
I like the idea of living plants as things that remind of Parents or Beloveds, as well as flower offerings. I mostly keep plants not exactly in my Senut shrine but nearby, taking into consideration I need to take care of them ( sunshine, watering, dry leaves etc.)
Just to make sure there is no unintended soil/debris/water on the shrine space.

Flowers, yes! A few months ago I was working at a flower shop and kept a few of the fallen petals from this peachish-colored rose bouquet my boss had been working on because they reminded me of Hethert. It's funny, at the time I didn't really work with her at all, I just got a very strong feeling that I should keep them for they've been sitting drying out on the dashboard of my car since then. I think I might have to bring them in to scatter on my shrine to her when I eventually get it set up, they've kept their color so well!

Em Hotep,

I offered an aloe vera plant to my Mother (Heqat) one year for her Festival day. I still have it, though it only sat on my shrine for a week or so before I had to move it to an era where it got more indirect sunlight. This was over two years ago.... and I JUST had to report the plant because its so huge now. I usually give it or my spider plant the libation water from State rites.

Yes, you can offer plants, and yes, you can keep them on your shrine if you want. Just keep in mind the logistics of other shrine items like the candle/ flame, offering bowls, incense, etc. and make sure that pets aren't going to knock them over.

~Rev. Mesetibes

That's great that it's still thriving! And using libation water for dedicated plants is such a great idea. I might have to start doing that on occasion myself. :) Also thank you for the confirmation on that point concerning plants in shrine spaces!

Iwy em hotep nefer! 

I won't comment on the ritual purity aspect because I'm uncertain if I'm overlooking something. 

But I know some people keep live plants for their Gods. 

Wesir and Geb are Gods I have tended live plants for. 

Oh, I could be completely off base with the ritual purity thing, it's entirely possible I'm misremembering or misunderstanding what I recall from the beginner's class. :'D

But super rad to know others have done this! Geb and Wesir especially make a lot of sense where this is concerned.

Em Hotep!

How cool!  I'm a huge spiritual plant person (is that even a thing?)..! Before I was ever even enrolled in the beginners course, I've kept plants around the house, mostly at work but that's because cats + poisonous plants = bad news.  But I have a lot that have been with me for a very long time...10+ years.  But ironically, I do have a plant on my senut shrine (whether that is wrong or not, I have absolutely no idea, but I've never gotten bad feelings from it as the plant is well contained in its place), but it's under glass and rarely open.  It's two different species of moss from the woods behind our cabin in northern WI, and the only ones out of the 7 I brought back with me last fall that have stayed with me and thrived.  They were in my shrine space long before I began Senut, and originally I had started doing that on a different shrine space of mine but...Set wanted to be moved to the same space it occupied it's Set's moss.  Not sure why he's okay with the moss, but maybe because these species can survive almost anywhere through severe drought and bounce back with the first rain. 

It's almost a year old now, so it's starting to go into decline- still alive but not as vibrant as it had been, but as I was really starting to take this all seriously and got that feeling I was actually meant to be was in the best health of its life.  Which for me is always a sign. 

Anyways here it was at that time and now.



Ahh it's so pretty! And really cool that it started to liven up more again during that process. :) I think even though we might tend to associate the Netjeru with more arid climates, there's certainly nothing to say they don't enjoy greenery--though from what little I know of Set I can see why that might be unexpected! He's no exception I guess. :D

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: New year, new Beloved!
« on: July 27, 2017, 08:20:01 pm »
What great news! Nekhtet!~ Dua Nit-Nebthet-Seshat! <3

Em hotep all!

Thought I'd share this here. Went grocery shopping today and the Ralph's near me has had a succulent display right as you walk in the doors for the past few weeks. I've already got a bit of a succulent obsession to begin with but there were three in particular that INSTANTLY caught my eye that I would up going home with. I realized as I wandered around getting the rest of my groceries that each of the three reminded me very much of my father and beloveds, and...well, I might have wound up dedicating one to each of them. :)

Left to right: Djehuty's, Bes', Hethert-Sekhmet's

Ritual purity being what it is these certainly won't be going on my Senut altar, but I was wondering: Are there any guidelines about not putting plants on your (non-Senut) shrines/altars that are dedicated to the Netjeru? Do any of you keep plants for your parents/beloveds/deities you're devoted to? (If so, feel free to share your pictures if you're comfortable with sharing them!)

This is such a cool idea, thank you for sharing! Also the statues are beautiful--where did you find them if you don't mind my asking? :D

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: Concerning the Beginners Class
« on: December 10, 2016, 11:18:01 am »
Thank you all for your responses!  It looks like I will be joining the upcoming class in the next few months.  I'm incredibly excited.  :D

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Concerning the Beginners Class
« on: December 09, 2016, 05:41:04 pm »
Hi all! 

So around the start of this year I went through the Beginners Class--I use the phrase "went through" very loosely as I had all the lessons/chat logs/quizzes sent to me, but due to some issues IRL that arose shortly after the class started, I did not take the time to actually participate in chats or send in my answers to the quizzes.

At any rate! I'm hoping to get into the next class whenever it rolls around since things have calmed down a bit, which leads me to my question: do I need to reapply for the class, or does my application "stay in the system" so to speak so that I will continue getting notifications about upcoming beginners' classes?

Apologies if this has already been asked!  I did a precursory search but most of the results I got dealt more with folks who had graduated from the Beginners Class/become Remetj and wanted a refresher.

(In the mean time...I'll be re-reading the lessons sent to me months ago. :D)

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