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Em hotep,

I think what Saqdiheru was saying was just speak to them like you would a human in front of you. Its a personal relationship, you don't need to invoke or evoke Them. Try just sitting and telling them about your day like you would at a family dinner. It doesn't take any fancy or strenuous things to connect to the Netjeru, just desire and effort. But just talk to them like you would talk to anyone else. Yes, they are gods, but they are very personable and they come to us on our own levels as well as on godly levels.

Thank you.

So you consider these gods to be omniscient or omnipresent, in the sense that you do not need to invoke them to be heard by them?

Even so, my purpose is not to invoke them in order to be heard, but in order to become one with them. Do they not respond well to regular invocation?  :-\

Em hotep friend. a simple way to connect could be just talking to any of the names. you dont need any rituals or invocations to connect to them and maybe thats the message they are trying to give you, that you may be pushing yourself too hard and hurting yourself. I had a similar experience with something that was attacking me and after realizing it was because i was trying to do too much I took things a little easier and slower and things calmed down eventually. i stopped trying rituals and just simply started by talking or sharing a simple offering with them. Water works nicely :)

This is the problem, I'm not doing any rituals. I just use a method of prayer called Continuous or Unceasing Prayer, in which I repeat the name of the Netjer as the prayer itself.

When I do actual Thelemic rituals, like Liber Resh or Liber Israfel, I don't have any problems, which is very strange...

Update: I have tried the purification and also made an offering to Sekhmet, but I still have the same results.

My guess is if you guys didn't have any problems invoking these gods and if no initiation was required for you to work with them, then that means there's something that simply doesn't want me to work with this religion. Which is very strange, given that my ancestors, the Romans, worshiped quite a few Egyptian gods as well, so normally there should not be a problem with the Netjeru accepting me to work with them.

It's very clear that this is an evil entity that keeps attacking me, but only when I try to invoke the Netjeru. And it's definitely Egyptian/Kemetic. And, for some reason, the Netjeru I try invoking don't protect me from it either, I have to call on other gods to banish it. So I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong here, but I never offended any of them, to my knowledge.

I'm open to any new ideas or advice that you can give me.


(Mods, please delete this reply, I replied to myself by mistake.)

If you are talking about invoking as in the witchcraft/pagan perspective of taking gods into your being, you don’t need to do that to have a relationship or connection to Netjer. And in those circles too much invocation can throw one off balance. Doing it too much may even be an invitation, leaving your door open to any old thing that likes the idea of coming in. If you rule out any mundane health related causes, you could try a simple evocation. Asking the god you wish to connect with to join you at a simple shrine or even a meal. Like a candle and ask if they would like to join you. It’s quick and less invasive, and sometimes more meaningful.

You may want to research what could help you bring yourself back into balance. Purification baths are often recommended to help clear out the body if one works a lot spiritually. A purification bath has helped me a lot. I combine it with asking Sekhmet to help me with purification.

What you hear is correct, you don’t need to join a religion to love and work with the gods. I don’t think anyone here would tell you otherwise.

Thank you very much for the advice, I will try the purification.

From my research, I found that that the ancient Egyptians used not only to invoke the Netjeru inside themselves, but also to identify themselves with them, both during life and in the afterlife. This method of invocation or "clothing" oneself in the deity is present in pretty much all religions, under different names. Not only that, but the Egyptians used to also practice Theophagy, commonly known in the West as Eucharist, in order to absorb the qualities and powers of the gods and to become divine, like them. This is an even more advanced method of invocation.

I've been practicing magic for almost a decade and my VPG (verified by many others as well) is that, no matter if you call it prayer, evocation or invocation, they are the same thing. You cannot evoke if the energy doesn't pass through yourself first, since you are the evocator and the "gate" through which the Netjeru are made present in your life. This may not be something everyone agrees with though and that's okay.

But I prefer to use a Cup (recipient/invocation) formula instead of the Wand (evocation) when working with deities, because I am really seeking union with the divine, not to know it outside myself. This is just my preference.

It doesn't really matter if I invoke or evoke though, the pain will still be there. It does not come from the Netjeru, as I managed to discern, but from something else that comes along and tries to cause harm, no matter which god I try to contact.

However, one interesting thing I noticed is that if I try to perform the Solar Adorations from Crowley's Liber Resh, which align the person with the different stages/aspects of the Sun god (Ra, Hathor, Atum, Kephra) as it travels through the sky, all is good and there's no pain. Also, if I use the Liber Israfel, which is an invocation of Djehuty/Tahuti, there's also no problem. And I am not initiated into Thelema or affiliated with any Hermetic Order or community. But when I try to perform the invocations without using someone else's methods I don't get good results.

Is there a necessity for proper form within Kemeticism? Other people also seem to use their own methods and are okay, not sure why this is causing me trouble.


I am facing a problem which is really annoying and would like to ask for your opinion or advice regarding this.

I have never practiced Kemeticism before, completely new to this. This never happens to me with any other deities or spirits, only with the Netjeru. Whenever I try to invoke any one of them, I feel this strong spiritual pain in my solar plexus and sometimes some angry spirit moving about me. Sometimes, I get waves of positive energy, like you are supposed to get when invoking a divinity, but mostly pain.

This first started three years ago when I tried to invoke Sekhmet. I was invoking her for the purpose of making her acquaintance, like I usually do when invoking a deity for the first time. But, after concluding the invocation, whatever the spirit was, didn't want to leave and remained attached to me, making me feel this weird pain, like it was attacking me. I had to banish it in the end. After this mishap, I decided to not approach the Egyptian deities anymore, until a week ago when I tried invoking Djehuty and Het-Heru, but I still feel the pain and the attacks.

Let me make it clear, I do not think that the Netjeru are causing me pain. I do not think that divine entities can feel profane feelings like anger or contempt, in order to cause suffering. But whatever it is that comes along when I try invoking them, it tries to hurt me.

I have spoken to several other persons who practice Kemeticism and all of them stated that there should be no need for special initiation into this religion, in order for the Netjeru to recognize me and work with me. Other religions warn against invoking their spirits, as they are protected by "gatekeepers" (spirits who need to be invoked before all others, for initiation), like the Hindus have Ganesha, the Greeks have Hermes and the Romans have Ianus.

But Kemeticism doesn't seem to have such an intermediary. The only one coming closer to this definition would be Heru, as the Pharaoh was considered to be the incarnation of this Netjer and the mediator between humans and the Netjeru. But I also tried to introduce myself to Heru and it didn't help.

I also tried offerings, but this didn't fix the issue either. I don't know what to do. I would really like to work more with the Netjeru and to get closer to divinity in its Kemetic aspect as well, but no joy. Am I doing something wrong?

Normally, I can deal with spiritual issues on my own, but as I have no experience with this particular form of spirituality, I would really appreciate the advice of people who are initiated.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Hello
« on: May 04, 2020, 08:35:09 am »
Hello all,

I just wanted to greet you before I begin posting.

I am completely new to Kemeticism. I have practiced magic and mysticism for almost a decade and I am looking to learn more about this particular religion/practice. I have read some of its mythology and legends, as well as some books on the subject by E.A. Wallis Budge, but there are some thing that you can only learn by communicating with other people.

Looking forward to talking to you. :)

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